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My WCW PPV Episode # 20 ( If you rate my show then I will choose Best Answer)?
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Default My WCW PPV Episode # 20 ( If you rate my show then I will choose Best Answer)?

Champions before the matches:

WCW Champion - Ric Flair

World Tag Team Champions - Billy Gunn Road Dogg

Cruserweight Champion - RVD

United States Champion - Kane

WCW Womens Champion - Taylor Wilde


Promo 1- The Pay-Per-View starts!

Promo 2- Ric Flair comes out all dressed up in his One Million Dollar suit, I guess to impress the ladies. Ric Flair: I am having a really good day today. First I bought this amazing leather suit which the color is black. Tonight I have to defend my championship against 7 other men so I have to take it off. I really hope nobody ruins it. Triple H's music hits and here comes the Game. Triple H: You know Ric, when I came out here to see you in this ridiculous suit I threw up in my mouth. Did you get that suit from the junk yard long with your hair gel? Ric Flair: I bought this suit from the store. Triple H: I know you stole it from the junk yard Ric, but it's ok because you want to look stunning. Triple H: When you look in a mirror you will see yourself as the guy who steals suits from junk yards. Flair: What's your point? HHH: My point is that your not worth anything anymore. HHH: How many retirement have you announced, 8, 9, 10? Ric Flair: I'm going to make sure that you don't win my title tonight. Triple H takes out his sledgehammer from under the ring. Triple H swings it at Flair and Flair escapes the ring. Triple H says wash that suit and clean that title for me when I win it.

Match 1- (C) RVD vs. Chris Jericho. Ultimate X Match. Cruserweight Championship: Winner = RVD.

Match 2- (C) Taylor Wilde vs. Mickie James. WCW Women's Championship: Winner = Taylor Wilde.

Promo 3- The Giant is in his locker room holding onto his leg. Brock Lesnar kicks the door down and he attacks the leg of the Giant. Brock tells him that their rivalry is not personal.

Match 3- Lex Lugar (w/Arn Anderson Ole Anderson) vs. Scott Steiner (w/Buff Bagwell, X-Pac, and Konnan). Winner = Lex Lugar.

Match 4- (C) Billy Gunn Road Dogg vs. Scott Hall Kevin Nash. Winners = Hall Nash.

Promo 4-The Undertaker is in a dark area somewhere in the arena. The Undertaker: When I come back I will seek revenge on anybody. That doesn't mean I'm finished with Sting. There will be some pain and suffering when I make my return to the ring. They will rest in peace when I'm through with them. Some of you would ask, Who are They? Well my victims.

Match 5- (C) Kane vs. Kurt Angle vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Raven. United States Championship. Winner = Chavo Guerrero.

Match 6- Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg. 2 out of 3 Falls Match. 1st stage -Regular Match. Winner = Goldberg. Brock got on the ground and he let an injured Goldberg get the first victory. 2nd Stage-

Strecther Match. Winner - Brock Lesnar after several Power Bombs. 3rd Stage- Parking Lot Brawl Match. Goldberg is running for the spear, but he gets hit with a car door. Brock hits the F5 on Goldberg and got the victory after the 1,2,3. Brock Lesnar hits Goldberg with a steel pipe for no reason.

The crowd are seen talking good about the Women Championship Match.

Promo 5- We show a replay about the Ric Flair and Triple H confrontation at the start of the PPV.

Match 7- Torrie Wilson Billy Kidman vs. Sarita DDP. Winners = Torrie Kidman.

Match 8- Saturn vs. Psychosis. Winner = Psychosis. WHile Saturn was getting the upper hand,

Lodi pulled his leg while the referee was busy seeing if Psychosis was ok.

Match 9- Booker T vs. Juventud Guerrera. Winner = Booker T after performing the Scissors Kick on Guerrera.

Coming Up Next will be our Huge Main Event!

Match 10- (C) Ric Flair vs. Triple H vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Ultimo Dragon vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Hollywood Hogan vs. Sting vs.Macho Man Randy Savage. WCW Championship. Falls Count Anywhere Match. Winner = Ultimo Dragon. Hogan hit Flair with the Atomic Leg Drop. Sting clothslined Hogan out of the ring. Shawn Michaels hits Anderson with the Sweet Chin Music.

Savage got speared by Triple H. The Ultimo Dragon pins Triple H with a quick roll up to win the WCW title.

Ultimo Dragon celebrates his win.

End of PPV

Rate the PPV

Choose Best Match/Promo

BQ: Is there anything I could do to make the show better or anything else I could fix?
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We've got a problem. It seems as if I'm the only person who actually answers your shows. I'll try starring every one from now on to get more answers for them.

1)Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg

2) Ric Flair vs Triple H vs Mr. Anderson vs Ultimo Dragon vs Shawn Michaels vs Hollywood Hogan vs Sting vs Macho Man Randy Savage

3)Kane vs Kurt Angle vs Chavo Guerrero vs Raven

Brock Lesnar and Goldberg would put on a great match. I would have said Goldberg wins but Lesnar winning will do. It was the best match on the card and after Lesnar hit Goldberg with a steel pipe for no reason. It's obvious that this feud will continue. The main event was great, since you have decided the endings, I can't really have a long answer but overall, the show was great. Ultimo Dragon winning really gives him that main event push that he needs, and he needed back in those days as well.

Best Promo's...

1)Promo 2

Chavo Guerrero beating out 3 other top notch wrestlers was a good move. He deserves a push in real life but your show will do. I have no doubt that he should be a main event superstar right now but I guess that's how Vince treats him. He's living in the shadow's of his uncle Eddie Guerrero. Hopefully he gets a push soon, and it's nice he's getting a push on your show.

BQ:I think your shows are good but now in days, hardly anyone wants to put effort in their answer anymore. If I were you, I would e-mail a few people in the top 10 such as The Dragon and THE BOTTOM LINE!!! They may like this because they were major fans back then.
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Don't worry, I'm here supporting your show

End of PPV - 9.0

Rate the PPV- 9.5

Choose Best Match- RVD vs. Chris Jericho. Ultimate X Match.

Best Promo- The way the show started promo 1
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Promo 2-10/10

match 1-10/10

match 2-8/10

promo 3-8/10

match 3-8.95/10

match 4-9/10

promo 4-10/10

match 5-9.50/10

match 6-10/10

promo 5-8/10

match 7-8.75/10

match 8-9/10

match 9-9/10

match 10-10/10

rate 9.75/10

best match match 6 brock lesnar vs goldberg

best promo 4
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