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Do you agree on me with this? WWE and TNA.?
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Default Do you agree on me with this? WWE and TNA.?

To TNA fans

I hate how hard you guys support TNA when the whole company is just hypocritical, to the things they are doing.I just don't get how any TNA fan can support some Russo booked program. Who has ruined more lives than cost wrestling companies more money than anybody on the history of the planet.How you can defend a program like that is beyond crazy. Vince Russo has no filter in TNA, and he didn't write all that stuff for the WWE and the attitude era. He was just one of the writers with that dickface Ed ferrira. And how TNA fans can support two writers like that is beyond me. Then TNA brings in Hogan and Biscoff! Hogan! A guy who once sued Russo for his terrible booking. TNA has so much term oil. Sure I may skip parts of Raw but I still look at the product in front of me and I look at what TNA is offering, I'm better off sticking with what I got on the USA network because TNA fans, this is one thing that drives me crazy about TNA. Its how hypocritical they are, especially the Russo crap and now Biscoff and Hogan are coming in to basically take over and ruin the company. What are they doing? Answer me this, TNA lovers. What are they doing to move away from Sports entertainment? Having Hogan and Biscoff there certainly doesn't say anything for the youth movement that TNA has been trying to shove down everyone's throat. they certainly aren't doing anything to move away from sports entertainment and be a wresstling show. Now there are a sports entertainment show. And they think that they can go against a show that has been running for nearly two decades?Now explain to me what sense does that make?

Are the people in TNA who are running this company, retarded?, are they monkeys? are they animals?,brain dead commodious invidious? Am I the only one who sees that what a joke this is?

Jeff Jarret is F'n Kurt Angle's wife and now engaged to her.Now Kurt Angle is a pill popin psychopath who is now engaged to a TEENAGER,well okay a 24 year old girl. Alright! Can you guys not see the mess that is brewing inside of TNA? Kurt Angle is a unstable human being. In the last four years he has been in TNA, I've listened to a couple of his interviews. When he first got there he started trashing the WWE, and a year later he completely changes his tune.He puts over the WWE and Vince mcmahon, saying nothing but good things about the company.Now he stays in TNA because he can continue to do drugs in TNA which is probably why Jeff Hardy went there too. I feel bad, Angle was and is a tremendous wrestler. Its a shame, because he might be the next one in line. EG,Brian Pillman,Umaga, all these guys with the simular death stories. I'm really really worried Angle is going to die.because his behavior is so crazy and the wrestling buisness is ruining his life.

And TNA is doing nothing to help this man because they need him for television. When he left WWE Vince McMahon really wanted him to go get some help and the door was always open for him to return. But he signed with TNA almost immedialty. Thats another thing I hate about TNA, they jizz in their pants, they jizz all over themselves, every time anybody is released from the WWE. They immedialty bring them in. They brought in everybody and anybody they can get their hands on.Now they have more WWE guys than TNA guys.Now what is that saying to all the young TNA guys that were there in the first place? This is what all TNA fans arguments are based upon.Its all these young guys and that WWE doesn't push stars and TNA does, all these new guys are giving a chance and they can bleed and crap. Thank god Mick Foley left TNA, because he's a smart man.

And Spike TV they only care about UFC. They don't have good relationships with Raw or other shows. They are probably gonna end up fu*king TNA too.

and your little company you love is going to implode and I wouldn't be surprised at all if they are not around by 2012.

If you ever get a letter from TNA or go look on their corporate website, it will say TNA ENTERTAINMENT That is there name. They are a entertainment company now.

Now they are screwing themselves and the fans INCLUDING YOU! They aren't being fair to the fans either. I don't give a sh*t about TNA one way or another. I don't like them,and their fans.I don't like their company its full of crap.

Go to google, and type AJ Styles and in another tab type Jack Swagger.Look at the results Swagger has more.

Swagger:1,210,000 results

AJ Styles:864,000

That shows how small TNA is and Swagger has only been in the business for about 1 year.AJ for 10 years.

I'm sorry you guys have to read this all. I cut out other parts.

BQ:What happened last night at the steel cage.
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Well I watch TNA, but I really don't care about it. And I don't really Think Kurt will die.

Anyway Sheamus Won the Steel Cage Match Nexus got involved Cena was on one side climbing out and Sheamus was on the other side climbing out and there were more Nexus guys on Cenas side so Sheamus made it to the ground first
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Well not a TNA fan so I really don't care about what TNA is doing. (No offense to TNA fans)

BQ: Sheamus won with the help of Nexus
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