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should TNA total non stop action should have two shows, and which wretlers?
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Default should TNA total non stop action should have two shows, and which wretlers?

Your opinion at least you get a point from me. 1. Should Tna should have two shows as WWE because they have their roster full and to much talent that do not appear. 2. Which wretlers from other brands should appear in Tna. I like to see mexican wrestlers too 3. Would it be a good idea to see mexican wrestlers in Tna (La parka, Mistico, El hijo de santo, blue demon jr, rey misterio, konnan, cibernetico, mesias, dr. wagner jr, electroshock, octagon, ect...). 4. Does Tna will be better equal or worse. YOUR OPINION thanks
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First off, TNA having two shows wouldnt be a bad idea, but they SHOULD NOT in any way split the roster like WWE did. That was stupid from the beginning I thought. Looks good on paper, but think about it this way. WWE's hay day was roughly 1998-2001. When did the first draft take place? Early 2002. As far as the Mexican guys, La Parka wouldnt be bad to see, but I wouldnt expect him to win any titles or even last that long. They could look more into NEW mexican wrestlers. It would be a good idea. Havent seen a lot of them in recent history and it worked in ECW WCW, Definitely would work today too. But I wouldnt make an LWO like group with them.
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1. Yes they should make two shows. They do have alot of wrestlers especially knockouts that arnt on tv anymore.

2. You mean like from wwe and stuff? Well I always wanted Tyler Black to sign with TNA, but not WWE as they wouldn't use him. From WWE I think Evan Bourne definitely should, and Christian, really all that don't get used as they should. I always thought Jack Swagger should but then he got a push by getting the title.

3. Um, That would be cool.

4. Well, as just for all of TNA I think it would make it better. And I think they would defintely get more views. If they do make another show I want it to be on Saturday nights.
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1. No, well, they could but I don't think a brand split is necessary. They don't have nearly big enough of a roster to split any of their divisions up. The Knock Outs are suffering enough as it is, and the X-Division's slim pickings with the elevation of guys like Kazarian and AJ. So yes to two shows, but no to roster split.

2. If by brands you mean companies, I wouldn't mind seeing Mistico or Sara Del Ray revamp the KO and X Division. I'd love to see Speed Muscle become full time in TNA. I don't see enough of them because I don't follow Dragon Gate or anything like that. I've always wanted to see an interview or angle with Ken Anderson and Adam Pearce. They're very goofy on the mic and would work off of one another well. TJ Perkins would be a good get for TNA as well.

3. Yes, but I don't think they should be overexposed or chronically booked. One of the things I came into TNA fandom loving was the World X Cup. It would be nice to see them bring that back along with some more international wrestlers like Ultimo Guerrero, El Valliente, PAC, maybe have a BDK crossover and bring in Ares and Claudio.

4. I think with a roster split it would be a lot worse. As I said, their roster isn't that huge and a majority of their divisions are small if not nonexistent to begin with (anyone remember the last Global Title or Knockout's Tag defense?) They just don't have the active star power to put over two brands. Right now is the strongest their main event has ever looked in their history and there's no use messing that up. I wouldn't be against outsiders coming into the promotion from other nations once every year or so, but TNA has just started to become independent of suckling off the teets of AAA, ROH, and other independent and international leagues. To start up another partnership with any of these companies would not only potentially hurt their homegrown talents, but also skew the growing identity of TNA and risk losing a heavily pushed star. They tried it with El Mesias a few years ago and it didn't last long due to an injury in Mexico, and considering the actions of Dr. Wagner Jr. as of late, it's kind of hard to put faith in the contractual negotiation skills of a place like AAA, especially considering the power shifts that are constant between them and CMLL.

So I say no to all of your ideas, except for maybe another show. A second brand is unnecessary, but a second show would help TNA use and elevate the handful of curtain jerkers that remain in the company.
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I don't think TNA should expand to two shows for a few reasons!

The first is, they haven't quite got Impact Perfected! Sure, I am highly entertained by TNA Impact, and think it is even more entertaining than any of WWE's Shows or any other Wrestling Program, but Not everyone would agree with that, I am in the minority who thinks Impact is better than Raw or SD!, and until they can grow their audience on Impact, perfect their storylines, get a structure that is going to make Impact Grow to new heights, I think they need to just Focus on Impact and building up to it's PPVs, instead of trying to exhaust it's writers, management, and wrestlers and focusing on two shows!

Second, if they set it up like WWE, with Two Separate Rosters for each Show, and separate belts, and do things like Drafts, that would just be copying the Competition, which they do not need to do, and even if they do not set it up like that, it is just going to make everyone have to try twice as hard to put on Two good shows every week, this includes the Creative team and the Wrestlers, which I think is asking way too much of all the Talent, I think it would be better for the Fans if TNA focuses on putting on Great Impacts instead of trying to make another Show as well!

Third, Tna does have a full roster, but they can Rotate talent and keep programming Fresh this way! If a second show was developed, Wrestlers wouldn't have as much time to heal up between matches!

So, just in my opinion, TNA would be worst if they tried to force a second show, especially if they was trying to make it Equal to Impact!
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