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Kane, the first wrestler to hold the WWE Championship, ECW Championship and World
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Default Kane, the first wrestler to hold the WWE Championship, ECW Championship and World

Heavyweight Championship? Finally WWE have found the balls to push someone that deserves it for a change. I hope Kane's reign is a LOT longer than his WWE Title reign.

BQ: When do you think The Miz will cash in his MITB?
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Kane should've lost against REY
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Normally I realize something like this and ask a question about it.You beat me to it.

Kane really deserves it.For the past 5 years, Kane has been jobbing to younger guys when he could have been a 3+ time world champion.Kane has also been in some of the most brutal matches.

BQ-SummerSlam.I think at SummerSlam there will be a lumberjack match between Sheamus and John Cena with Cena winning.

Miz will cash it in unsuccessfully against Cena.
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Yep. For all the Kane haters out there, suck on that.

The Miz is set to cash it in at the next WrestleMania. But then again, you know plans in the WWE change all the time.
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Yes ,Kane is the first wrestler to ever hold the three WWE world titles. He is the best no doubt, besides ,Kane is making his way to go back to his Monster era ( unfortunately with no mask ^^). The Undertaker will face him at Summerslam this Summer for the world heavy championship in a casket match. I hope Kane could win cause if Taker returns ,WWE will make him win again ( I'm 100% sure ). Talking about the Miz , I hate him so much cause he used to be no one in WWE and now He's just won the Money in the Bank and It's obvious that he will cash in but I think this is not going to happen. WWE will do something with his briefcase since he is the US champ. Someone will steal it from him , Someone ?? Edge? nope ^^
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He has? I think one of the main reasons why I stopped watching WWE was because they kept giving the titles to people like John Cena who didn't deserve it. I might start watching again if the continue giving pushes and titles to talented wrestlers.

Take note, Vince.
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kane is one of the greatest performers of all time.

He deserved the win. His contribution to wrestling is immense.

we hope that it is a very long title reign
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To answer the top question first, no, officially according to the WWE the Big Show is the first Superstar to hold the WWE, ECW and World Heavyweight Championships. That's due to the company actually recognising that the World Title was previously the WCW Championship which the Big Show won in 1995 and 1996 as The Giant.

And yes I hope they give him a longer World Title reign this time, but saying that, even if he looses it on Smackdown this week (which won't happen cos of his major push) he'll have still held it longer than when he was the WWE Champion, and as well I think he actually won it in a better way this time around to, especially considering when he won the WWE Title in 98 it was only cos Undertaker went to attack him in the First Blood Match and accidently hit Stone Cold instead. He looked more dominant this time around. It also says a lot of his ongoing storyline that he won the MITB Match, because it's gradually rebuilding him towards becoming the Monster he used to be, rather than mid-card big man who finds it hard to win a match. I'm now starting to think that it will in fact be Kane who put the Undertaker in the Vegetative State in Storyline. We've got just under 4 weeks before SummerSlam (which seems to be the anticpated date for Undertaker's return), I think it's easy to predict that we could have a similar return to Wrestlemania XX, when video's start coming on in the typical Undertaker style, saying something like he's risen again and he knows who is to blame, and right before SummerSlam you find out that it is in fact Kane, and Undertaker will then return I'm guessing in a storyline only (so not in a match) capacity at SummerSlam and attacks Kane, setting up a brief feud which hopefully will go into some kind of Undertaker or Kane speciality match at the Survivor Series, imagine a Burried Alive Match for the World Heavyweight Championship, I can see the first match happening at Night Of Champions, where Kane will pull some cowardly tactic to get away from the Vengeance of his half-brother. After that Kane will keep the title through Hell In A Cell and Bragging Rights before eventually loosing it at the Survivor Series to Undertaker. Thus leaving Kane out of the storyline for a while. I think with this storyline it could be easy to even imagine it somehow stretching to Wrestlemania, where Kane possibly has a short layoff period and then returns by assaulting Undertaker at Elimination Chamber costing him the World Title, and then challenging him to a match at Wrestlemania allowing Undertaker to advance his streak to 19-0.

BQ: I can actually see The Miz waiting quite a while to cash in, maybe even next year, because I somehow don't think seen as he is arguably the second most-over heel right (coming 2nd to only Jericho), that he would cash in against another heel, especially a guy like Sheamus who the WWE is obviously trying to push as a Bad-Ass heel, despite the whole run away from Nexus deal he's got going at the minute, but in all actuality any smart heel would run away from a 7-on-1 beating. I would love to see Morrison get pushed into the WWE Title scene for about the time of the Royal Rumble/Elimination Chamber and see him and Miz 1-on-1 for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania, but with the way creative works for RAW they probably won't see that being a huge money match for the Younger Generation of hardcore fans, especially if they let the match go for over 25 minutes, if they give it a long match and a semi-long feud over the WWE Title, that would be something worth buying Pay-Per-View viewings for.
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