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How come so many wrestling fans are hypocrites?
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Default How come so many wrestling fans are hypocrites?

There are so many people that hate John Cena, yet there are so many people that like Triple H, Batista, Randy Orton, and a whole lot of other people that are even worse than Cena. Let me point out facts to you.

Cena- He has a limited moveset, but he does have mic skills, or at least he did from 2003-2007.

Triple H- He has a limited moveset, but he had decent mic skills in the Attitude Era. He buries people even worse than Cena does. He only has as many titles as he does because he's married to Stephanie.

Randy Orton- He has a limited moveset, but he had good mic skills when he was the Legend Killer, now not so much.

Batista- He has a limited moveset. Much like Christian said in 2005, He's got charisma like Tomko's got hair.

Why can't everyone have the same opinion, good or bad, about all of these people?
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don't like John Cena because he Changed the WWE Championship belt into a cheap plastic toy

Several years ago in WWE The Nature Boy Ric Flair gave Triple H the old WW Championship belt to him after Triple H won the WWF/WCW championship belts from Y2J and since then great wrestlers like EG won that same Championship belt

then John Cena in 2005 changed the Championship belt to a Spinner mocking the title and making it to look shameful

I don't like Cena because he Changes Championships and he has the worst moves ever
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because if we did the world would be boring and full of sheep!

Orton annoys me i hope that snake gets injured tonight and is out of action for a couple of months

Cena... I'm sick of him in fact he should get injured too I hope Sheamus crushes him!

HHH should retire

Batista is in MMA or PMPA or whatever that rubbish is called he's a walking steroid anyway

WWE need to train their divas their only decent ones are Beth, Natalya and Melina

i like Edge, Chavo Guerrero and Rey Mysterio my favourite diva is Vickie Guerrero

they also need to STOP shoving McIntyre down people's throats
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Joshua is on a distinguished road

Now, I hate that, when people use the 'family excuse' for HHH having all these titles, he gets these titles because he is a great wrestler, has great moves (which hes had before the marriage) is great on mic.

stop being a troll and live with it, not everyone can agree with YOUR points.
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Well, we are all hypocrites. Not just wrestling fans.

The way I see, most of those guys are popular only because they hate Cena soooooo much. Its a theory.

I for one like Cena, I know he has the wrestling talent, but WWE made his moveset limited And he is a good guy, but without a shadow of a doubt, he is annoying. Especially this year with a cheesy lame jokes. For me, he is comparable to Orton and Batista, but not HHH.

HHH did marry the boss' daughter, but to me, the day he earned the respect in the WWE was when he sucked it up and took the punishment for the MSG incident for all four men, as two were nonpunishable, and HBK was a main eventer. He was suppose to win King of the Ring that year, but Austin did and he was forced to job for half a year. So in opinion, it was loyalty, something I praise both HHH and Cena. HHH deserves to be loved or hated by fans for his previous work as a face and heel. If you ask me, I think people would like Cena too if he switches between face and heel. I mean, what is it, a face for a year, heel for half a year, and then a face for 6 years? We see him as a face too much and never adjusted to a heel Cena. But right now, people are sick of the face Cena. I think fans will like him again if he turned heel, but WWE doesn't want to risk it because Cena's product makes the most money.

As for Batista and Randy Orton, they are simply popular now only because fans hate Cena so much. Lets start with Batista. I like him. His stint in 2005 and 2007 was good. He was like Cena, but he spent almost 2 years as a heel in Evolution, 4 years as a face, and his last year as a heel. So it was somewhat of a good career, considering fans seen him as both a hero and villain.. But lets be honest, his feud with Mysterio was lame and fans hated him. But that one confrontation Cena had with him, Where I've been around just as long as him ....blah blah blah. The minute Batista dissed Cena and was honest, the fans loved him. Soooooo dissing Cena = fanbase? You can say the same thing about Orton. Orton has gone from face to heel too many times in his career, but tweener seems to work. Once again, another product of Cena. It was during his feud with Cena that his fan base grew. Then Cena got injured and he feuded with HHH, he was hated again, only to feud with Cena again and be praised. Right there!!! Thats the proof. Orton is only the anti-hero because people hate Cena. WWE was forced to turn Orton face cause the fans were asking, hey, lets replace Cena with Orton as the face of the company. Wasn't successful, as he is still a tweener. But lately, fans have been saying Orton is overrated. Why? Because he has been teaming up with the likes of ..... guess who..... Cena.

So truth be told Orton and Batista was only liked for their feud with Cena. HHH is in his own league in my opinion.

And to answer your finally question, I like all them in terms of talent, but everybody thinks differently. Can't expect everyone to love of hate them all.
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Everyone is going to have their own opinions, and sometimes those Opinions aren't going to be fair, and there are a lot of Hypocrites in the World, it isn't just Wrestling Fans but they are all over!

Now, Personally, I think you are giving Cena way too much Credit and taking way too much away from HHH, Orton, and Batista! Sure, Cena has talent, charisma, and the Look of a Champion, but so do HHH, Orton, and Batista, you can not honestly say that HHH has only held his 13 World Titles because he is married to Stephanie McMahon, he started winning World Titles before he was ever dating Stephanie and you really can not deny the Man's Dedication, Loyalty, and hard work! HHH puts over a ton of Talent, or at least he tries too, like Shelton Benjamin, Batista and Sheamus!

Randy Orton is another great example of someone who is dedicated and loyal to WWE, and his Mic Skills fit his Cold Calculating Character, enough said on that!

Batista has Charisma, and the skill set to perform a high profile main event match, Batista's Charisma is there, that is how he was able to get all the fans behind him most of his Career!

Everyone's Opinions are going to differ though, and Everyone will have their Favorites!
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