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Whose streak was made into the bigger deal by their respective company: Goldberg's or Undertaker's?
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Default Whose streak was made into the bigger deal by their respective company: Goldberg's or Undertaker's?

First, I think even a moron with half a brain already knew Goldberg's 173-0 was dead a long time ago before dinosaurs were even born, so saying he is still the most dominant force today is stupid. Not to mention the numbers is ridiculous. So saying Taker vs Goldberg next year would be a legendary match because it's 18-0 vs 173-0 is downright retarded. Goldberg's streak has already been dead, and it isn't impressive anymore since then. So, no you can't compare a dead streak vs an alive streak.

This is how Truly Phenomenal voiced his mind:

Not only I'm not impressed with Goldberg's 173-0 streak at all, the streak itself isn't real, believe me. Goldberg's streak was made up, and the number of victories was raised quietly.

And the men Goldberg beat in that stupid streak are almost all jobbers, except Hogan and Big Show. If you remember a jobber named Jerry Flynn, Goldberg beat him about 30 times.

A Lions Tale: Around the World in Spandex by Chris Jericho However, Goldberg would have been a Mexico City ten-match-a-week schedule to even come close to the number of matches they were claiming he'd won. One week he'd be 42-0 and seven days later he'd be 58-0. Did stepping on bugs count?

So, answer my question above. And tell why.

And if u wish your chance to get BA increases, answer this also:

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What is so good about Kofi Kingston?

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There is a huge difference between just 18-0 and 173-0

There is a difference of 155 matches which is RIDICULOUS but at the same time IMPRESSIVE

I remember Goldberg beat Macho man, Hulk Hogan and Curt Henning (RIP) in the same night.
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they made a big deal about goldberg every time he wrestled in wcw

undertaker's streak only gets publicized every wrestlemania
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Goldberg's is more impressive but Taker's got made big deal because he's in Vince's company
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The Undertaker's.

Goldberg was just the typical weekly match that he never lost while Undertaker's streak was once a year at the grandest stage of them all. Goldberg's streak was just like any other undefeated streak in wrestling matches. Undefeated streaks hardly mean anything with superstars like Vladimir Kozlov becoming undefeated for months. Undertaker's streak was definitely more special and it never gets old seeing a great match for Undertaker's streak happen at the grandest stage of them all.

The Streak is overrated and while the streak is awesome and i always enjoy it when it's defended at wrestlemania but i think it's wrong that he is mostly recognized for his streak rather than some of his other great accomplishments. People say things like how the streak defines the Undertaker when that statement can't be any further from the truth. Undertaker's opponents weren't all worthy superstars and there have been better matches that wasn't for Undertaker's streak before. Why should The Undertaker even be remembered for a streak when he has done so much for the WWE.

The Undertaker has been in a 5 star Hell in a Cell match with HBK in 1997 introduced the casket match the inferno match and was undefeated for one year and even defeated Hulk Hogan for the WWE championship. The Undertaker has done so much including his gimmick which is truly one of a kind. It's a shame that some of his biggest matches were related with the streak although his matches are always great to watch. When you think of Undertaker the first thing that pops in your head is the 17-0 wrestlemania streak but that's not all Taker has done and i don't think the streak gets a right to overshadow everything the Undertaker has done in his career. The Undertaker is a legend and although he got immensely popular with the streak it doesn't define him. I think the streak has overshadowed Undertaker's entire legacy. Not everybody thinks of the streak as something that defines the Undertaker, but some fans i met think that the streak means everything when it's actually Undertaker's phenomenal career, matches, feuds, and his gimmick is what really makes the Undertaker the Undertaker.

Undertaker has an amazing gimmick and he truly revolutionized his gimmick. His deadman gimmick sells even to this day and its one of the most successful gimmicks. His streak only adds to the mystery and dominance but the Undertaker that we all know and love will still be known as one of the greatest superstars regardless of the streak or not. Undertaker left us so much great memories like gimmick matches feuds and memorable moments, his streak shouldn't overshadow his career and his legacy. However most likely he'll be remembered for his streak because that's something that will never be broken.

Goldberg's streak was overrated in a sense because many people seemed to think it was everything when all professional wrestling is pretty much scripted. Goldberg wasn't an amazing wrestler, but he did draw in ratings. Goldberg's streak isn't significant in my opinion.
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