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Do you these WWE Superstars are the Next or Modern Day Version(Generations) off these Superstars?
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Orton 360°Assasin Viper LP23©? is on a distinguished road
Default Do you these WWE Superstars are the Next or Modern Day Version(Generations) off these Superstars?

- Randy Orton is the Next Stone Cold

- John Cena is the Next Hulk Hogan

- John Morrison is the Next Shawn Micheals

- Jack Swagger is the Next Kurt Angle

- Drew McIntyre is the Next Triple H

- Daniel Bryan is the Next Chris Benoit

- Sheamus is the Next Test

- Dolph Ziggler is the Next Mr. Perfect

- Evan Bourne is the Next Rey Mysterio

- The Miz is the Next Chris Jericho

- R-Truth is the Next Booker T

- The Big Show is the Next Andre the Giant

- Justin Gabriel is the Next Jeff Hardy

- Heath Slater is the Next Edge

Tell me which One's Your Agree Disagree...

- M.V.P. (Heel) is the Next The Rock

- Ezekial Jackson is the Next Ahmed Johnson
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Drizzy is on a distinguished road

ya i guess u could say that
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Arron is on a distinguished road


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, search

This article's introduction section may not adequately summarize its contents. To comply with Wikipedia's lead section guidelines, please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of the article's key points. (June 2010)

This article is about the body part. For the symbol of the erect *****, see Phallus.

It has been suggested that some content from this article or section be split into a separate article titled Human *****. (Discuss)

Human *****

Latin '*****, penes'

Gray's subject #262 1247

Artery Dorsal artery of the *****, deep artery of the *****, artery of the urethral bulb

Vein Dorsal veins of the *****

Nerve Dorsal nerve of the *****

Lymph Superficial inguinal lymph nodes

Precursor Genital tubercle, Urogenital folds

MeSH *****

The ***** (plural *****es, penes) is an external sexual organ of certain biologically male organisms, in both vertebrates and invertebrates.

The ***** is a reproductive organ, technically an intromittent organ, and for placental mammals, additionally serves as the external organ of urination. The ***** is generally found on mammals and reptiles.

Contents [hide]

1 Etymology

2 Humans

2.1 Parts

2.2 Structure

2.3 Penile growth and puberty

2.4 Sexual homology

2.5 Erection

2.6 Erection angle

2.7 Ejaculation

2.8 Normal variations

2.9 Disorders

2.9.1 Developmental disorders

2.9.2 Alleged and observed psychological disorders

2.10 Altering the genitalia

2.10.1 Circumcision

2.11 Surgical replacement

2.12 Size

3 Species morphology

4 Cultural aspects

4.1 Uses of animal *****es

4.2 Uses of human *****es in cultural traditions

5 See also

6 References

7 External links

8 Related information


The word ***** is taken from the Latin word for tail. Some derive that from Indo-European pesnis, and the Greek word ???? = ***** from Indo-European pesos. Prior to the adoption of the Latin word in English the ***** was referred to as a yard. The Oxford English Dictionary cites an example of the word yard used in this sense from 1379,[1] and notes that in his Physical Dictionary of 1684, Steven Blankaart defined the word ***** as the Yard, made up of two nervous Bodies, the Channel, Nut, Skin, and Fore-skin, etc.[2]

The Latin word phallus (from Greek ??????) is sometimes used to describe the *****, although phallus originally was used to describe images, pictorial or carved, of the *****.[3]

The adjectival form of the word ***** is penile. This adjective is commonly used in describing the male copulatory organ's various accessory structures that are commonly found in many kinds of invertebrate animals.

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The enlarged and bulbous-shaped end of the corpus spongiosum forms the glans *****, which supports the foreskin or prepuce, a loose fold of skin that in adults can retract to expose the glans. The area on the underside of the *****, where the foreskin is attached, is called the frenum (or frenulum).

Anatomical diagram of a human *****The urethra, which is the last part of the urinary tract, traverses the corpus spongiosum, and its opening, known as the meatus (pronounced /mi??e?t?s/), lies on the tip of the glans *****. It is a passage both for urine and for the ejaculation of semen. Sperm are produced in the testes and stored in the attached epididymis. During ejaculation, sperm are propelled up the vas deferens, two ducts that pass over and behind the bladder. Fluids are


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Richard Orton is on a distinguished road


Yes (overrated)











No (he will be much better)


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edge head (yWa) leader is on a distinguished road

i agree with all except the last one EDGE will never have another version
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Hayato Kanzaki is on a distinguished road







Dunno Yet, if only sheamus was a bit taller.






Dunno about that one.


MVP-NOt really imo.

Nice choices man.
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Dark Dragon ® is on a distinguished road

Randy Orton is The Next Stone Cold, Yeah that can work, these two are alike and Randy Orton could be getting just as popular.

John Cena The next Hulk Hogan, Hell no, he is nothing like hulk and he is not even as popular as Hulk Hogan is.

John Morrison The next Shawn Michaels- I think yeah since he has that sexy boy type of gimmick

Jack Swagger the next Kurt Angle- Yeah it can work

Drew McIntyre the next Triple H, I can't decide he is not even as muscular as Triple H is, and I don't think he will work well as a face.

Daniel Bryan the next Chris Benoit, No Just no.

Sheamus The next Test, I say no, Sheamus is actually making a name for himself

Dolph Ziggler the next Mr. Perfect, I can't say yes to that, Dolph Ziggler is a unique person.

Evan Bourne the next Rey Mysterio, well he is a liitle guy too and even without the mask you can still make that assumption.

The Miz The next Jericho, I can't even say The Miz can even make a good face, I can't even say he is the next Jericho

R-Truth, The next Booker T- yeah, it can work, they both have good personalities and a lot alike in terms of charisma, he could even make a good heel.

The Big Show the next Andre the Giant, actually Big Show is already the next Andre The Giant, in WWF after Andre The Giant died, WWE made a Storyline that The Big Show is Andre The Giant's son (Not real) and The Big Show was supposed to avenge his so called father's death.

Justin Gabriel the next Jeff Hardy, It can work, I think he can make a good face and a good heel and he has proven that he is just as charismatic as Jeff is in NXT season 1

Heath Slater the next Edge, It can work.

MVP the next Rock? What The Hell? HEEEEELLLLLLLLLL NOOOOOOO. MVP and The Rock are different in many ways. I can't even say that The Rock even likes Basketball or if MVP can even star in a movie.

Ezekiel Jackson, The next Ahmed Jhonson, I have no choice but to agree with you on that, they are both like a brick wall as they used to call Ahmed Johnson because he is really a brick wall, I wonder where Ahmed is now.
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SOUTHSIDEBALLA is on a distinguished road

I agree to all of them some I had never heard before like Gabriel Hardy, Truth Booker, and Sheamus Test.
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Luis V. (yWa) is on a distinguished road

Randy Orton- Agree

John Cena- Agree

John Morrison- Agree

Jack Swagger- Agree

Drew McIntyre- Agree

Daniel Bryan- Agree

Sheamus- Disagree. I say Brock Lesnar.

Dolph Ziggler- Disagree. He is more like the 1999 heel version of Billy Gunn

Evan Bourne- Kinda Agree

The Miz- Disagree. Nah I think Wade Barret is the next Chris Jericho

R-Truth- Agree

The Big Show- Agree

Justin Gabriel- Agree

Health Slater- Kinda Agree

MVP- Disagree

Ezikel Jackson- Agree
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?dg?cator ? is on a distinguished road

Cena is already a Hogan with his superman gimmick, has limited moves but still able to draw ratings and crowds.

Orton is a tweener who gets cheered much like Stonecold and the finishers are quite similar as well. He just needs to have a goatee. lol

Morrison's superkick, his style, and athleticism make him quite close to Shawn.

Swagger just needed to have the ankle lock in his moveset and now he has it!! So its official - he's the next Kurt Angle.

Ziggler is the next Mr. Perfect - his looks, the c0kiness, and the fact that he will probably remain an IC champ at most, despite having so much ability.

Big Show is a giant who is cheered by the crowd and he has made a great contribution in wwe just like Andre.

Daniel Bryan is one of the best technical wrestlers like Benoit in his time and both smaller men so they're similar

Justin Gabriel is a hi flyer like Jeff and popular with the crowd so yeah

Ezekiel and Ahmed both big dominating, black men and wear red attire

Disagree with the rest..

In my view:

Miz will never come close to Jericho

Sheamus is more like HHH or Lesnar. not Test

Booker T's successor is Kofi I think and not R Truth

Even though i think Evan Bourne is better than Rey but he won't get a world title which Rey did.

MVP does not have as much charisma as the Rock
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Prasdana is on a distinguished road

Disagree,the next Stone Cold is Bryan Danielson and Randy Orton is the next Jake The Snake Roberts(i said Sting before but i think he is more similiar to Jack)




-Disagree,the next Chris Benoit is Davey Richards(i hope he come to WWE)



-Disagree,the next Rey is Extreme Tiger(i hope he come to WWE) Evan Bourne is the next Billy Kidman

-Disagree,the next Chris Jericho is Austin Aries(i hope he come to WWE) The Miz is the next Mr.Kennedy(i said Roddy Piper before but i think he is more similiar to Kennedy)



-Disagree,the next Heath Slater is Desmond Wolfe(i hope he come to WWE) and Desmond Wolfe is the next Edge


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