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My WCW PPV episode # 5 ( I'll pick Best Answer)?
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Default My WCW PPV episode # 5 ( I'll pick Best Answer)?

Title holders before the matches:

WCW title- Hollywood Hogan

United States title - Goldberg

Cruserweight title- Billy Kidman

World Tag titles- Scott Steiner Buff Bagwell

Promo 1- The PPV starts.

Match 1- (C) Billy Kidman vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Konnan vs. X-Pac. Cruserweight title. Winner = Billy Kidman.

Promo 2- Lodi is shown in the parking lot with a sign that says Lodi will get revenge.

Promo 3- The nWo come out. ( Hollywood Hogan, The Giant, Scott Steiner, Buff Bagwell, X-Pac.) Hogan says that later on tonight there will be the WCW title on the line. And remember there will be no interference. Steiner Bagwell will defend the World Tag Team titles against Sting Roddy Piper a bit later on tonight. X-Pac lost his match earlier tonight. But I will retain my championship. I know it, The nWo knows it, and Scott Hall will know it. I have no idea where Kevin Nash is. He is either with Hall or is staying home because he doesn't want to see Scott Hall lose tonight. The nWo leave the ring and head to the back.

Match 2- (C) Goldberg vs. Chris Jericho vs. Lex Lugar vs. Macho Man Randy Savage. United States Championship match. Winner = Macho Man Randy Savage.

Promo 4- When the Macho Man celebrates his win for the U.S title, Goldberg spears him. Goldberg grabs a mic. He tells Randy Savage, Your Next!!!! Goldberg exits the ring.

Match 3- The Giant vs. Diamond Dallas Page. WInner = The Giant.

Match 4 - Ultimo Dragon vs. Booker T vs. Saturn vs. Chavo Guerrero. Winner = Ultimo Dragon.

Promo 5- Roddy Piper Sting are in the backstage hallway talking about how they need to depend on each other. Sting tells Piper that they will need to win the titles tonight. Piper agrees with Sting. They shake hands and they start walking out of the hallway.

Match 5- (C) Scott Steiner Buff Bagwell vs. Roddy Piper Sting. Winners = Roddy Piper Sting.

Promo 6- Lodi is still in the back with his sign. A car pulls up. Raven gets out of the car. Saturn walks over to meet Lodi Raven. The three of them see Billy Kidman and attack him right outside in the parking lot. Lodi tells Kidman about the reformation of Raven's Flock and that Kidman won't be in it. He then tells him that he will get some more revenge. They leave Kidman just laying there all helpless.

Match 6- Willaim Regal vs. Psychosis. Winner = Psychosis.

Promo 7- Hogan prepares for his match with Hall.

Promo 8- Hall walks down the ramp. He then gets assaulted by the nWo. Hall attempts to fight back, but the nWo were stronger. Hogan throws Hall in the ring and pins him. Hogan retains the title. After the match the nWo continue to assault Hall. Nash runs to the ring and the nWo run out. Nash checks on Hall. Officials help Hall up.

End of PPV

Rate the PPV

Pick Best Match

Pick Best Promo
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Another Amazing Show Eric...9.6/10

Best Match:

1.(c)Billy Kidman vs Rey Mysterio vs. Konnan vs. X-Pac

2.Willaim Regal vs Psychosis

3.(C) Goldberg vs. Chris Jericho vs. Lex Lugar vs. Macho Man Randy Savage

Best Promo...

1)Promo 6

2)Promo 8

I liked the show tonight, this was your best show so far in match quality. The Cruiserweight Division is at its finest and the Fatal Four Way cruiserweight battle would be amazing to see and Billy Kidman would of course, had won. He is one of my favorites of all time. I like William Regal and Phychosis because the Luch Libre Style mixed in with pure American style wrestling would be great to see. Goldberg is one of my all time favorites and it was a great match that he had tonight. My favorite types of promos involve cars and beat downs and that's why I loved promo 6 and 8 which were the best promos of the night.
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BVK says TNA (THW) is on a distinguished road

But a but but but- I'm lovin it!

Great stuff man!

9 on the dot

I agree with Rated Silent, match 1!

Promo 6- original

BTW- i can't follow this very well, bcoz ur qa is private, could you make it un- private?
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