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What happened on TNA last night since I didn't watch it?
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Default What happened on TNA last night since I didn't watch it?

I'm now watching this replay of TNA and it looks good.
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Velvet Sky rubbed her poon on the second rope. The rest is just a fuzz.
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Some guys recited some speeches written for them and then did softcore gay porn according to Vince McMahon's script for them.
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You missed a great show especially the Knockout fight after the match so let me start with that. Taylor Wilde got her head knocked in by Sarita. That was one of the hardest punches I've seen since the Attitude Era. Before, the knockout match concluded with Madison Rayne defeated Taylor Wilde so overall, it was an awful night for Taylor Wilde. Samoa Joe and Aj Styles had an epic battle but it wasn't their best match. Jeff Hardy defeated Abyss in the Main Event but Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy, Mr.Anderson all got beat by Abyss before the show went off air. Abyss had a confrontation with Taz.By the way, Abyss made this weapon that's a 2x4 with nails in it. It's a scary situation and Sting got suspended for 30 days by Dixie Carter. Kurt Angle had a confrontation with The Pope. That's all you really know about the show. It changed my mind though last night. I now know that TNA i better than the WWE.
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Dixie Carter catches up to Sting backstage and he asks if she finally gets it. She says that Hogan and Bischoff showed her that he is a cancer, and Sting did it to himself. She says that he is suspended for 30 days, and he can't believe it. He says it isn't about the money, and says it is about her being conned. Dixie asks him if he has something to say instead of talking in cryptic language all the time, so he says he will break it down for her, only to get cut off by Eric Bischoff. He says to stop because this is nuts, and calls for security. Sting tells Dixie to forget about the 30 days, because she can make it indefinite, and he leaves without restraint. Bischoff tells her that Sting won't go away easily, and says she needs protection. He suggests she gets a bodyguard and they leave the area they confronted Sting in.

Abyss vs Jeff Hardy (w/ Rob Van Dam as Special Referee)

Hardy takes control early and unloads on Abyss in the corner, then clotheslines Abyss out of the ring. Hardy hits a slingshot crossbody to the outside and keeps after Abyss but he misses a Twist of Fate and Abyss shoves him into the ringpost. Abyss throws him back in the ring and whips him into the turnbuckle. He picks Hardy back up and hits a big side slam for a two count, and then Abyss rolls outside and goes for a chair at ringside. RVD takes the chair away from Abyss and Hardy rolls him up but only gets two, and then Hardy hits a legdrop to the groin. Hardy grabs the chair and RVD tries to take it away but Hardy says he isn't using it, and hits Poetry in Motion off of it. Hardy runs the ropes and eats a big boot and a splash for two, and Abyss goes for the Shock Treatment but gets hit with the Twist of Fate instead. Hardy goes up top and Abyss cuts him off and tries to chokeslam Hardy off the top rope. Hardy throws some elbows and knocks Abyss down, and jumps off and hits the Swanton Bomb to get the win.

Winner - Jeff Hardy

After the bell, Abyss goes nuts and chokes Hardy then hits RVD with a Black Hole Slam. He goes and grabs the piece of wood with the nails, and gets cut off by Mr. Anderson. Anderson drives the chair into Abyss' ribs, and he winds up and swings at Abyss, but Abyss ducks and Anderson accidentally hits Hardy with the chair. Anderson goes to check on Hardy and Abyss picks him up and hits the Shock Treatment. Abyss looks around and yells as the other three men are down on the mat as Impact goes off the air.
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Jeff hardy beat abyss
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