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If the autograph lines were all the way to the outside of the venues for guys like Hogan
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Default If the autograph lines were all the way to the outside of the venues for guys like Hogan

and Warrior...? and for the Shelton Benjamin and even Bryan Danielson's of the world, you can actually run through the venue without worrying of bumping into people because there isn't 1/5th of the people there that were there to see Hogan, Warrior, and the likes of them......

What does that tell you? Who was REALLY the BETTER WORKER???

They're better workers Demon. You have no knowledge of the business. End of story

You're a typical internet smart mark nerd

I will budge on Danielson, since Danielson WAS getting over with the WWE audience. He was an exception. For the most part, Hogan and his kind are the best workers in the business. They work the crowd, they crowd buys into it, the crowd pays money to see them. They are WORKING. Therefore, THEY are the best workers

The real definition of a worker is a guy who works in the wrestling business as a competitor, be it Hogan or Danielson. The IWC has blurred the real definition and has turned the term 'good worker' into someone the likes of a Lance Storm, the person who can execute the moves 'better', and that is wrong

Demon - I can't take you serious since you are the type that is the heart of the IWC, the arm bars over anything else. Again, you and many others just don't get it

Oh popularity DOES have alot to do with it. The business is about making money, correct? There was a point Hogan, Warrior, Rock, Austin, any one of these guys could of sat in the ring for 2 hours and people would of watched. People loved those guys. Popularity absolutely does have alot to do with wrestling, since wrestling is scripted
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Wow,your a bigger idiot than i thought.How does being Popular mean your a better worker?Hogan and Warrior more marketed better,Doesn't mean they better.I mean really?Hogan can't work for crap and Warrior was no better.Man Yahoo really need a IQ testing before letting People this site,It's just getting past the point of laughable into the point of smash your head against a wall in hope of some smartness here.

Edit:No i have knowledge of the business,i know how things work and i also know that Being popular doesn't mean your a good wrestler,can you name a 5-star hogan or Warrior Match because i can name a few 5 star Danielson matches and Danielson DOES have fans line up for him,you'd know if you show a Indy show.

And also,Isn't Smart a shop?hmm,idk and yes i am a mark,a mark is a wrestling fan and you say i have no knowledge of the business LMFAO
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And people line up for twilight movies more than other movies so I guess by your logic you would sure love twilight and say they are the best movies of all time. And American idol is the best show ever due to the ratings it gets and lady gaga is the one of the best music artists of all time.(see how that logic is wrong).

Popular opinion doesn't mean the best it just means the most hype and exposure.

Hell look at danielson in his short time in WWE doing crap work because WWE had sh*t booking for him he became more popular with mainstream fans and was the most talked about wrestler during that period. Just think what could of happened if WWE let him wrestle and actually gave him a push like hogan or Warrior he would of became even more popular and even more talked about. You can't compare the years and the pushes hogan and warrior got to the short amount of time danielson got(who despite what he did became popular and have people wanting him back). Im not going to argue on shelton since he really does suck.

Edit: Popularity does have something to do with selling tickets but thats it selling tickets. Like I pointed out how just because the twilight movies are popular doesn't make them good. Popularity and quality are two different things. Popularity is just being well liked thats it. Look at everything else in sports or entertainment theres been lots of stuff thats been popular but not good in their respective fields. So why is wrestling different? Than that why is it wrestling that is the one thing immune to popularity not equaling quality?
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I understand your point, but the popularity of the wrestler has nothing to do with who's a better worker. There's no question that Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior were much, much bigger DRAWS than Benjamin or Danielson, but that has nothing to do with being a good worker.

Now, if you could hand me any two of those four, dead in their primes, to start a promotion with, there's no doubt that I would take Hogan and Warrior, but that's simply because they are the two massive draws. They were clearly talented at what they did, because they are two of the biggest stars the industry has ever seen, but as a pure worker, there are many, many guys superior to them.

You just have the terms worker and draw mixed up. However, as draws, Hogan and Warrior were beyond huge, for sure.

*EDIT*I suppose that there are multiple ways to interpret the term worker. From the way that I understand it, and this is just from reading books of wrestlers and things like that, a good worker is someone who can not only execute the moves well, like you said, but also make his/her opponent look great in the ring and can have a great match (I undestand that the term great is fluid as well) with just about anyone.

You do have a point though, the IWC does mix up terms quite often. I mean, just look at what we've all done with the term mark. People today seem to think it means something negative, when it really just means someone who watches wrestling.
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Popularity does not equal talent or quality.
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Guys like hogan and warrior get over because of their character and connecting with the crowd which is very important in wrestling. Guys like amdrag get over on what they do in the ring. I would say they are equal as workers because you may go to see the top stars but the best wrestlers will entertain you the most.
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