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How would you debut them in TNA?
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Default How would you debut them in TNA?

how would you debut these WWE superstars in TNA, what would you have them do? Who would they fued with?

John Cena -

The Undertaker -

Triple H -

Randy Orton -

Rey Mysterio -

Kofi Kingston -

Sheamus -

John Morrison -

Melina -

Evan Bourne -

It's a hypothetical question.
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Wazzz good is on a distinguished road

John Cena -

The Undertaker -

Triple H -

Randy Orton -

Kofi Kingston -

Sheamus -

can never see these guyswalking down the TNA ramp unless WWE invaded TNA
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all of them as a WWE invasion and feud with TNA
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ckgjr30 is on a distinguished road

John Cena would feud with Kurt Angle, he'd come in by somebody taunting kurt saying someone from your past is here to seek revenge.

Taker- When Sting is in the ring lights will go out then they'll have that dark blue light in the arena and takers voice will be heard,saying something like there can only be one dominate icon in this business and at (insert ppv) Sting will Rest In Peace. Sting will later stalk Taker from the rafters and attack him with his trademark bat, then Taker will stalk Sting by showing a casket with a dummy sting body in the casket only to find out that it's really taker with a sting mask ensuing a brawl between the two. Leading up to a ppv where they fight finally one on one.

Triple H- TNA has a big match up say a 4 way dance between Abyss RVD Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle, All of a sudden during there match the lights go out and a new custom entrance music hits that sounds similar to what HHH's was in the WWE and all of a sudden (similar to how angle enters the arena when he rises from the entrance ramp) that is how Triple H slowly rises from the entrance ramp wielding a Sledge hammer Triple H pans the crowd looking at everyone as everyone is going absolutely nuts, He then lifts up his sledge hammer looks at it and then goes to the ring taking out everybody lastly Kurt Angle is the last one standing and they stare each other down and the crowd goes crazy because of their past Triple H dumps the sledge hammer and the two square off, Triple H gets the better of it knocking down Angle a couple of times as the crowd is split between the two, all of a sudden samoa joe and some more tna guys come out and beat down triple H, later find out they beat him down because they view him as an outsider that doesn't belong. However, a few guys have Triple H's back such as Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Xpac, and even Ric Flair gets his team to back up Triple H because of their past and how their blood brothers. So the line is drawn it's Nash, Hall, Xpac, Eric Young, HHH, Flair, Styles, Beer Money, Desmond Wolfe, and Kaz, vs the rest of TNA.

Orton- TNA would say this is the biggest superstar acquisition we have every gotten since Kurt Angle is coming. TNA is working on negotiations to bring one of the best guys in the industry into TNA, Finally at a PPV match between RVD and let's say Deanglo dinero for example, Orton will jump over the railing and slide in the ring stalking RVD finally as RVD turns around and is shocked to see Orton, Orton will stand up straight no longer in his coiled position the two will stare each other down, then out of nowhere Orton RKO's dinero instead of RVD. RVD confused hits his 5 star splash on dinero and wins, later Orton will come to the impact zone and tell RVD that he wants to be the best TNA has ever seen and to do that he'll have to take out the best and RVD's opponent was not the best. so he decided to let RVD retain his title so he could face him at the following PPV. ending his promo by saying RKO is TNA and striking his signature pose.

Rey Mysterio- Would come in thru hyping up the greatest wrestler to ever hit the X division. I would have Doug Williams beat Kendrick and continue dominating the x division thru technical wrestling. Have Hogan come out and say at the next PPV brother I have a wrestler who will be able to avoid your technical style of wrestling with his high flying skills. He is the best at what he does Brother! Then at the PPV it would be revealed that it was Mysterio the crowd goes crazy Mysterio wins and dominates the X division.

Kingston- Not a big fan I don't think they'd make a big deal it'd be like Kendricks debut I think he might be good enough to compete with the best maybe pair him up with Jay Lethal.

Sheamus - I would have Sheamus come in by jumping the barrier and attacking wrestlers one by one. He'd eventually tell everyone who he is and his purpose is to be the most dominate man in this company and then Samoa Joe will come out leading to a back and forth brawl between the two and have them have a epic feud.

John Morrison - I would want Morrison to come in to feud with RVD. The two would have amazing matches together I think. So I would have Morrison come in also thru hype, I don't know if I'd make it a surprise or not I would have like a John Morrison countdown. Then he comes in and tells RVD that he's gunning for him.

Melina - I would have her debut against the beautiful people maybe have Angelina Love take the TNA women's title and then announce that she's going to take everything from the BP, including the tag team titles and she has the perfect partner and it isn't anyone in the TNA lockerroom she said she doesn't trust the knockouts in the back so she had to bring a new friend an outsider and then introduces Melina.
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Hi, I_m Brian. is on a distinguished road

John Cena - Fued with Rob Van Dam.

Undertaker - Fued with Abyss.

Triple H - Fued with Jeff Hardy.

Randy Orton - Fued with Jay Lethal.

Rey Mysterio - Fued with Chris Sabin.

Kofi Kingston - Fued with Fued with Doug Williams.

Sheamus - Fued with Mr. Anderson.

John Morrison - Fued with Tommy Dreamer.

Melina - Fued with Madison Rayne.

Evan Bourne - Fued with AJ Styles.
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