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why can't TNA be original?? (read details)?
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Default why can't TNA be original?? (read details)?

I'm not a hater I enjoy watching other feds too specially japanese ones. Don't follow american ones very much anymore. But from what I see, TNA has Sharkboy mocking Stone Cold and now Lethal mocking Flair. (even the great Nature Boy Ric Flair has reduced himself to this storyline...) Question to TNA fans is WHY?? if you want to win the rating war why don't focus your attention on your originals. AJ, Samoa, Sting, can't remember his name but the guy that does the infrared move. (Amazing red? ) You have great talents, so why focus yourselves on WWE history all the time? Use what you have, use X Division (WWE doesn't have an official cruiserweight division), use Hamada (WWE doesn't respect great japanese wrestlers) But why reduce yourselves to WWE mockery?? What do TNA fans think about this? Mature answers please, I'm not a one-fed girl so I'm not a hater.

do TNA fans approve/enjoy these storylines? Curious.

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I'm shocked you don't have 30 responses from WWE fanboys/girls bashing TNA. That IS the cool thing to do in this section nowadays.

The Sharkboy thing was just a silly parody of Stone Cold and played for laughs; it wasn't meant to be taken seriously by anybody. It ran it's course and the gimmick ended.

A big reason Ric Flair is in TNA is to give the rub to TNA, and to some of it's performers. The rub is a big star giving some credibility and attention to somebody (or some thing) just by associating himself with that person (or thing). This is very common in pro wrestling and has been going on for pretty much it's entire history. This is one of the things they do to build new stars for tomorrow. TNA wants to elevate Jay Lethal and give him a big push. So they are using Lethal's uncanny ability at impersonation to bring more attention to him. Flair is legitimizing the impersonation by acknowledging it and reacting (negatively) to it, thus giving Lethal more credibility than he had before (the rub). Lethal has always had the wrestling talent, but is otherwise rather bland. The Flair impersonation has gotten him a lot of attention, the purpose of that impersonation. Flair is mentoring AJ Styles and making a big deal out of Jay Lethal, two of TNA's home grown stars. He intends to give the rub to Beer Money and, apparently, Kazarian, with the new Fortune stable. Flair isn't in TNA to put himself over (he doesn't need to; nobody is more over than Ric Flair); he's there to help TNA build stars who will headline and carry the company into the future.

The X Division has been neglected, true. But TNA is trying to rebuild it with Doug Williams as the Champ. Williams mocks and degrades the X Division wrestlers, which brings them out to challenge him and puts more importance on the title.

TNA dropped the ball with the Knockouts. No other way to put it. The Knockouts used to be a great (and respected) division. Now, it is just comedy relief and T A, and that seems to be what TNA wants the Knockouts to be. Hamada is no longer in TNA.

TNA isn't trying to beat the WWE and run them out of business (as so many in this section seem to believe). Rather, they are offering an alternative to the WWE's PG era kiddie show family entertainment. Sure, they poke fun at the WWE now and then (most promotions do), but they are a completely different type of promotion offering a completely different flavor of pro wrestling than what Vince puts on TV. They do push their home grown talent (more so than the WWE does) and they use big stars like Sting, Hogan, and Flair to do that. Difference is, the WWE fanboys/girls bash TNA for doing that yet accept the WWE using guys like HBK, Triple H, Cena, and Kane doing the same thing.

TNA is much more unpredictable, thus more entertaining and fun to watch, than the WWE. TNA is doing the right thing; they are not trying to BE the WWE, nor trying to beat the WWE in some imaginary ratings war. They are TNA.
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