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Intresting news from fatal four way?
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Default Intresting news from fatal four way?

7) After the show went off the air, as mentioned in a previous report, Cena sat in the ring (and I think he was actually tearing a bit) and then shot off his mouth and then when Cena made the comment about the You Can't Wrestle chants, the crowd went crazy (with the boo's and You Can't Wrestle and Cena Sucks Chants)...Most of the audience, when he pointed the mic at the sections were VERY ANTI-CENA!..after he said the whole I sure as hell can fight, he said something like I'm gonna kick each of those sons of bitches in the ass! or something like that (my friend next to me definitely heard him say ass and I definitely heard him call the NXT Rookies/Faction Sons of Bitches. SO MUCH FOR THE SPOKESPERSON FOR WWE'S RIDICULOUS PG RATING! *(Or does that not count because it was off the air?) *I think that was crap because there were a lot of kids still in the arena and if you're gonna be strict about the PG rating, why do you release Daniel Bryan for a PG-13 move(s) and yet Cena will most likely not even be given a slap on the wrist? *SHAME ON YOU, WWE! *He then stormed off, slammed the microphone and then Justin Roberts thanked the audience for coming to the PPV and ended with a We'll be coming back to Long Island again soon (something along those lines).
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This dosent make any since Vince fires Daniel Bryan for breaking the PG rule but he let's Cena curse while people are still in the arena I guess the only difference was they were off air.
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Wow, thanks for the info. I can't believe John Cena would do that, usually he is the WWE hero/champion, and still if it is off air imagine what the children in that arena are hearing, now I don't have a problem with it, but imagine how parents must feel. Vince McMahon, is a true idiot. He would let John Cena cuss infront of a live audience with little children, and be okay about it, they should of did something like got security. I don't know if parents might be able to sue, or not, but they should be because it is for PG rating, and im pretty sure sons of bitches ain't PG. Also what Samoa Joe said, he fires the NXT rookie for pg-13 moves, and he might not even fire John Cena for swearing infront of children. This is good. I wouldn't of ever imagined this happening, and we will see what is to happen tonight, on Raw. Cena is an idiot, Vince is an idiot, but the WWE is pure genius. Thanks for the info again, really helpful.
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i must see that
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Thank's for the Info, you know I was watching the entire show last night and at least I got to see the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship defended, I would actually expect John Cena to react in this way whenever the crowd says you can't wrestle and Cena Sucks, I heard the crowd last night, half of them said Lets go Cena the other half said Cena Sucks, John Cena actually hates being booed and told that he sucks, there is proof in this video.

 Skip to 3:22. watch as he makes his way through the croud, the guy looks like he is about to cry.

Lets just face it, Superman has his kryptonite, and John Cena has his kryptonite, and John Cena's Kryptonite is being hated by the people and saying that he sucks.

Again Thanks for the info dude.
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I know I am going to get a lot of heat from this, but I don't care. I can kind of understand John's frustration. (If this report is true I have not seen it so I don't know). The man goes out night after night, gives everything he has to the fans, puts his body on the line, and people go and insult him. Last night may have been a little harder because once again NXT had to come out and attack him(I know story). Maybe he was extremely tired or something. When people get very tired they get very short tempered. After last night I think he deserved to let off some steam. He is human. As are all the wrestlers.
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