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What was the difference in how Vince Sr. did the WWWF promotion and how Vince Jr. runs WWF/WWE?
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Default What was the difference in how Vince Sr. did the WWWF promotion and how Vince Jr. runs WWF/WWE?

yes but wouldn't most people in his position do the same thing.I mean if someone has a chance to buy out the competition than that would be hard not to.Who point of doing anything is to strive to be the best and make the most money one can.
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k back then Jr was a skinny anouncer.

He got greedy with a huge ego and screwed everyone over because he had the power.

he canned wcw because he could.

vince would screw over taker and cena in a heartbeat if he wanted to, just to do it.
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The difference is simple, Vince Sr. was running a Pro Wrestling promotion out of New York...with the likes of Bruno Sammartino and Bob Backlund as champions..and before Vince Jr., Sgt. Slaughter was one of the most over wrestlers in the WWF, having a great feud with Pat Patterson.

Vince Sr. did pro wrestling, Vince Sr. followed the rule that was around in pro wrestling, where you don't invade another wrestling promoter's territory, and Vince Sr. would not put somebody else out of business...even if he did have the money to be able to. Vince Sr. was all for Pro Wrestling, and he didn't go against the overall sport, which in turn was better for ALL of Pro Wrestling, since there were a lot of successful Wrestling Companies around during the time Vince Sr. was running the WWWF.

Vince Jr. on the other hand, is the exact opposite of what his father did. Vince Jr. is all about Sports Entertainment..and taking Pro Wrestling to the mainstream. Which is ok from the way it sounds, but not ok when it comes to the overall sport of Pro Wrestling, and the fact that HIS company is the ONLY successful company in Pro Wrestling to the magnitude that WWE is currently.

Vince Jr. could've taken Pro Wrestling mainstream, and he didn't have to take out other wrestling companies with him. Vince Jr. is all about Vince Jr. and all about WWE, he is NOT about Pro Wrestling. Vince Jr. doing what he did basically almost killed Pro Wrestling around 2001.

If a company is hopeless, and I was in Vince Jr.'s position, then yes I would by the company out, but I would not go the route of putting other companies out of say the AWA...I would take Pro Wrestling to the mainstream, but take care of the sport that has helped take care of me.

Imagine how many more great wrestling companies would be around if Vince took WWF to the mainstream, but didn't try to put other companies out of business. Right now after WWE there's TNA, ROH and other Indies..if Vince didn't put others out of business...there might be 3 times the amount of pretty big wrestling companies around. You can strive to be the best, it doesn't mean you have to leave other people jobless...
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