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Can you believe that it has been almost...?
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Default Can you believe that it has been almost...?

3 years since the death of Chris Benoit? Seems like just yesterday he was wowing us with his in ring ability.
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He's HELL...
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Why do you watch WWE when YOU KNOW it's FAKE and GAY?
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Misshildy is on a distinguished road

No I can't believe it has been that long. I know it will be 3 years next week, for him and Nancy and Daniel. Sometimes I still find it hard to believe they are not of this world anymore. They are where they are loved and understood, not disrespected and hated. What happened happened. It is between him and his god now.
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Rest In Peace Benoit.
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I still remember like it was yesterday. I got up extra early and in the sports section it said that Chris Benoit died because of a homicide. I thought all day that someone killed him. But I found out that he did the triadic things to his family and himself. What is messed up is that Chris is still my favorite wrestler to look up videos of his matches and promos.
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EWE Chairman, Joey(S.E.S) is on a distinguished road

It's actually passed the actual date of his death, didn't he die on June 15, 2007? I remember the date because he died just 10 days before Michael Jackson on June 25th, 2009. So, it's actually OVER 3 years of his death because it's passed the date of his death. It really is sad too, I remember it perfectly too, I was at my Dad's home in New Jersey, my brother was on the internet and on it said about Chris Benoit's death, he told me about it and I didn't believe him at first, but then checked and it said. And I couldn't believe it at first, but then things came clear, Benoit was dead and was never going to Wrestle in a WWE Ring again.

Chris Benoit is still Wrestling, though. He's wrestling in heaven with his family, and good friend Eddie Guerrero. May both of them, and his wife Nancy and son, Daniel Rest in Peace.
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Funny....just last week I was reading _Love and Death: the Murder of Kurt Cobain_ and a passage stuck out in my head that might apply to the Benoit case. Once a suicide theory has been put forward as the probable event, investigators tend not to explore other avenues, such as the possibility that it was a murder.

Enough questions have arisen, I think, about the evidence we've been given that, in a Capt. Pike scenario in which Chris Benoit survived but wasn't able to defend himself, a jury would need to acquit him. For example, ten empty cans of beer were found in his weight room. However, Benoit was not known to drink to excess and particularly did not like beer.

Moreover, it would be difficult, nay, near impossible for anyone to type five messages of the type sent from his and Nancy's cell phones in the time reported to have elasped. There were differences in the words and punctuation used in each of the messages, which suggest that they were manually texted and sent individually. Of course, we don't know which type or model they used. Given that Benoit had spoken with Dean Malenko earlier on Saturday, it begs why he would not speak with either Chavo Guerrero or Scott Armstrong, equally close friends and alleged recipients of the messages.

Additionally, the murder of Nancy Benoit defies even the twisted logic with which Chris was alleged to treat the entire enterprise. Strangulation is either a highly passionate or a very quick and cold dispatch method. If Chris were in the throes of roid rage, he would have likely throttled her with his bare hands (or the cord) while facing her, then would have allowed the body to fall where it would, likely face-up. If it were truly cold-blooded murder, Chris would have been able to garrote her from behind and get it over with quickly. It would not have been necessary to mash her face into the carpet, nor to bind her hands. We do not know if she had been bound and received the facial injuries peri- or post-mortem.

These are just a few of the questions we need to start asking, as well as the big one - why were no other theories pursued seriously? Metro Atlanta had been dealing with a rash of murder-suicides that spring - at a rate of one per week. If Benoit had been feeling fearful for his family, perhaps he had cause. Suicides do not get nearly as full an investigation as murders for which the assailant might still be out there. How easy would it have been for a possible serial killer to devise a scheme in which the fathers and husbands would be either killed along with their families or left on the hook for the deaths of their families? Until it emerged just who this particular family was, the Fayette County Sheriff's Department was ready to wrap it up before it even began.

At the core of it all, one thing remains. Chris Benoit is gone (along with Nancy and Daniel.) Though there will never be another like him, his legacy will always be as shadowy and as inscrutable as the business itself.
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