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Who else thinks that attiude era was overrated?
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Default Who else thinks that attiude era was overrated?

Everyone thinks that it was so great when wrestlling has nothin to do with it.

Attitude Era=Blood, Cursing, Sexual Content
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How about you get out and find a girlfriend huh?
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the guy on ur picture doesnt. batista said tht he left wwe bcuz it wasnt the way he used to be when he loved it. and i agree with him
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The Fallen Angel (NJPW) is on a distinguished road

Isn't it a bit obvious that, from seeing the past 2 or 3 questions you've asked, that the user Samoa Joe (2010) will get BA?
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WRESTLING is for faqqots who enjoy watchin nekid azz men touching each other


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It was not overrated infact it was the best time to be a wrestling fan. There was alot of wrestling too, the tag team were established and had great matches with a solid mid card and great cruserwieght division. Compared to now u can actuallly say they had a good womens division with trish and lita setting the example. The storylines were great and call i can say is everything was GREAT.
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Dude, get a gf
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First off the people on the internet praising the Attitude Era are 2 year old kids who saw nothing but 2 minute clips of segments like Austin and the monster truck. They're just pissed they never got to witness it and all they have is nothing but little youtube videos.

Attitude Era sucked! Any pro wrestling fan will tell you this. The Attitude Era was geared towards casual fans. There is a reason RAW rating is 3.x right now. Because that's the wrestling fanbase. Look at ratings before Attitude Era they were always round the 2.5-3.0 mark. Tje 6.0-8.0 in Attitude Era came from casuals who don't care for wrestling. All they wanted to see was blood, sex and violence.

It's a FACT that the Attitude Era had no freaking wrestling whatsoever! It's a FACT the matches were nothing but senseless brawls! Show me a wrestling match from 98-01. The midcard tried to have wrestling matches but the drunk idiots in the crowd didn't want that. They wanted them to throw fists like crazy.

I find it laughable when people say they want more wrestling and divas have no talent and it should be like how it was in Attitude Era. First off the opening segment during those times were 30 minutes! The wrestling, I mean the brawling, were probably bout 5 minutes for midcard and 8 for main event. Nowadays were have more wrestling than Attitude ever did have! FACT!

Divas having no talent they say. It's true but at least they try. What the hell did Divas do back then? Are people dumb or suffer from memory lost? All it took to be a Diva back then was just to be able to ave no shame and take off all your clothes for a bunch of horny men and teen boys.

You can CLEARLY tell that kind of talk is coming from 12 year old boys who never got to witness it. Whenever, I hear someone say, Remember how great the wrestling in Attitude Era was? It's quite obvious they never saw it.

When i hear some one say, The Divas were so much better back then during the Attitude Era It's quite obvious they never witnessed it.

Same thing goes for all the PG haters. WWE was PG all the time until 98. I was looking at the front cover for the WWE 1993 RAW episodes and someone in the comment box said, How the hell is it PG? It's suppose to be TV14 This statement was the true testimony to my statement. They know nothing! WWE was PG in 1993.

I know it's frustrating when people here jizz their pants when they mention the Attitude Ea, but just leave them to be. It's not their fault when it was over they were now sliding out their mom.
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But for the most part, the Attitude Era is vastly overrated and was not good for the wrestling business. Instead of relying on the time-tested method of wrestling skills and interesting match-ups to draw in the fans, the WWE threw that out and tried to shock the viewers with swearing, sexual storylines, excessive cartoonish bloodletting, the over-abundance of dangerous gimmick matches.
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The wrestling in pro wrestling doesn't sell. It's the storylines, promos, personalities, feuds, the reason why two (or more) guys are feuding, that is what keeps the business running. The wrestling matches themselves are the ketchup and mustard on the hot dog. They are the condiments. The wrestling is needed obviously to 'settle the score' between the two guys in the ring, but it's not just the wrestling matches themselves alone that sell in the United States. McMahon vs Austin was one of the biggest feuds in wrestling history. One of the guys involved in that feud was not a wrestler at all. The amount of attention it received and the fact it was a main event feud for two years that kept people interested speaks huge volumes on what really sells in this country (the U.S.) as far as wrestling goes. People felt a connection to Stone Cold because the storyline of the boss holding down the potential break through employee is a very realistic, common thing. This is why I don't have a problem with the Attitude Era and the lack of wrestling in it. Wrestling itself never sold, and numbers prove that. You also got plenty of memorable, classic matches on the PPV's during the Attitude Era, so for anyone to say their was absolutely no wrestling at all in that era are very very much mistaken. The segments and beginning of feuds that would happen on Raw were to build up to the eventual match between the two guys having an issue so when the match finally did happen, it made sense. Also, someone mentioned above that every show opened up with a 30 minute promo. The difference between then and today is, the usual guys cutting those 30 minute promos (Austin, Rock ect.) were guys you could listen to talk all day about anything. They could read the Yellow Pages for two hours and it would draw numbers. Someone today like Drew McIntyre opens up a show with a 30 minute promo, you don't want to hear him talk for that long because him and guys like him are as bland as dry rice. As long as it's entertaining and 95% of the people are not minding his 30 minute non wrestling antics, you can listen to a guy talk all day
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