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For those who truly believe Daniel Bryan has been released...?
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Default For those who truly believe Daniel Bryan has been released...?

I get the line of thinking, I really do. Linda running for Senate, PG era, yadda the fact that everything has come off pretty damn convincing that it's got a lot of people scratching their heads and there's a line in the sand and people are siding with HE'S FIRED! or IT'S A WORK!

I have seen nothing outside of wrestling websites that talk about this vicious attack. If this was something at any other sporting event or any other entertainment event, we'd have heard about it through legitimate news sources. Hell, TMZ was the one who told us about Jericho and Helms.

But you still think he's been released?

If you watched RAW tonight, are you going to say that choking someone with a tie is worse than attempted vehicular manslaughter/aggravated assault on a disabled (several strokes, replaced knee) man?

Would the police not actually have been called?

Would the venue not override WWE's wishes for the night since things were being broken/destroyed/etc?

I would think that an arena reserves the right to eject whomever it wants. This is why events sometimes have 2 sets of security: The actual venue's security, and whatever act (concert, comedian, sports)'s security.

Now consider this: Cena got his concussion and attacked on live, national TV. It did not hit your local news media, or the major network news outlets. Cena said tonight from NC that he was not pressing charges. Cena lives in FL and of course will cross state lines again, and while he might have 45 days to a year or whatever to press charges in his home state, guess what? The prosecutor/district attorney, based on injuries sustained, would be the ones to move forth with pressing charges. In other words, John Cena would have no *choice* because he would be the victim and the prosecutor/district attorney goes after the defendant.

Lastly, Bryan's release is not listed on .That is the actual *business* site, not the fansite. That is the one regulated by the Securities Exchange Commission. There's no kayfabe on that site.

Carlito and other releases are there..but not Daniel Bryan.

There is not one word about this horribly violent incident.

To me, this points to work. So...where do you stand?

Thanks for your input so far...DigitalD: It's the murky identity of a someone who was pissed enough to get him fired..names do slip out in things like this and yet not one did. Just Someone high up. Are they trying to say God did it? lol

@CMPunk, It's not a matter of way too much time. It's if I'm gonna use points, it's because I'm trying to give enough info to get the answer I'm looking for. I do appreciate your What because it makes it audience-y.

@Christian...thanks, you're sweet, but don't let it bother you because it's not bothering me. There's always someone, somewhere, who needs to try to be big and bad..behind a computer...which I think is sorta weird, but thanks.

@Ferrigno: I personally do not care about Bryan. I do respect that the controversy has sparked interest and the interest is what helps the business continue. And the better they make the product, the happier the fans are. That's all.

@ Everybody else answering...I can totally see your reasoning. I just can't seem to understand why his name was aired (Wade Barrett said it), when something so horrifying and too much for TV happened...think of when McMahon's limo blew up. Of course that had to be an aborted storyline due to a wrestler's real-life tragedy, but again..the limo blowing up was not on the news, but sadly, the wrestler's real-life death was, on CNN, FOX, etc. And since they're saying that Since Benoit, things have changed...that might be to further the angle. Hell, Bret mentioned Owen this year, and that was something I never thought we'd hear. It's just that there are pokeable holes and I am willing to respectfully agree to disagree w/anybody on this, I just want to hear the reasons you put out on this. Thanks!
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real story

he was fired cause someone was pissed and they had to released someone. Since he is well liked by everyone, once the 90 days he cant wrestle are over, they will resign him.No point of citing the corp site cause the wwe doesnt want him gone, its most likely a share holder or a person that does biz with the wwe.

ITS REAL but at the same time im sure they will do something to play it out on tv.

dont worry, you'll see him back on wwe tv in like 3 months
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I Caught CM Punk Drinking A Beer is on a distinguished road

You've got way to much time on your hands. After reading what you wrote all i can think is, what?

Edit: I was just jking. Truth is i don't know what to think. I'm leaning closer and closer to it being kayfabe
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christian el incomparable is on a distinguished road

its a work, and btw i read ur whole incident with that one dickhead calling ppl stupid. and i see ur pic, and pretty girls like u shouldnt be treated that way
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Blood Brothers Wolf Pac G F is on a distinguished road

Think of it as him being suspended. He did something wrong so they cut him. He'll be back stop crying about him
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R patrick is on a distinguished road

What I've heard is that the release is real, but this is meant to stir up the emotions of his fans. I also heard that after his 90 day no compete clause expires, that he will make his return and may be separate from the other NXT season 1 rookies. But there's plenty of rumors out there.
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martin_rulz6 is on a distinguished road

Good point. I am still gonna stand on the fence on that, but yeah, I would think, if they have to report that stuff, that something would of been said about this.
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I really do not know...I have heard more theorys about what is going on than there about 2012...both sides have their arguments. He was not on the corporate site, indy wrestlers close to him are saying it is legit, there are petitions going around that cena apparantly signed, fans on both sides are going crazy on youtube...I even heard some people say this is WWE's way of bringing him back as Bryan Danielson instead of Daniel Bryan...ugh I love the guy but I really do not care what is going on anymore.

Either way I think WWE has screwed up. They either messed up a great storyline or released one of the best wrestlers they ever signed over some stupid crap. True, they have got fans buzzing, but I want to know what the long term effect of whatever is going on is going to have. If this is Vince's way of getting back at the internet fans (who's not these days that watches?) I know many people who are going to stop watching.

Oh, btw I am sorry if this does not make sense or just sounds like a bunch of conflicting rambling. I currently have a migraine...
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?Orton and Maryse? fan? is on a distinguished road

i think you're thinking about it WAY too much, like overthinking. the NXT attack is scripted, Jericho and Helms getting arrested obviously wasn't scripted considering it was in real life and since they are celebrities TMZ would obviously report it. all of the attack was scripted and it was wwe property they destroyed. even if police did show up they probably wouldn't have been real officers anyway. News media never reports on WWE storylines, ever because they are STORIES that are being acted out by the superstars and divas. Cena can't sue them for something that happens in the ring if they have contracts which even though they say they don't they obviously do or this wouldn't be happening in the first place. wwe just felt that Bryan took it too far by choking Roberts with his tie and we all know why. maybe he's not really released and it is just apart of the story but never has wwe put on their website a fake release. what you said didn't really make sense but i tried my best
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clearly the NXT assault is part of the story as was Hart getting abused (my guess is that the entire parking lot scene was filmed this afternoon and spliced into the live feed so that Bret wasn't in the car that was crashing into stuff)

I don't think Bryan's release (if real) would have made the news because he's not a bog enough player in the WWE yet (a Cena, Jericho, Edge, Orton or Show would have made the national news)

personally I'm seeing it as a storyline because of Cena's first Twitter burst (the man posts 5 at a time almost every time) and Bryan's Tweet which was along the lines of what he said when he was eliminated off of NXT... also if it is revealed that Cole is behind this, as has been suggested, Bryan being on his side would be a huge white elephant in the room considering they're angle throughout NXT
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