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WWEA Raw the 11th come rate the show?
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Default WWEA Raw the 11th come rate the show?

WWE Champ Christian

Intercontinental Champ Sheamus

Unified Tag Champs AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy

X Division Champ Evan Bourne

Shawn Michaels music hits he comes out and saysit feels great to be alive and to be here with you fans but last week i said i didn't know how long i had left in WWEA and i met it because when i started out in the company and appeared on your TV screens its something i eventually got use to but now not so much its gonna be hard appearing here week after week due to injures in the past and most recently at Extreme Rules thanks to Sheamus but let me tell you something Sheamus at Vengeance your IC Tile may be on the line but i could care less about this this match is a lot more then some title its about revenge, its about respect you Sheamus have no respect for me Sheamus if it weren't for guys like me you Sheamus would not be around so at Vengeance i will so give you the @ss kicking of a life timeGM Ric Flair comes out and gives HBK a note then HBK with a look of worry on his eyes leaves the ring and goes to the back

match 1. Amazing Red vs Abyss winner advances to main event tonight

Abyss wins with the Blackhole Slam

backstage we see Christian talking to Edge and Lita then Edge leaves as HBK walks up and he gets Christian agains the wallhbkwhat did you doChristian what are you talking about ShawnHBK you know what im talking abouwhere is she Christian where is whoHBK slaps Christian across the face then rams his back against the wall he then runs into Orton and HHHHBK get out of my way Hunter and OrtonOrtonshawn calm your @ss downHBK gives Orton and HHH sweet chin music he then heads towards the exit when he runs into sheamus he gets Sheamus against the wallalright im not screwing around where the h*ll is sheSheamusget your got d@mn hands off meHBK slaps Sheamusdon't ever tell me what to do now where the h*ll is she then Ric Flair walks up to HBK with security and saysHBK calm down now im not asking you as you friend but as your GM im gonna have to ask you to leaveHBK looks at Flair then he looks at shaemus and he gives Sheamus sweet chin music and leaves the buildingr

before the match Swagger music hits he saysnow before i win my match tonight and advance to the main event tonight for the right to have a chance for a shot at the WWE Title i have to say that the ALL American American did something last week that put the Undertaker out of action for good i burned the Undertaker alive he is no more and now the Legacy of Undertaker is dead, dead and you wanna know something else i have right here in my hand a copy of the Undertaker s newest DVD Undertaker's Deadliest matchesSwagger grabs a lighter and lights the DVD on fire

match 2. winner advance to tonights main event Jack Swagger vs AJ Styles{with Jeff Hardy}

Swagger wins with the gutwrench Powerbomb

match 3. Vacant Women's Championship six pack challenge Lita vs Trish Stratus vs Michelle McCool vs Mickie James vs Natalya vs Melina

Natalya wins after she makes Michelle McCool tap to the sharpshooter after the match Jerrry Lawler stands up and saysi was told by Vince McMahon and Stephanie to announce the women's roster for RAW and they are Mickie Iames, Lita, Trish Stratus, Taylor Wikde, Michelle McCool, Melina, Molly Holly, Natalya, Maryse

CM Punk comes out and saysit seems over the past 2 weeks somebody mysteriously attacked me somebody helping Edge out and i looked at the video over and over and couldn't find out but then i was watching last weeks Smackdown where Edge and his buddy or so called GF made an appearance and it turns out it was Lita of all people Lita attacked me over the past 2 weeks wow Edge how d@mn typical but cheap you get your old GF back to help you do a sneak attack on me well let me tell you something at Vengeance in this hardcore match i will publicly embarrass you Edge

Edge's music hitsjust stop CM Punk okay but so what if i had my gf attack you so what she needed to do that their were no women in here at all they were getting disrespected so stop your whining but now Lita is totally embarrass and you made it worse because she did not win the Women's Championship no Natalya of all people won Natalya mocking Bret Hart and won with the sharpshooter how wise of you but Punk you decide to insult me and Lita i do not have the time for your cr@p so how aboutPunkEdge so how about you shut your got d@mn mouth because these people here hate you and they hate hearing youPunk hits Edge across the skull with the mic he then gives Edge a GTS

Match 4. Jeff Hardy{with AJ Styles} vs Rhyno winner advances to main event

Jeff wins with the swanton Bomb

Rey Mysterio comes out with Evan Boure and Bourne sayslast week i gave Mysterio a note and it

Rey Mysterio comes out with Evan Boure and Bourne sayslast week i gave Mysterio a note and it said me and Rey would drop this whole thing and Rey accepted which is the right thing because he knows i can and would kick his @ssRey Evan when i said i agreed to that letter all of what i said was false i don't agree and i don't want to join some pr*ck like you who does nothing but insults me our match at Vengeance is still onRey give Bourne a low blow he then does a hurricarana and then grabs a chair and sets its on bourne sternum while rey goes to the top rope and does frog splash to Bourne with the chair

match 5. Ted DiBiase vs Matt Morgan winner advances to main event

Ted DiBiase wins with the dream street

Christian comes out and saysi don't know what the hell is going on with HBK but seriously im sick of being disrespected im sick of him hogging the spotlight and now he has to go crying like a little b*tch because something happened and god knows what it is well let me tell you people something ever since i teamed with HBK yes i idolized him but his ego is so d@mn huge he was jealous of me and still isGM Ric Flair comes out and saysChristian i got a show to run okay Batista is out Raw's top dog is out thanks to Orton and HHH so just shut up because up next you will face Sheamus

match 6. Christian vs Sheamus non title

Christian manages to pick up the win after a killswitch after the match Edge and Lita enter and Edge sayswhen we were talking backstage before HBK rudely came up to Christian after me and Lita left being the coward he is me and Christian are getting back together we are gonna be called the Rated R Faction with me and my gf Edge, Christian and his newest gf Mryse, Maryse enters and Edge's theme music comes on

Main Event winner gets future WWE Title shot Jeff Hardy vs Ted DiBiase vs Abyss vs Jack Swagger

Jeff is on the top rope about to give Dibaise a Swanton Bomb but then Kane and Show distract Jeff but then AJ comes from the crowd and tries dropkicking Kane but Show and Kane double chokeslam AJ then Jeff attempts the whisper in the wind but Abyss catches him and does the blackhole slam to win

Vengeance official card

Unified Tag Team Championship Hell in a Cell Match AJ Styles{c} and Jeff Hardy{c} vs The Miz and Carlito vs Legacy{Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase} vs Kane and Big Show

World Heavyweight Championship Match Edge vs CM Punk{c} Hardcore Match

X Division Championship Match Evan Bourne{c} vs Rey Mysterio

United States Championship Match Matt Hardy{c} vs John Morrison vs Dolph Ziggler vs R-Truth

Intercontinental Championship Last Man Standing Match Sheamus{c} vs Shawn Michaels

WWE Championship Match Christian{c} vs The Rock vs Triple H

Vacant European Championship William Regal vs Hurricane Helms
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I well not I repeat well not READ ALL THAT.
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Shawn Michaels was so serious today, many love seeing what bought this outside of him through the entire world is wondering who is Shawn is looking for? Christian is tired of the lack of respect he gets from the other wrestlers inside the locker room, now as he has aligned himself with his former tag team partner and friend again there is no doubt about it this stable has big plans

Just when you think Jack Swagger can't make you hate him anymore, he has secure a new way to make every fan detest him more than they imagine his actions were too inexcusable as some believe this could very well be the last time we ever see The Undertaker again. Most of Undertaker fans was crying expressing the deep hatred they had for this conceited man.
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