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Wrestlemania 27.Which would you prefer?DX vs Brothers of Destruction or John Cena vs Undertaker?
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Default Wrestlemania 27.Which would you prefer?DX vs Brothers of Destruction or John Cena vs Undertaker?

Both of these matches could and would be good draws to WM 27,or even any other Wrestlemain,or any other card.

If WWE did get the balls to book either 1 of these matches,which would you prefer.

Now,some would say Kane would mess up Undertakers flow,but the 2 greatest tag teams of all time going 2 on 2 in a No Holds Barred Falls Count Anywhere would be a great match.

Or John Cena vs Undertaker.1 on 1.Maybe for John Cenas WWE title.Undertaker would win.Or maybe the MITB winner could hit Undertaker with a spear and Undertaker would win by DQ so the streak would go to 19-0.Then Edge would cash in MITB on a beaten John Cena and win.

Your thoughts?

Note:If Edge spears Undertaker in John Cena/UT,UT wins by DQ.If he cashes in on Cena,it would be Cena vs Edge,not Cena vs Edge vs Undertaker.
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Falls Count Anywhere Match:

Unified Tag Team Championships:

D-Generation X(c) vs. The Brothers of Destruction

Winners: The Brothers of Destruction

Rate: 9/10
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WrestleMania XXVII:

Unified Tag Team Championship Match:

(C)D-Generation X vs. The Brother's of Destruction

Winners: Brother's of Destruction (19-0)
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first of all the dead man would floor cena any day, and yeah that sounds like something edge would do so it could happen, but taker vs cena for wrestlemania that match would bring in huge amount of dough for wwe.
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Undertaker vs John Cena.

The way I see it, WWE would be retarded to let this chance go. Then again, they don't want to book the match out of fear Cena might get a heel reaction. Vince, in case u didn't notice or refuse to notice, Cena has been getting a heel reaction for 4 years now. Thank u.

Back to the business, I personally feel this match needs to happen to symbolize this era regardless of the result. The dawn of the new era has always been symbolized by something at Wrestlemania. The Golden Era of Wrestling was symbolized by Hogan slamming Andre. The New Generation Era was symbolized by Shawn Michaels defeating Bret Hart in the first ever Iron Man match. The Attitude Era was symbolized by Austin fighting Bret with a broken neck. The Ruthless Agression Era was symbolized by Rock and Hogan having a stare down. Tell me, what symbolizes The Parental Guide Era? Hornswoggle? DX throwing their merchandise skits? John Cena lifting the world title belt in nearly every big PPV possible? Sheamus spelling WWE as Doblar Doblar E? Hell no! PG Era needs something to symbolize its moment! And if there's any possible matchup could symbolize this era, it's Undertaker vs John Cena. Not Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels, not Edge vs Randy Orton, and of course not Sheamus vs Triple H!

History shows Undertaker hasn?t faced the face of the company during their prime or at all. I know maybe it?s because of simply the ?Icons? losing their aura if The Undertaker beats them at WrestleMania that Taker never faced any of WWE icons at Wrestlemania. That?s understandable, but really, Vince preferred Giant Gonzales over Hogan to face Taker at WM 9, King Kong Bundy over Bret to face Taker at WM 11, Big Boss Man over Austin/Rock to face Taker at WM 15, Big Show A-Train over Lesnar to face Taker at WM 19, and Mark Henry over Kurt Angle to face Taker at WM 22? All in horrible matches? And I don?t know who will he prefer over Cena to face Taker at any WM possible. Let?s not start with Sheamus or Ted DiBiase Jr?

I believe this match is THE match that needs to happen for the WWE to capitalize on making money and a memorable moment of The Parental Guide Era. The atmosphere, the hype, and the attention this match got would be otherwordly. And with the recent declining quality and attention for Wrestlemania, I think WWE should put their fear aside and book this match for Wrestlemania XXVII next year. I know IWC virgins prefer Sheamus to face Undertaker than Cena but let's face it, Cena is a lot better than people make him out to be.

The Undertaker vs John Cena is THE match that needs to happen at Wrestlemania in this PG Era of Wrestling. It?s like seeing Andre The Giant vs Hulk Hogan in our time. Preferably at Wrestlemania XXVII next year. The winner? You decide. Title match or not? Trivial matters. Stipulation or not? Secondary problem.

But I know one thing. If Cena makes The Undertaker submit at Wrestlemania IWC would have a meltdown. And, Cena will be known as ?The Man That Rocks The World?. Whereas if Undertaker wins, he will go 19-0 and that means one more victory for a perfect 20-0 record.

Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, John Cena vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania is the last big moneymaker match WWE could book involving Undertaker. This is THE match that needs to happen to symbolize this era once and for all.
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~The Undertaker vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania 27. Honestly, I just don't see it

happening though. If anything John Cena will be The Undertaker's last opponent

at a Wrestlemania event. For his retirement match to go out in style he would be

victorious against John Cena. This year more than likely a possible feud with CM

Punk we really haven't seen him feud with CM Punk I remember last year when

he made his return at Summer Slam 2009 he choked slammed CM Punk into a

oblivion. That would be a good match. CM Punk vs. The Undertaker at WM 27 it

would sell pay per view other possible opponents Chris Jericho and Christian that

would help build up Christian because I know you were asking that question before.

Well think about it if you've been competing in a long tiring Ladder match that you

just won wouldn't you want to just stay backstage and rest if you were a wrestler?

I know that I would. I would cash in the MITB contract at the right time and at the

right moment just like Rob Van Dam, Edge and CM Punk have done in the past.
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