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Choose any wrestler+reasons . . . . ?
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Default Choose any wrestler+reasons . . . . ?

1)jeff hardy/John morrison/aj styles=next hbk

2)pope the angelo dinero/mvp/john cena=next rock

3)sheimus/drew mcintyre=next triple h

4)sheimus/randy orton=next austin

5)sheimus/jack swagger=next brock lesnar

6)jeff hardy/evan bourne/justin gabriel=next RVD

Choose the options which are correct in your opinion and show reasons.if you dont find the correct option,show the correct option by yourself and show reasons

NOTE : this is my first question ever.tell me whether you liked it or not
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well... 1) i would suggest AJ Styles is as exciting and high flying as HBK was in the 80s and early 90s, so he could fill the void eventually...

2) There will never be a new Rock!

3) Sheamus could be the new Triple H to a point, but he will never dominate the show like HHH did, but he could have the same callous use of weapons with little care for the consequences.

4) Orton is currently looking a little bit like Austin at the moment... He's never officially turned back to a fan favourite and the fans are starting to like him... And I love the fact he is just RKOing people left and right like Austin would use the stunner.

5) Brock wasn't noteworthy enough to have a new version. But if u mean getting a big push to the World title really quick then that goes to Sheamus, cos he had less TV time before he was champ... But as for Muscle bound main event status, surely Batista claimed that already!

6) right now RVD is pretty unique, I don't think anyone else is the same as him... yet
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2.John Cena is the only one even slightly similar

3.Sheamus for his size

4.Randy Orton, can you imagine Sheamus playing an Austin type guy?

5.Sheamus. Jacks too small

6.Evan Bourne, if he is willing to take a shot or two

That was a pretty good question, and welcome to the wrestling community
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The question is very creative for sure

1. Shawn Michaels is really in a league of his own but, if you have to choose off of that list someone whom has similar heart, dedication and skill set that shawn michaels had I would have to go with John Morrison followed closely by Jeff Hardy. Morrisons move set is very up tempo and gets the crowd going while hardy does the same but he does more aerial moves than HBK did

2. I definately don't see CENA as the next Rock....... Cena is Cena(which isnt good or bad), MVP is slowly turning into Jobber mode so i can't see him getting a ROCK esque push and my knowledge on the other is very thin, so If I had to choose someone to be the next ROCK i would have to say it would need to be someone like Christian(The Rock had good mic skills *He has the Peep Show*, was a multi champion(christian has won numerous titles), loved by fans *he gets a HUGE pop at live events

3.It's funny that sheamus is an option for the next HHH when he wast he one whom knocked him out of competiton for awhile. but between your two options, sheamus has more of the tough guy HHH attitude and skills. the pump kick is a devistating manuever, i just dont see him ever being a FACE like HHH was

4.ORTON hands down, he doesn't give a damn what other people thinks, the RKO and the Stunner are very similar and he is a future hall of famer/multi champion

5.My guess is that u too couldn't plug sheamus as a future anybody, and idk next Brock Lesnar has to be somebody just HUGE and jacked but, also needs to be someone whom simply destroys everyone and thats it...... so why not Batista(even tho he is gone) he is definately jacked, he has a devistating move (B-Bomb/F-5)

6. Ahhh I could see all 3 having similar RVD moves but Evan Bourne's moves are all high tempo, high flying up tempo attacks much like RVD. unfortunately Bourne is a jobber and unless they decide to bring back the cruiser weight title then he will never get a big push
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Its a good question. Its unique. And I don't want to be mean, but I kinda disagree with most of it. But its just my opinion, so you can choose to disagree with me if you want.

For one thing, I think Jeff Hardy is in his own league. He isn't the next anything in my opinion. He is just Jeff Hardy. At best, I can think of Sabu was a guy similar to Hardy, but Jeff Hardy is in his own league. No one acts extreme like him and performs the stuff he does.

1. Instead of Jeff Hardy, I personally think that Bryan Danielson can be the next HBK. He was trained by HBK and has the same stature as him. The rest, I can agree with.

2. Not MVP, but David Otunga. Otunga has that hollywood arrogance and is pretty good on the mic. And I can definitely agree that the Rock and Cena are similar.

3. Sheamus reminds me more of Batista, but I do agree with Drew being the next HHH.

4. Same thing applies to Sheamus from #3. But Orton is very.....VERY similar to Stone Cold Steve Austin.

5. Not the next Brock Lesner, but the next Kurt Angle (Swagger) Though now that I think about it, Sheamus can be the next Brock Lesner.

6. To me, RVD is just another guy in his own league. At best, I can think of Cm Punk, But even Punk isn't like RVD. Maybe Justin Gabriel. Thats all I can say about that.
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1 - john morrison ( he is so cute great high-fly he should be the next sexy boy )

2 - John Cena ( all people love him he won lot of champions )

3 - sheamus ( he have the same body )

4 - Randy Orton ( he is so young win lots of champions )

5 - Jack Swagger ( he is a great athlete )

6 - Justin Gabriel ( 2nd Generation Stars great high-fly )
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