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What happened on TNA and WWE Superstars last night?
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Default What happened on TNA and WWE Superstars last night?

What happened on TNA and WWE Superstars last night?
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Sorry but I was either watching paint dry or grass grow - cant remember which.
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wwe superstars:

1. Cody Rhodes defeated JTG at 14:46. JTG cinched in a headlock to start, and held it through several escape attempts. Cody finally escaped and took a stiff elbow for his troubles. Cody mauled JTG in the corner as his eye began to swell. JTG hooked a rollup for two, and Cody tossed him from the ring. JTG slid right back in, and Cody hit a dropkick for two. Cody worked a number of rest holds and rolling pin attempts. JTG whipped Cody to the corner and charged. Cody got the feet up, but JTG tossed him over the top to the apron, and hit a drop kick to spill Cody to the floor?[C]

Back at 8:34, JTG worked an armbar on Cody. Cody escaped, but they botched the next move. JTG tossed Cody over the top to the apron again, but Coy hit a shoulder to the gut and took over. Cody worked the arm, and then choked JTG in the ropes. He hit a knee drop for two and went back to the arm.

[Q2] JTG fought back and hit a flying shoulder. Cody oversold a dropkick to get to the corner so JTG could hit a mug shot for two. He hit a leg lariat from the second rope for two. Cody slid out of a suplex attempt and rolled up for two. JTG came back with a scary looking neckbreaker for two. Cody ran JTG into the ring post, and hit a flying Chuck (!), followed by Cross Rhodes for the win?[C]

Back from commercial, Michael Cole and Jerry The King Lawler took over on commentary as Yoshi Tatsu made his ring entrance. Primo was out next?

2. Yoshi Tatsu defeated Primo in 6:00. They slapped hands before starting, and then Yoshi hooked an armbar. Primo went to the ropes and then offered his hand to Tatsu again. Tatsu took it, and Primo hit a short arm clothesline to take control. He worked heel strikes and rope chokes, and then a straight right hand for two. Primo locked in a Camel Clutch that Tatsu fought out of immediately. He tried for a Sunset Flip, but Primo rolled through and hit a dropkick for two.

Primo worked the Camel Clutch again. Yoshi escaped, and kicked Primo in the mouth. Tatsu worked his Japanese Strong Style offense and hit a running knee. I lost my cable for a moment, but when it came back, Tatsu had won?

[Q3] A video recapped Cole and Bryan Danielson on NXT?The announce team hyped Bourne vs. Ryder?[C]

Back from commercial, a John Morrison hype video aired?The announce team setup the Raw Rebound video?Evan Bourne made his ring entrance?[C]

[Q4] Back from commercial, Zack Ryder made his ring entrance?

3. Zack Ryder defeated Evan Bourne at 12:00. The two men brawled to start until Ryder hit a big clothesline to take control. He beat on Bourne and tossed him around. Bourne reversed a whip into a drop toe hold and single leg kick for two. He hooked a single leg crab, but Ryder grabbed the ropes immediately. He charged at Ryder, and Ryder reversed into a one man flapjack for two. Bourne escaped a head lock and hit a flying head scissors. He went to the top, but Ryder pulled him off and hit a stiff kick to the head that spilled Bourne to the floor?[C]

Back at 6:58, Ryder had a headlock on Bourne. A video showed Ryder hitting a clothesline on the floor during the break. Bourne twisted into a crucifix rollup for two, and Ryder stood in a fireman's carry and dropped Bourne on the ropes for two. Ryder worked the rest hold again, and Bourne escaped into a Sunset flip for two. Ryder hit a clothesline and a dropkick to the back for two while Ole King and Cole joked about Cole suing Danielson.

Ryder went back to the rest hold again, and again Bourne fought out, hitting a spinning heel kick. Bourne kicked Ryder into the corner. He hit the knees in the corner and went to the top. Ryder popped up and Bourne jumped over him, only to have Ryder hit the Rough Ryder leg lariat for two. Bourne Ryder setup for the Zack Attack, but Bourne reversed into a high knee. Bourne missed the Shooting Star Press, and Ryder followed with the Zack Attack for the win?

tna impact:

* Kazarian vs. Jay Lethal. Flair comes out during the match and distracts Lethal allowing Kaz to take over. Winner after another Flair distraction, Kazarian via schoolboy. Flair attacks Lethal afterwards and beats on him for awhile until Lethal turns it around and takes over. He hits a back body drop and clotheslines Flair out of the ring. AJ Styles then runs out and attacks Lethal. Kaz stops him so he can do it instead but Lethal dropkicks both of them out.

Taped Tonight:

* Jeff Hardy is out. He?s out for a simple reason, to find out what?s up with Mr. A?hole himself, Mr. Anderson. Hardy says without further adieu, here he is. Anderson comes out and the crowd chants a?hole. He says maybe he does things like that to confuse you. Maybe to confuse different people. Maybe it?s because he?s an a?hole. Look at Hardy, he?s got green hair, sweet tattoos, the whole thing and maybe he walks down the street and old people call him an a?hole. He tells Hardy to embrace his inner a?hole. He points to people in the crowd and says they?re an a?hole, he?s an a?hole, everyone should be an a?hole. AJ Styles, Ric Flair, Beer Money and Desmond Wolfe come out. AJ says he saw he has a match with him tonight and he doesn?t belong in the same ring as him and that he asked for the match. Hardy says he doesn?t ask for a match. AJ says he wasn?t talking to him, he was talking to Anderson. AJ says do you know who I am? Anderson says he does know who AJ is but does he know who he is? He says let him introduce himself. The mic is lowered, he does the Mr. Anderson intro and his music hits. Anderson was cheered and acted like a total babyface.

* Ink Inc. vs. Team 3D vs. The Band of Hall, Nash Eric Young, non title. Winner via Spear on Brother Ray from Jesse Neal, Ink Inc. The whole match Ray was being brutal to Neal while Devon tried to stop it. Afterwards Ray asks Devon if he?s out of his mind. He then challenges Neal to a match at Slammiversary, teacher vs. the student. Devon gets in his face again and the segment ends.

* Jason Hervey is here sitting next to Dixie Carter.

* Orlando Jordan (wearing Abyss pasties) vs. Abyss. Chelsea is with Abyss but is obviously unhappy and troubled. Winner via DQ, Abyss. During the match Abyss got pushed into Chelsea. As Abyss was checking on her, Desmond Wolfe came out and attacked Abyss with a pipe. Jordan and Wolfe beat down Abyss until Rob Terry came in for the save. Abyss carried Chelsea to the back.

* RVD is out. He?s out to talk to Sting and he knows he?s here. So he has a shot at the TNA Championship. You can watch some amazing matches of RVD to get ready. You can train real hard. But that?s not you Sting. You want to hide in the shadows and ambush me. He gets it. He wants RVD to know he?s a force to reckon with. Maybe he has it out for him since he beat Sting in 5 seconds in his debut. He knows Sting?s accomplishments. He?s had some of his own. It?s weird their paths never crossed but they have now. If he wants to come out now he can show him what he?s got coming. Sting?s music hits but he doesn?t come out. Instead, footage of Sting beating RVD with the bat is shown. Sting is actually in the rafters and says he?s going to take the title from him. The footage is only a small taste of what he?s going to do to him at Slammiversary. Sting?s music hits and he leaves.

* Kurt Angle is out and joins commentary. Desmond Wolfe vs. Jeff Hardy. Hardy hit a Twist of Fate but the referee had been knocked out from an errant Whisper in the Wind. Hardy went to check on the referee and Wolfe used a loaded sock. Winner via loaded sock, Desmond Wolfe.

* Matt Morgan is out. Two weeks ago we got jumped from the back by that savage Samoa Joe. Next we get robbed of the tag titles by Hall and Nash. Now he?s told we need to find a new partner to get back the titles we never lost. We believe in helping elevate others though and can turn this negative into a positive. He puts out an open invite to anybody come out and tryout for greatness. No one comes out but Morgan sees Angle at commentary and asks if he wants the shot. Angle finally goes to the ring. Morgan asks him if he wants to become a star. Angle says didn?t he pin Morgan the last time they were in the ring? Morgan says he?ll slow it down and ask again. Does he want to be his partner or not? He then takes a cheap shot at Angle and says ?not?. Security holds Angle back. Angle tries to get at Morgan as Morgan laughs, then Samoa Joe?s music hits and he comes out. Morgan takes off and Joe and Angle have a staredown. Both leave without anymore violence.

* AJ Styles vs. Mr Anderson. Winner via crossbody block reversal, AJ Styles. After the match, Anderson admits AJ got him, got him at his own freaking game. He thinks AJ pulled his tights. He asks the a?holes if AJ did. They chant that he did so Anderson attacks AJ. Beer Money runs out and helps AJ beat Anderson down. Hardy eventually runs out to make the save. Hardy and Anderson square off. Hardy puts his hand out to shake and Anderson accepts and shakes Hardy?s hand.

* Xplosion match, Jeremy Buck vs. Amazing Red vs. Alex Shelley. Winner via Kryptonite Krunch/Celtic Cross on Jeremy Buck, Alex Shelley.
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