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Is Eric Bischoff leaving TNA?
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Default Is Eric Bischoff leaving TNA?

Eric Bischoff posted the following message on his Facebook?

Sometimes you gotta know when to say when. Getting close.

What's the deal? Is Eric just messing around with the fans, or is he considering leaving TNA? More shortly.

IMO is he leaves TNA will go back to thw way it was before the Hogan/Bischoff era and that is a company that is good but no one knows about and will never get close to monday nights or the wwe ever again

Big Ran,It's not that we want to hate hogan but the guy is a Moran.He killed WCW and he looks to be doing the same to TNA
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Gosh you wrestling fans are so dumb
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if bischoff leaves, they should bring back the 6sided ring and the face/heel tunnels
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TNA pre hogan and bischoff = glorified indy promotion going no where. There were maybe 10 wrestlers that separated it from the indies. Nice to watch, but not nearly as good of an alternative to WWE as WCW was.

TNA after hogan = a legitimate future competition to WWE. It NOW has enough star power BECAUSE OF HOGAN AND BISCHOFF.

I don't know why marks can't get it through their thick skulls. TNA needed CHANGE badly. The old way they were doing things WASN'T working.

Grant it, TNA isn't doing better in ratings, but thats b/c

1. Most fans won't give them a chance: They automatically hate it b/c for some reason, they have a false sense fo loyalty to WWE AND the most popular thing today is to hate the man who MADE pro wrestling...HULK HOGAN

2. Going head to head w/t WWE way to soon: Grant it, not the best move on TNA's part, but still, they had some brass one's doing it. And anyone who says they aren't more known b/c of that move is a blind mark and/or TNA (or hogan) hater. I think they should have done a 7 to 9 slot on monday and leave the 9 to 11 for WWE. They could have still been on monday and went unoppossed to WWE. But instead, b/c of the dumb@ss f*cking marks who think they know it all kept hounding TNA to tuck its tail and go back to thursday, that's what they did instead.

Overall, I really think people, especially here in the U.S., hate change. They want things to stay the same old same old. Its f*cking bullsh*t. B/c of these marks whining : TNA will NEVER grow. It will stay the same for all of its existence. That is, unless they do what THEY know they have to do for their business.

Its like people want WWE to go unopposed and stay as a sole monopoly. In the 90's, us fans enjoyed watching 2 companies go head to head, we didn't b*tch about watching one company over the other, and we didn't even have DVR back then!!! we ENJOYED it.

In all, if hogan and bischoff leave, you can kiss any chance TNA had of growing good bye. The only two men that could have done it will be gone. yes paul heyman is a genious, but really, how big was ECW? did it hold 60, 70, 80,000 people venues like WCW did under hogan and bischoff??? No is the answer. It was stuck in Philly in that bingo hall. It was barely a third brand. They got more famous b/c Vince got desperate, so he aligned w/t ECW and let its wrestlers wrestle on RAW to compete w/t WCW.

Is TNA perfect: hell no. There is room for some improvement. But its not nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be. That same principal goes for hogan and bischoff.

Again, a company needs KNOWN stars that have been over before to grow and help them become more known. The average fan only knows of WWE wrestling. So, if they tune into TNA b/c they saw RVD, or Mr. Anderson or the Pope or even hulk hogan, than TNA has done good. Those same fans won't know who the hell AJ styles, abyss, samoa joe or desmond wolfe are, b/c they never saw them on WWE. Not saying those talents aren't good, they are amazing. But they haven't and won't make TNA grow to the level it wants (and needs) to. The KNOWN talent put over the HOMEGROWN talent and vice versa. It helps everyone involved. And gives the fans a good show.

If TNA listened to all the marks have to say, It would be a very boring show. I would have to stop watching. What you marks don't understand is that the way you think only appeals to wrestling fans whom already know about TNA, WWE, ROH and so forth. you need to look at the WHOLE picture.
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