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Im an WWE fan but!!!!?
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Default Im an WWE fan but!!!!?

Why do most WWE fans make PG rating an excuse of WWE being bad at moment?

It makes no sense, Prior to PG rating, WWE still had the same product before PG,(i.e Cena and Batista as Champions or Champion contenders, Hornswoggle taking up more TV time) even though he haven't been on TV for a few weeks

Bad Story lines before PG, Hornswoggle as Vince illegitimate Son

Bad Story lines during PG, Santino as Santina aka Ms Wrestlemania

Im sure you get my point now, Why make PG an excuse? You should blame the writers or Stephanie since she's head of the creative team

And yes, you can make valid points like No blood or No bad Language, but still i thought it was about the Product overall? WWE is bad at the moment but its not the PG rating fault

To the first guy, Isn't that what the hell i said???? Can you not read?

The first answer i was refering to must have Deleted his answer because he didn't know WTH he was talking about

@Ryan-PG started at Wrestlemania 25 not 2007
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I've seen GREAT PG Wrestling - but WWE is programming the show for kids. That's what pisses me off. Ever Since Cena changed the WWE Title belt, it's been kid oriented. The age of the audience decreases with time.

I've seen good and bad PG Wrestling, I've also seen awful TV14 Wrestling.

It's bad because it's a kid-oriented show. When WWF was PG, it was still for adults. But, THAT WWF HAD GOOD WRESTLING!

The WWE Now has pretty awful Wrestling. Cena/Batista main eventing? Really? Two slow guys who can't wrestle for jack? What happened to energetic and athletic power wrestling?
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Most people are just pissed because there is no blood, no vowel language and no sexual content by the divas. They think that is what makes a wrestling show great and they miss it. But if you watched Smackdown in 2009, you would agree that it was a great, solid show that you were excited to watch. Also, the feud between Randy Orton and Triple H got fans excited to watch Raw and Smackdown because they wanted to see what happened next. And both of my statements was a part of PG WWE. People like that just can't stop living in the Attitude Era even though it's been dead for almost 10 years now.
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PG WWE has been around since 2007 which is when Cena had his reign of doom. From what I've seen Batista isn't nearly as hated as Cena and Cena wasn't really hated until his reign of doom in 2007 at the beginning of the pg era. And yes their will always be occasional bad storylines in WWE but since the PG era started it seems that they are catering to a very young audience so that people who grew up during the attitude era or have at least been watching WWE 5-6 years are upset. They are no longer the target audience and as a result the stuff that they used to love about WWE is now gone. Blood, more violence and swearing are 3 big examples. This is also why the crowds are so dead nowadays because they can't get into this watered down product. As someone said on a message board I visit: WWE seems to be determined to drive people away. They got rid of the cruserweight divison, the divas division is a complete joke, the midcard titles are just used as props now and the tag division is basically non-existent Since kids don't care about actual wrestling but rather seeing their favorite stars, WWE is in the process of driving away actual wrestling fans and attitude era fans and the PG era is just a way of saying they hate the product now
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Right, its all because of the writers. The ones they had during the attitude/ruthless agression era have left meaking it seem less or a wrestling show and more of a soap oprah. They need to have bigger and better story lines, more gimmics, more stables and tag teams. Attention needs to focus on other superstars not just Cena and HHH. They could host a tornement amongst some of the more talented wreslters that havent been in hte spotlight This would give them a push and they could become more of the bigger superstars. Also, stables like Too cool, the hardys, the dudley boys, team angle. ect. Their too focused on Cena, and they have been for about 5 years. ITS GOTTEN OLD! They need a new superstar with a good gimmic and talent to be the champion. This is just my thoughts and opinions.
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Agreed dude, PG is actually pretty good, but I hate it when they stop to check for blood, it ruins the drama of any wrestling matches
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