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Why do people get mad at TNA for taking fired WWE Superstars when WWF Did the same thing with WCW?
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Default Why do people get mad at TNA for taking fired WWE Superstars when WWF Did the same thing with WCW?

BQ: Do you enjoy watching CHIKARA? Why?

BQ2: Who is the greatest mat wrestler you've ever seen in your life?

Booyaka - Yeah, because stealing is aquiring wrestlers that were FIRED from the WWE. + WWF was taking wrestlers from WCW BEFORE they were purchased.
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Wrestling companies have always done that stuff, even the beloved WWE. WWE has also stolen or 'borrowed' ideas from other companies and spin it off as their own

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NO, thats good that they are giving them a chance to wrestle in another

wrestling promotion when they have been either fired, released or left a

wrestling promotion . People like Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam

and Bobby Lashley started out in World Wrestling Entertainment and

have gone to TNA Wrestling to make an impact those wrestlers are top

wrestlers in the world and some very good wrestlers at this point in their

wrestler careers and future hall of famers in wrestling. That is good part

about wrestling when you quit or get released sometimes you get a new

chance for a brand new start that's what a lot of these are going to TNA

Wrestling because the WWE travel schedule is way too much for them.

BQ I don't know what that is.

BQ2 Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Bryan Danielson, Nigel McGuiness, The Dynamite Kid and Bret Hart
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Cuz Thay Didn't Know That Those Guys Just Watch WWE Since 2007

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I think I have the answer for see, there is a difference. WWF bought WCW and after they began to use the former WCW wrestlers. So it's like if they bought them, not stole them. On the other hand, TNA just takes them so it looks like if they were stealing them.
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It's basically because a lot of wrestling fans don't know their wrestling history. Wrestlers, when there's a number of wrestling companies around, jump to other companies from time to time. Not just ex-WWE wrestlers that go to TNA...some fans are just used to having only WWE around to watch, especially in the last decade, and many didn't even know of TNA until recent years. So they see this and automatically jump on TNA for taking ex-WWE wrestlers.

But this has happened in the past plenty of times, WWF wrestlers used to go to WCW, WCW wrestlers used to go to WWF....WWF took a LOT of wrestlers from the AWA, ex-WCW and ex-WWF wrestlers would show up in the original ECW....this jumping to different companies by wrestlers is nothing new.

WWF took a lot of wrestlers from WCW while WCW was still around...and they made them into stars. Mick Foley, Steve Austin, Triple H, Undertaker, and quite a few others were in WCW before they went to the WWF.

WWF also took many wrestlers from the AWA, The Rockers, especially Shawn Micheals, The Nasty Boys, Mr. Perfect, Hulk Hogan were all in the AWA before they were in the WWF/E.

They also got many wrestlers from WCW when WCW was still around in the late 90s, before WCW closed down, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, etc...

Wrestlers from the original ECW like Raven, Taz, The Dudley Boys, and a few others.

WWF/E has taken many wrestlers from other companies, some fans today just don't know somethings that has happened in the past, and many fans think of WCW just like it was in the very end as a company with low ratings that WWE bought. WCW was not always like that, it was a very good and very popular company at one time, more so than WWF at one time.

What TNA is doing is nothing new, a lot of wrestling companies have done that in the past, and WWE themselves have gotten wrestlers from other companies in the past.

BQ: It's good, has some comedic relief with some good wrestling in it. I enjoy it, it's a nice mix of things and they make the comedy fun to watch...especially when they do the dancing in mid-match.

BQ2: That's a tough one, there have been some great mat wrestlers. Bret Hart was decent, Dean Malenko was very good at that, Kurt Angle's good. Scott Steiner, before he became Big Poppa Pump was very good at mat wrestling.

William Regal is excellent at that, and so is Bryan's very tough to choose. But I think when you look at just mat wrestling, I'd say William Regal is the best, with his catch as catch can wrestling style from England is based on mat wrestling. He can do a whole match with just mat wrestling if necessary...and he wouldn't get repetitive.
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