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Do you think some fans should not comment on a 'fad' or 'era' in wrestling that they did not...
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Default Do you think some fans should not comment on a 'fad' or 'era' in wrestling that they did not... through? Everyone has the right to voice their opinion on something.

What I mean is, should the opinions of fans who talk negatively about how over a wrestler was by denying he was over at a certain time, or how successful a promotion or era was if they personally did not live through it to understand it, should their opinions not be taken as seriously as those who actually lived through it to truly understand it?

I'll use two examples of what I mean...WCW and Goldberg (seperately). It seems alot of fans today have an opinion on successful it was, how bad it was, who was over in that company, who wasn't over, who should of been pushed, who was overpushed, who 'killed' it, ect ect. But alot of these same critics did not even watch wrestling at the time WCW was around and never watched WCW period, but they read online or hear from people (basically being 3rd or 4th hand info) how 'bad' it was, so they go on to trash it as if they were fans of that company when they weren't and talk it down as if they watched the shows and were disappointed when they rarely if ever watched WCW.

Or Goldberg, and that he was 'overhyped' and 'did nothing positive for the business'. Same thing. Many of these people were not watching Nitro or Thunder AS IT HAPPENED LIVE in 1997 and 1998 when Goldberg was tearing through the roster in a way never seen before, and fans, including myself, were very into the guy (which obviously showed because his matches were some of the highest rated segments of the shows he was on), but some fans today discredit him as 'not being anything' when they truly can't talk about the Goldberg run because they did not personally experience it AS IT HAPPENED to truly understand it and perhaps even get into it.

I notice this seems to be a trend with some fans. Some fans also sometimes tend to be forgetful, forgetting that a certain guy who may be over today, was not so over at a certain point in their career and when that is pointed out that they were once NOT over, the denial sets in, for example, the Rock in the summer of 2002. Fans WERE getting tired of him (even though he still had alot of fans too), but for years since then they've clamored for him back but ignore it and write it off when told in 2002, they wanted him to take a break

I would never comment much on Bruno Sammartino. Why? Because I didn't live through that era. It was be ridiculous to run Bruno down or praise him since I did not personally experience his run to comment on how popular or unpopular he was (he was apparently very popular though).


But I think there are certain things or guys or angles in wrestling that get a bad rep of 'being bad' years down the road from when they happened, but AS THEY HAPPENED they were pretty over, that's kind of what I'm getting it, and fans deny they were ever into it when AT THE TIME they were into it, whatever it was

King Val - The 70s were NOT irrelevant
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Well even though I wasnt around (I was only like 2 or 3 during this) during the Attitude Era, I took the time to watch alot of what went on during that time. Which is why I think it is better then todays WWE. I also took alot of time to view the old ECW Days, and I think WWE just killed the new one disgracing the ECW brand in a way.
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In my opinion, if you have knowledge and you know what you are talking about go ahead speak your voice. However if someone is trying to look intelligent and doesn't know what they are talking about they will just look stupid themselves.
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No. Just because someone didn't live through the 80's does not mean they can't say The 80's was a great era of wrestling

I started watching Wrestling in 98. I feel that I can say that I watched the attitude era. I also think the 80s had great Wrestling. I can say that because I have DVDs to prove it.

If you know your facts, you can speak on an era you didn't live through. If you don't, then don't talk about it.
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I think it's acceptable for a fan to discuss these eras as long as they know what they're talking about. Today's wrestling fans probably shouldn't because they never seem to know what's going on.
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If they actually look it up and really watch old shows and stuff from the past I believe they can. But it cant be just looking up half @ssed youtube highlight and tribute vids. I mean like actually watch past shows and past PPVs. I may have only started watching wresting in 2003 but I got so into it I looked up anything from the past that interests me and I have watched my fair share of old school wrestling and stuff from the 90s to actually not be ignorant when I am talking about it, unlike most people on yahoo answers.

It just all depends on if they actually care to learn about wrestling's past or if they just want to skim a match here a promo there and then think they know what they are talking about. I hope one day WWE has a channel of their own since they own the video rights to pretty much every past territory from the 90s and 80s and I would love to catch up on promotions I havent been able to watch on the internet or on WWE classics on demand(when I had it) since they only showed mostly WCCW and some of Jim crockett promotions(what became WCW).
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I never had commented on any fads or eras that I didn't live through, and never would, all the wrestlers and things that happen in the 70s is totally irrelevant anyways!

Personally, I don't think people should comment on anything if that person wasn't around to experience it, it really holds no relevance to their life and they usually will sound foolish if they comment on anything they didn't experience first hand!
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I agree 100%, especially about people who bad mouth WCW, WCW kicked ass, Also i reckon the 90's was Wrestlings true golden era
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I was thinking that I agreed with you to a point with what you're trying to say, until I read the line where you mentioned Bruno Sammartino...but even still, I agree with you, but only to a point.

I do think that if you live through a certain era or a certain time in the wrestling time line, you understand more what was going on during that time in have a better feel for the time line, not only what was going on in whatever company might be being talked about, but what might've been happening around the same time in another company.

You get the feel for what the fans liked at that time, since you were there, you basically know how the world was and how wrestling fit into the scheme of things if you were actually there. You also realize that, though certain moves today weren't done back in a certain day yet, you understand that what was happening in an older match at that time, the moves and the way the match was going was either unique, or exciting at that time. While if you watch the same match and you weren't around back then, you don't quite get the same exact feeling for what was happening in that match.

BUT, you can learn your history, you can learn some facts that occurred in yesteryear, and if you give it a chance, you can get the feel that what was happening at any given point in time and the fans were popping for it, that it was over, and it was something exciting at that time.

I do comment on certain things like Bruno Sammartino, or somethings in the 70s in wrestling. I don't know everything that went on in that decade because I didn't start watching wrestling until 1985.

But if you learn somethings and some know Bruno Sammartino has the longest World Title reign in the history of can comment on that. You learn that Bruno Sammartino was extremely over in the Northeast area of the WWWF. You also know that Bruno wasn't the greatest wrestler for that time if you watch some old school 70s stuff, but he was more of a powerful brawler type. You also know that at that time wrestling was mostly divided into territories...and most companies were under the NWA banner.

There are somethings that you can learn that you CAN comment on, because the past is written in stone. You can't get the exact feel for it the same way somebody who was around back then can, but you can comment on what you have long as you know that somebody that was around back then might know better because of them being around...and you should also know there is nothing wrong with not knowing everything from a past time. Being open to learning from someone that was around, or reading a book about something from a past time period is useful.

But watching old matches, gives you an idea of what a wrestler used to be able to do, as long as you understand what was happening in that match was exciting stuff at that time. Reading the match psychology in any given match tells you a lot about an older match.

You won't get the same exact feel like living through it, but you at least no something about that time...and you're allowed to comment on what you do know.

The only thing I hate is when somebody comments on something from the past and don't know much about it, but act like they were around....and know everything about it. Not knowing everything is not a bad thing...and opening your mind up to learning something from someone who was there is a good thing. As long as the person doesn't act like they were there...and just talk like they've learned some history along the years of being a wrestling fan..I think it's ok for a person who wasn't around during a certain era to comment.'

I can tell you that Antonino Rocca was probably the first to do a dropkick, I can tell you that Georgeous George was the first actual character in wrestling (thanks to The Dragon for that one, and most of the section who knows that about Georgeous George from him should as well), I can tell you the AWA was a part of the NWA at one time, and so was WWE, and that Sam Muchnick was the first president of the NWA after it was founded, while he ran the St. Louis Wrestling Club, and I can tell you that Abraham Lincoln used to be a wrestler...and the NWA Title is rumored to have lineage to the title that he held.

So as long as you don't act like you were around at the time, and tell about what you do know, I think it's ok.
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