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Was the WWE's decision to release seven wrestlers actually a blessing in disguise for those
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Default Was the WWE's decision to release seven wrestlers actually a blessing in disguise for those

wrestlers? The WWE released Shelton Benjamin, Kung Fu Naki, Slam Master J, Mike Knox, Jimmy Wang Yang, Mickie James and Katie Lea Burchill from its roster this past Thursday but is this really shocking news? The wrestlers who were cut weren't going anywhere in the WWE with their careers for years so why not go to another promotion which will properly develop their talents to its full potential, like TNA, ROH or even Dragon Gate USA? When Charlie Haas was being interviewed by, he advised Benjamin not to sign with the WWE again. You can go elsewhere, he said. I'm telling you, there's life outside (WWE). We can go to TNA together. We can go to Ring of Honor together. Don't sign back.

The article about the release mentioned Benjamin's future career prospects. The article noted, It wouldn't be a surprise to see Benjamin wing up in TNA wrestling at some point. TNA has made a run at signing former WWE talent to their revamped roster, including high-profile stars like Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam. I would prefer to see Benjamin and Haas go to Ring of Honor where they can add more depth to an already very talented and exciting tag team division. ROH would be a much better fit for his talents than TNA.
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I do remember Charlie Haas advising Benjamin to not re-sign. Haas has said that WWE is like walking on egg shells and that everything is so political there. The world's greatest tag team would be cool to see in TNA, especially wrestling with Team 3D, Beer Money, MCMG, and Matt Morgan and his ego. I really don't watch ROH, so I won't be opposed to them going there either.
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I think so.

As you mentioned, those seven wrestlers weren't going to get anywhere. Divas like Mickie James already accomplished everything in the division and Vince McMahon really could care less about the divas division. It means nothing to him. As for the other wrestlers released, they were mostly jobbers. They were not going to get anywhere in the WWE. Instead of jobbing endlessly and being underutilized, they can try go to another wrestling promotion and try getting somewhere.

As for Shelton Benjamin, who seems to be the talk of the week, Shelton was NOT going to get anywhere either. Shelton Benjamin was stuck in mid card hell and was definitely not going to become World Champion. He beat Triple H THREE TIMES, one even being cleanly, but he still didn't make it. Shelton Benjamin can now attempt to join another wrestling promotion like ROH and wrestle there. Going to TNA would take Benjamin nowhere either in my opinion. TNA is trying to compete with the WWE and bring in more viewers. That's why they're bringing in big names like RVD and Jeff Hardy. That's why RVD is currently the TNA World Champion. Seriously, TNA is going to use Shelton Benjamin as its World Champion to compete with the WWE? The casual fans could care less about Benjamin and those are exactly the fans TNA is trying to get.

Those seven wrestlers weren't going anywhere in the WWE. It's better to break out somewhere else and be used properly.
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Having grown up on the territories and having my first three decades as a wrestling fan filled with various promotions, I'm still...flabbergasted that so many people consider the WWE the be all, end all in pro wrestling. Sure, it's the largest promotion in the world but there are dozens and dozens of promotions out there, in this country and in other countries. The saddest, most unfair, thing that so many of today's fans do is to call a wrestler a WWE reject when he/she leaves the WWE for ANY reason, and to consider ALL pro wrestlers nobodies until they wrestle in Vince's circus.

This section alone has been in a frenzy over Shelton et al being released from the WWE; most of the comments questioning Vince's sanity. WHY?!? The WWE has a roster full of talented performers, and those seven were floundering, stagnating, getting nowhere. Nobody talked about Knox, Funaki, Jesse, and Jimmy. Shelton got a mention now and then, generally implying that he is underrated and misused despite the pushes he has received over the years and the fact that pretty much everybody agrees he's one of, if not THE, best wrestler in the WWE. Mickie wasn't mentioned much until she was made the butt of some very juvenile writing by Vince's crayon-wielders (who's hotter? questions don't count). Katie Lea barely got mentioned at all. But suddenly, Vince is an idiot destroying the WWE because he released them. Huh?

Back in the old days (the territories) if a promoter didn't have anything for a wrestler, or the wrestler felt he wasn't getting anywhere in a particular promotion, the wrestler just moved on to another promotion. Fans didn't whine about it, or question a promoter's sanity, or worse, call that wrestler a reject, they saw it as opportunities for seeing matches and match-ups we hadn't seen before as the wrestler hit a different promotion with different wrestlers.

WE, as fans, are falling into Vince's propaganda of the WWE being the be all, end all when we react to a wrestler leaving the WWE, as we have the past couple of days. Mickie James et al leaving the WWE will make no difference to the WWE. The WWE will still be there tomorrow; and we'll still be complaining about the same things we complained about before the releases.

But for Mickie and Shelton, and the rest of them, they are now free from the stifling exclusive contracts with which Vince hogties his employees. They are now free to choose their own destinies, no longer at the mercy of Vince's whims. Haas and Benjamin CAN reform their tag team if they choose and take it all over the world (with the exception of TNA; they hogtie their employees with exclusive contracts, too), wrestling where THEY want to, rather than when and where Vince tells them to. Knox could go to Japan where the promoters would make him into a monster (gimmick and star; the Japanese fans love huge American wrestlers). The possibilities for these seven are virtually endless, now that they are free from Vince.

Life for Shelton, Mickie, Knox, and the rest, isn't over. Just the opposite. They weren't used much in the WWE, and for Mickie and Katie, they were stuck in a division Vince doesn't respect and doesn't care about. Now they're free to work for promoters who DO respect and care about women's wrestling.

It's funny, just about every account I've ever read from a wrestler who leaves the WWF/E (for any reason) is the same: They are relieved; the money was good, but the politics and travel (and Vince's whims) were brutal. WE (the fans) are far more upset about wrestlers leaving the WWE than they are themselves.

Shelton, Mickie, Knox, Jimmy, Katie Lea, Funaki, and Jesse aren't WWE rejects.

They are FREE. Free from Vince's stifling exclusive contracts. Free to choose their own destinies.

I wish them all the best.
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