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who are your top favorite wrestlers and what made them your favorite?
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Default who are your top favorite wrestlers and what made them your favorite?

like how do you judge wrestlers to make them your favorite wrestler? tell me for each one why there your honest with all. what got your attention from them. you can mae as many as you want


shawn micheals: i like him cause he puts on the best matches and one of the most balanced wrestlers. he can make anybody look good in the ring and he damn sure looks good in the ring.

the undertaker: im not gonna lie. what got my attention is his gimmick. i loved his gimmick and he was entertaining to watch. i started watching him more and more and saw what a great wrestler he was and still is.he is the best bigman wrestler ever. he is a great combination of speed and strength.

cm punk: what can i say? i like his style. he is one of the best wrestlers i have seen. i enjoy highflyers, but i also enjoy technical wrestlers. he is a technical wrestler, a submission specialist, an mma fighter, and can take it in the air sometimes.he also put on great matches. he is even better in his indies.

bret hart: what got my attention is i heard he is the best technical wrestler ever. before i seen him wrestle, i thought he looked cool and badass, so i was interested in seeing what he could do in the ring. i was amazed at his skills. he can execute moves to perection and his moves require a lot of technique. so there on i bceame a fan.

EDIT: you can name as many as you want.
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The Ultimate Warrior. His character, theme song, and the way he made the whole crowd go wild.
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1. Jeff Hardy- His facepaint, his moves.

2. Bret Hart- What he did at Wrestlemania 2010, The Sharpshooter

3. Rey Mysterio- His moves.
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I want to establish the following: I love heels. I have always been a heel guy. I liked Edge as heel, hate him as a face. I liked Jericho as a face, love him as a heel. I love Batista as a heel. I even like Triple H as a heel. But the most obvious:

Randy Orton: Greatest heel since Austin himself. He engaged Triple H in one of the best rivalries in the past decade. Between his mic skills, his villanious tattoos, his unbelievable looks, and his overall wrestling ability, I consider him to be the greatest assest the WWE has today.

Batista: I hate his new tattoos, but other than that, I love his new character. The rivalry with Cena is very good, especially the emphasis on the fact that Cena became top guy instead of Batista. He is the epitomie of muscular wrestlers. From his Evolution days, to now, I've always considered him at most a tweener. He would feud with anybody, heel or face (Cena '08, Taker '07).

Drew McIntyre: Little biased, considering I'm also part Scottish, but I love everything about him. His look, his wrestling ability, and even his entrance music (What's that metronome I hear?.....)

Bret Hart: Let me state: I was a fan long BEFORE he returned. Not on of these dumbass seven year olds who know nothing about him. What a terrible pop for his return. The only way i can possibly describe him is as The Best There Is, The Best There Was, and The Best There Ever Will Be.

The Rock: Greatest Wrestler Ever. Between his look, immortal mic skills, and wrestling technique, I am dying for him to return.

Shawn Michaels: See above.
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Shawn Michaels- he's just an amazing wrestler. I was amazed at how well he did his job and his ability to reach for the stars. HBK has it all, charisma, mic skills, ability. to me, i can't classify him as a type of wrestler because he can do it all. high fly, brawl, technical, he has it all. he's just amazing. plus after his bad back, he still wrestled like it was 1997 again. that's what i love about him. he left a great legacy behind him. he's my number 1 favorite because he;s a great wrestler and i loved his gimmick. it fit him perfectly. he's the best wrestler to step in the squared circle. that's why i love him.

Bret Hart- Another great wrestler that has earned my respect. he was a perfect combination on strength and technicality. like you said, he had amazing skills and he was so unique. i loved his character the hitman. his character was so original and it also fit him perfectly. i loved the way he threw his punches, they almost looked real. he was also a great story teller in the ring. he believed that he can be the best, and he proved it time and time again. that's why i love him too.

Undertaker- what can i say about this man? he's just amazing to be such a big guy. he' s a great wrestler, and i think people underrate his wrestling ability. he can wrestle for someone his size. he's a great at working with other styles of wrestling like high flyers and technical. he has great chemistry with all his opponents, and he can make anyone look good in the ring.

John Cena- well, you know i love john cena lol. i could type 10 paragraphs about that guy, but i won't. i just love his passion for his work. he's a good wrestler and he knows how to get the job done. but besides his wrestling, he seems to be a good guy outside of the ring. he's very nice and he passionately loves all his fans, even if they hate him. he knows he can't please everyone, but he will do his best because he knows that all he can do. his gimmick s perfect for him. his mic skills are excellent and he has everything going for him. plus he's strong and has great charisma, and that's what makes him a unique wrestler.

Edge- I was a HUGE fan of edge when he was in the tag team of edge and christian. i used to like his old gimmick, but now i like him even more. he's been through a horrible injury, but he's doing good now. he's a good wrestler and his mic skills are incredible. he's so awesome. he seems to have lots of passion too for what he does. edge can wrestle well and he has also has good chemistry with his opponents.

Chyna- she was my hero back the day. i love chyna, she was a great combination of strength and beauty. and it's a shame how she left wwe on bad terms. she proved that women can dominate the wwe and still be the best they can be. she was the first woman in the royal rumble and to win the ic championship. she helped revolutionize women's wrestling. she was such a great wrestler and she seems so sweet in real life. i hope she goes into the hall of fame, but she probably won't and that's a damn shame because she deserves it so much for all of her hard work. i have nothing but respect for her.

Sara Del Rey- i know she's in the indy scene, but she became one of my favorite top female wrestlers. she so amazing and she is respected all over the world. she wrestled in places like japan and other countries where they take wrestling seriously. she's a great wrestler and she has incredible strength. she trains 5 hours a day! now that IS passion right there. she takes what she does seriously and that's why i like her so much. she's very inspirational and i hope she goes even further in her career.
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