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This is what TNA fan's are missing?
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Default This is what TNA fan's are missing?

Look you guys can make all the excuses you want. But this Monday war will never work. Yes, I know it just began, but it doesn't matter. The part you are not thinking about is TNA has been around since 2002, and their ratings are dismal 8 yrs later, and are actually getting worse. I welcomed the idea of competition because I was also a fan of WCW. But TNA isn't even anything special. They are trying way to hard with blood, weapons, and match stipulations for every match. If you ask me they showed they are running out of ideas by asking women to now cut their heads open.

They should go back to Thursday's. I actually watched it when it was on, but I'm not going to miss RAW for it. I think by the ratings, it's clear a lot of their fans were WWE fans who wanted to tune into some wrestling on Thursday's.
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Exactly. Week after week when TNA's rating keep getting worst and worst, they always have a excuse. They need to just face reality and say TNA sucks and is trying too hard. They need to move back to Thursday or their going bankrupt in about June.

Edit: Wow, Look at these pathetic TNA marks below me lololololololol. Truth hurt sometimes guys. The truth is that TNA is going bankrupt and their nothing they could do about it. Spike is already pissed off at them. Hogan and Dixie begged Spike to move them to Monday, they get granted that wish and now TNA can't even get a 1.0 rating.

Can you guys tell me you're excuse on the week?
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WWE marks amuse me.
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more WWE marks, this site is full of them.
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i dont think they are trying to beat raw in ratings yet i think right now they are just trying to establish story lines and build characters personalities right now. i agree with you on the fact that they should have never moved to monday night. they are rushing things. i think its refreshing to have blood and weapons. i dont even pay attention to ratings because the rating system is crap and if you look at the ratings then WWE has never been as good as it once was. they would have been better building stars up and starting story lines then switching to monday maybe then they would have gotten more wwe fans to watch.
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TNA needs to be different and no making it a Sports Entertainment program isn't going to bring in new fans because that boat came and sank years ago. If it was original maybe somebody would watch and tell a friend who would tell a friend and the fan base would grow at a grass roots level......oh and touring would help. TNA has Jeff Hardy who was suppose to be a big deal in WWE but guess what his fans did not change the channel. The only thing that happened was that said fan base jumped off the Hardy wagon and jumped on the Morrison one or the Ted Cody one...

TNA can hype up its show anyway it wants but at the end of the day....said statements will never happen because the bookers do not understand the fundamentals of storytelling. There has to be a beginning, a middle and a end. Right now TNA is just throwing the end on tv and expect everybody and the world to the hell are they going to follow up the surprise? What do 47437094374387 screw jobs and run-ins and never have a definite winner and loser?

side note: Bret Hart on Raw is the best angle there is, was, and will be on Monday Nights for weeks to come.......its so simple how they made it work. Bret confronts Vince, beats him up on PPV with his family, next night Hart Dynasty gets a title shot. But lose to the genius that is Big Show walking out for the DQ victory and teaching Miz that he isn't as smart as he thinks he this isn't a quick title change for the hell of it. Oh no its the beginning of a new feud for the tag team championship.
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I agree with you and chaos. TNA fans use the same excuse all the time..that being the They've only been around for 8 years. Well 8 years is pretty long, and if you have guys that once made WCW and WWF so great like Sting, Kurt Angle, RVD, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair and Jeff Hardy currently, and HAD guys like Booker T and Christian, then the ratings should be going higher because they are so popular. But instead, the ratings stay in the lower 1's and under which means it has poor viewership because their stuff is lame, and MOST TNA fans are in denial of that.. And another thing, I bet 95% of today's TNA fans wouldnt watch TNA if those guys I just mentioned(etc) were there.

One last thing: To the TNA fans above...WWE mark? Really? Looks like some people don't know what marks are.
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