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So, what do you think of Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels feud overall (1997,1998, 2009-2010)?
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Default So, what do you think of Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels feud overall (1997,1998, 2009-2010)?

Cause I'm an Undertaker fan, I'll look this feud from Taker's perspective. Personally, I think the overall feud is better than Taker vs Austin and Taker vs Mankind. I know Austin is a sacred name in both WWE IWC, but you have to face it. No Taker vs Austin matches were considered 'the best' at all. Their feud was worshipped simply because it happened during the peak of Attitude Era. Their encounters were very typical of heel vs face and their Summerslam 1998 was flat out overrated. Sorry for saying this, but even Taker vs Batista at WM 23 was a better quality match than Taker vs Austin at SS'98.

As for Mankind, I think the Taker/Mankind matches were mainly overrrated. The Buried Alive was good, it wasn't great, but the match type is what made the match stand out rather than the actual match itself. The Hell in A Cell between Taker/Mankind, reminded me of a car crash. It was all about bumps and can you top this. The best match I've ever seen between the Undertaker and Mankind was at King of the Ring 1996. That was an awesome match. All of their other matches, even the infamous Boiler Room brawl match between the Undertaker/Mankind at SummerSlam 1996 was insignificant, nothing special at all. It just raised the bar of what gimmick matches in the future should be like.

Taker and Shawn have incredible chemistry and you can see it ever time they wrestle. They may have different views, different ways of life, but inside that ring they are all pro. Their match at Ground Zero was mesmerizing. That was truly a great match. I think it is even better than their Hell in A Cell Match from Badd Blood. Both men knew what they were doing and wrestled at a slow tempo pace, which made the match even more fun and entertaining to watch. That should have been match of the year right there. Even if the match ended in a no contest it still should have been a match of the year candidate.

At Badd Blood 1997, Taker and Shawn both put on a clinic. Being Hell in a Cell, the first match of that kind, people were looking to see if both men, especially Shawn since he was calling himself the Showstopper, the Icon, and the Main Event at that time, would be able to deliver and live up to his moniker. Well he did. So did Taker. Both men told a compelling story and it had the right amount of wrestling and storytelling mixed together. The story being would Shawn Michaels be able to defeat the Giant, the man from the darkside. Would David be able to defeat Goliath. If you recall correctly this all started at SummerSlam 1997. Shawn was referring the match between Bret Hart, challenger, and the Undertaker champion. Towards the end of the match, Bret spat in Shawn's face, Shawn grabbed a chair, swung it, and unintentionally hit the Undertaker. Bret won the match and the Title. Undertaker seeked revenge after the man that swerved him. This culminated into their match at Ground Zero, which lingered into Badd Blood. To prevent outside interference from DX, Triple H, Chyna, and Rick Rude the officials made the Hell in a Cell Match so their would be an clear winner. So Shawn and Taker delivered a wrestling climax for twenty five to thirty minutes. That bump that Shawn took where the Undertaker kicked his hand from the top of the hell in a cell was truly a OMG moment that made sense to include in the match. Foley's bumps were unnecessary, made no sense whatsoever. Shawn's made great sense. That's why I say that Taker/Shawn have better chemistry because the stuff they did make sense. Foley just wanted a reaction without a logical method behind it. Anyway, Shawn went on to win the match, thanks to interference from the newly debuted Kane, but that still doesn't take away from the match, one of the best in the history of the WWE, by two of the greatest performers in the history of WWE, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker.

Overall, I think the Taker/Shawn matches have better wrestling. I think both guys have better chemistry in the ring. Both wrestlers just click and always deliver whenever they perform together. The Taker/Mankind matches are good storyline wise and the matches are unique. However, I think Taker and Shawn have great matches all the time and they did it again at Wrestlemania 26 (although the commentating took something away from the classic).

And moreover, Taker got 2 Wrestlemania classics with Michaels. How many Wrestlemania classics does Taker got with Austin and Mankind?

What about u and why?
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i didnt read that but all there ppv matche where great
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Man you should really become a writer for a ProWrestling site.You put alot into what you write, its awesome.IMO,HBK and Taker has had the best feuds and matches in all wrestling history.They put everything out there.From Hogan and Andre to Rock and Austin,none of then has had the fans full of emotions like the way HBK and Taker did.And in there match's not just the two CLASSIC WM matches, but as you pointed out all matches , they left everything they had as performers and entertainers in the ring.HBK is my all-time fave,and if that was truly his last match,I'm thrilled that it was with Taker.They proved that age is just a number last night.And over the years they have shown that their heart and soul lies in this business
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well for one thing i must say. the undertaker and shawn micheals are two of the greatest in ring performers today. the undertaker and shawn micheals have had great chemistry together. shawn micheals and the undertaker have made a career out of winning and putting on the match of a liftime. they know what the ppl want to see. if you put two in a match together, there guranteed to steal the show. both wrestlers have taken different paths. shawn micheals is known as the greatest in rin performer of all time and the undertaker is known as the best bigman ever. they started off at ground zero and they had an amazing match. it was power vs speed. the greatest athlete vs the immortal. the undertaker did what he did best and thats dominate. it was a slow and methodical match and a fast pace match also. both men worked so well. at hell in a cell, shawn micheals held his own against the giant undertaker. it was another 5 star match at the royal rumble. it was back and forth doing there trademark moves on each other. he backbodydropped shawn micheals over the rope and on to the casket. that was so freaking dangerous.ever since then they went on to become legends. they been putting on classic matches and winning. austin and mankind were great, but they cant touch shawn. shawn is 44 years old and can still put on better matches than these young taker is a better worker and a better wrestler than he was in the 90's. he knows what the crowd wants. they wrestled at wrestlemania. wrestlemania is when shawn micheals and the undertaker are at there best. they put on a great back and forth match and sold there opponents moves well. i really thought shawn was going to beat undertaker at wrestlemania. he came really close. the second one was just as good. like i said, they have great chemistry together and you never know who is gonna win. they get me pumped!.
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