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do you think triple h is worthy to face the undertaker at wrestlemania again?
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Default do you think triple h is worthy to face the undertaker at wrestlemania again?

triple h and the undertaker have battled, but thats when triple h was just rising to the top. now he is already at the top of his game.

bq: which style do you think suits the undertakers gimmick better, his old style, where he stalks his opponent and wrestles in a slow and methodical match or his new style, where he starts off like he is in a boxing match and wrestles in a faster pace than the old style?
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It doesn't matter who faces The Undertaker.

As long as the match comes out good, the opponent really could be anyone. However, at this point, I think that a match between the two would be unimpressive, and they've had matches against each other before, so there's really no point in looking forward to a HHH vs. Undertaker II.

BQ: His newer style is suitable for viewers now. His older style would've been fine if people were more accepting of his zombie-like presence, but since Professional Wrestling is fake to people, he should approach his opponents more realistically.
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Actually, that was when HHH was at the top, having been defeated The Rock Stone Cold. Whom he just defeat now? Sheamus? Come on.

If anything, Taker vs Cena is the front runner for Wrestlemania XXVII. Using the current roster in WWE, what singles match has the possibility to draw more than 93,173 attendance? IMO, it's only Taker vs Cena at WM 27 if Taker can defeat HBK and Cena can defeat Batista this year. Being held in Georgia Dome with Cena (as we knew it) booked as an irresistible force ever since his run as an icon against Taker who is booked as an immovable object at Wrestlemania for nearly 2 decades in the second largest domed structure in this world?

The attention this match could garner is unimaginable, and the hype would be out of this planet. WWE would be an idiot to avoid booking this match again if Taker goes 18-0 and Cena defeats Batista this year. Let's face it, no other matches come close. Not Taker vs Sheamus or Taker vs Jericho. And of course not another Cena vs Orton or Cena vs HHH for the millionth time. Even IWC virgins WWE No Balls Board Directors have to admit Cena is the biggest draw and threat for The Streak, more so than Jericho, Punk, Sheamus, or Ted DiBiase Jr all combined.

The Undertaker vs John Cena at Wrestlemania XXVII IS the match that needs to happen in order to capitalize this era, regardless who wins. Taker vs Jericho CANNOT capitalize this era, but Taker vs Cena CAN.

Back to your question, the answer is obviously any big man wrestlers type mid-carders (i.e: Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Ezekiel Jackson, and Vance Archer) in WWE currently. Let's face it, The Undertaker could never carry giants into a legendary match at Wrestlemania. Giant Gonzales, King Kong Bundy, Big Boss Man, Big Show, A-Train, and Mark Henry proved that.

Sure, Masked Kane, Diesel, Sid, and Batista proved otherwise. But look at the record, 4 out of 10 giants? Less than half right? Why would throw another 50:50 chance with a no name? You want to witness another bad match for The Streak after five failures?

What is the reason WWE doesn't want to book Taker vs Cena at WM? Because we don't want Cena to receive a heel reaction.

OMG, he has been receiving a heel reaction against anyone he faced for four years. WWE Board Directors must have been living under a rock. Cena has been getting booed for many years now, ever since the classic One Night stand against RVD. He got booed against a heel Orton, booed against a heel Edge booed against many people. The simple fact is people do not like his superhero gimmick

So yes, a match against Undertaker can not hurt his rep any more then it currently is. also Cena being booked would actually have people on edge because people know the WWE might book him to win. more surprising then Henry vs Taker anyway

If Undertaker can hang around for one more year, it is highly possible the match will happen. who else is their to face? Sure, Jericho is a good choice, but he has faced Taker at least five times on the last four months. Who wants to see Taker going against someone he defeats on daily basis?

Believe me, Undertaker vs Sheamus or Undertaker vs Jericho alone (or another John Cena vs Randy Orton or John Cena vs Triple H) can never draw even half of 93,173 attendance. But with Undertaker vs Cena next year, it's a different story.

Taker vs HHH should be reserved for this year, what's the good of having a streak if you keep on adding same faces anyway?
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