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At WM 19, why did they book Undertaker and Bigshow in a rock-fight tag match instead of 1-on-1?
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Default At WM 19, why did they book Undertaker and Bigshow in a rock-fight tag match instead of 1-on-1?

UT vs Show 1-on-1 would have been better.

They could have Nathan Jones vs. A-Train 1-on-1 in a separate match.

No one cares about them.
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You just said it, no one cared bout Jones and A-Train. Who woulda watched that? Jones was fairly new, too. Undertaker's character was kinda at a stand still, and talks were being thrown around about his returning to his original character. Watch WM XX.
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UT vs Show at 1 on 1 would be better? You gotta be joking me!!

The only reason Vince put Taker against Show Train at WM 19 was because Vince got horny seeing Taker vs lame giants than Taker vs, seriously I mean Vince believed that Taker could carry the lame giants into legendary matches. That's why Vince gave Gonzales, Bundy, Diesel, Sid, Kane, Boss Man, Show, Train, and Henry with the belief Taker would carry them into instant classics. However, Taker could carry only three of them to memorable matches (Diesel at WM 12, Sid at WM 13, and Kane at WM 14). Only after Taker's failure to carry Mark Henry to an instant classic at WM 22 Vince finally realized he has been wrong all the time, thus giving Taker big names instead of lame giants for the next four WMs.

Either way, back to the topic the answer is no. Tell me, among many encounters Taker Show ever had, can u tell me a half decent match they got? If there's any? And as a devoted Undertaker fan, this is my top 10 worst Undertaker vs Big Show matches and moments of all time (weirdly, they mostly come from last year):

10. Singles Match (No Way Out 2002)

Punch, lock, punch, lock, punch, lock, punch, lock, punch, lock! The bell rang, Taker won, and A-Train came out to save his lover....

9. Singles Match (May 3, 1999 - RAW)

A very slow paced match ended with a DQ....thx god the crowds didn't end up sleeping...

8. Singles Match (January 23, 2003 - Smackdown!)

Taker challenged Show, but it was A-Train who came out....and we witnessed yet another boring match....

7. ECW Championship (July 18, 2006 - ECW)

Same old stuff, Show dominated the whole match till Khali came out and yelled Wuaaaa!!! after ganging on Taker...

6. Casket Match (Survivor Series 2008)

When I saw Taker vs Henry at WM 22, I thought I've seen the worst Casket match involving Taker, but I was wrong....this match takes that holy crown easily...

5. Singles Match (No Mercy 2008)

In this godforsaken and godawful match, SHOW DOMINATED THE WHOLE MATCH in really really really really slow pace before KNOCKING OUT The Undertaker with his KO Punch which is just as effective as The Finger Poke of Doom!!!!

4. Last Man Standing (Cyber Sunday 2008)

One of the worst Last Man Standing ever!!! The ref was just as smart as a sissy, Show AGAIN dominated the whole match and turned it into a snorefest...

3. Singles Match (August 14, 2003 - Smackdown!)

Another boring match where Taker tried to carry Show the whole match before the snorefest was ended when A *freaking* Train attacked Taker and made Big Show win by count-out...

2. Singles Match (April 24, 2009 - Smackdown!)

Just days after one of the best matches of all time at Wrestlemania 25, Big Show dominated the match from START TO FINISH!!!! Never before I watched The Undertaker looked like a pensioner looking for a retirement house!!!! And once again, The Mighty KO Punch prevailed in one of the worst match in Taker's legendary career....

1. Handicap Match (Wrestlemania XIX)

HBK got Y2J, HHH got Booker T, Vince got Hogan, Rock got Austin, and Lesnar got Angle....but whom Taker got? Two of the biggest talentless apes in the roster!!!! This match, the whole storyline and promos are just as good as a blind ugly naked guy taking a dump in the middle of a street!!! Train and Show dominated the whole match before Nathan *effing* Jones came out and saved the day...just like Powerpuff Girls. Easily the second worst Undertaker match of all time right after Taker vs Giant Gonzales at Wrestlemania IX....
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I agree, why a-train and naton jones were in that match was beyond me. To be honest, a-train and nathon jones had talent but wwe decided to completely waste their talent to make them into jobbers.
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