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Current stars who will NOT make the hall of fame?
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Default Current stars who will NOT make the hall of fame?

So, I'll start this thing out with my honest picks for near misses to the hall of fame.

1. KANE. It's sad. It's really sad that I think this, but I have to be honest! And Honesty is telling me that even with a 24 hour world title reign under his belt, (no pun intended) Kane has not accomplished enough of a legitimate legacy to be considered a WWE hall of Farmer of the future. In recent years, Kane has earned the title of jobber to the stars. But if that's not enough of a convince, then I present to you exhibit B. HE LOST TO MR. ZIGGLES. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if someday Vince has him job to Hornswoggle.

2. Kurt Angle. I know, it just gets better and better. But this one is even more obvious to me. Some might suggest that it's not entirely impossible that Kurt could someday return to the WWE. But in my opinion, Kurt is too much of a company man with TNA to willingly go back. And Vince as of right now does not want him back. If TNA manages to elevate itself to a higher level, IMO, it will not be without the help of Kurt Angle. So even if he does someday return, possibly after TNA gets more popular, Kurt will FOR SURE get the turn coat treatment just like Christian. Oh it's True, it's DAMN true.

3. RVD. This one makes me very sad. As of right now, I'm not entirely sold that we will see RVD head to TNA. But if we do, then this prediction for me will be a lot more realistic. As it stands right now, If RVD stays semi-retired or even comes back to WWE in any form, then RVD would probably have no problem getting in. But again, as it stands right now, RVD's drug bust that lead to his release, compiled by the mere threat of him joining TNA should be enough for Vince to Banish him from the HOF forever.

4. Drum roll please....... THE HARDYS. That's right, BOTH of them. Think about it. Jeff Hardy just last month appeared on TNA programming for a second time. If I were Vince, I would have erased him like Benoit. And Matt in my mind is on suicide watch. And suicide watch, I mean jumping ship. Let me be clear, I LOVE TNA. But all I'm trying to convey is the viewpoint of Vince McMahon. And If I were Vince McMahon, I would banish Jeff for good, and keep a close eye on Matt for good measure.

So what do guys think? Who are your never gonna make it to the hall of famers? And feel free to tell me if I'm smoking crack due to my picks too.
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yeah i agree
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kurt angle would totally make it to the hall of fame like he was a good wrestler and kane is way to young to be put in the hall of fame and so is kurt angle and rvd
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kane will make it. how can kane be left out. the katie vick storyline was priceless.

speaking of priceless, there's legacy (dibiase and rhodes). oh wait, never mind. you said current stars.

all the current divas except for melina and maybe mickie james.

cryme time

how could the hardys not make it. they're go in together as a tag team, much like the von erichs.
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i think Kane could make it..he has championships under his belt..and hes a controversial figure....i would add to that list CM Punk, Shelton Benjamin, and Christian
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i think all of those guys (save RVD and possibly jeff hardy) will get in at some point. all those guys contributed something (even RVD and hardy). when you talk about angle not being in because he is in TNA you forget, hogan went to WCW for a long time and he got in. so did mean gene and dusty rhodes. probably others but i cannot think of anyone off the top of my head at the moment who went from WWE to ECW. alot of people cite wendi richter as being the first person to be victim of a screw job because of vince and she is getting in. so did bret hart. oh he was in WCW too. there are alot of guys who were never in WWE like verne gagne and antonio inoki. both are in. to say kane hasnt done enough to be inducted and thus never will is silly. look at koko b. ware, george the animal steele and cowboy bob orton, jr. up until Randy Orton debuted, i never heard of bob orton, jr or sr. i think perhaps when vince dies or retires chris benoit will get in but until then it aint happening. back to guys who have never been in wwe but are in the HOF. Nick Bockwinkle (WHO?), most of the von erichs (I don't think chris or david ever been in and i know Fritz never was) Gordon Solie (maybe he did a stint in wwe but i don't know). that is the kind of thing that pisses me off its the WWE hall of fame. stars in the WWE should be allowed in only.

now that i did my rant i'll answer your other question

Owen Hart- i'm sure its true when people say his family doesnt want him in

Chris Benoit- too much stigma. even though HOF is supposed to honor accomplishments in the ring, Vince wont do it.

Paul Heyman- Vince hates him and from what i hear so does everyone else. and the poor send off ecw got sheds light on the fact that NO former ECW star will get in. well not the die hard originals.

Eric Bischoff- take out a few words and letters in what i said about Heyman and you got your answer.

Sunny aka Tammy Lynn Sytch- she is the first WWE diva. she deserves to be in no matter what but she has said some bad things about WWE in the past so make your own conclusion

Sable- suing your former employer BOTH times you were let go means the hof door is shut locked and sealed FOREVER

Chyna- I just think her induction speech would be disasterous and Vince knows this. for being the only female to be intercontinental champion and the only female to be in the king of the ring and the first female to compete in the royal rumble, that is definatly deserving but the lady is WHACKED!! bad bad bad PR for vince and the WWE if they let her in

Louie Spicolli- im not even sure half of the people on Y!A WS can tell you or me who he is. i bet neither can vince.

Jim Johnson- for those who don't know he is the guy behid the wwe themes. i don't know of anyone with that title that would be let in, but he has done so much behind the scenes for wwe, he deserves it.

there are tons more and i will eventually think of them but im spent
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