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Is WWE making a mistake with creating Undertaker vs. Michaels II...?
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Default Is WWE making a mistake with creating Undertaker vs. Michaels II...?

'following part is copied and pasted from Bleacher Report'

Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker will be a big draw at this years WrestleMania despite the problems it presents. From a wrestling fans perspective this will be a real treat. Last year both of these Superstars but on a Mania performance for the ages. Despite all of the positives coming from such a historic remath there are many problems with the booking.

The biggest problem with the booking is that it doesnt favor the future. The appeal of this match is also its worst enemy. If HBK wins the match it does nothing for his career. HBK has accomplished so much in his career that this win is not something that will benefit his character in any meaningful way. If the Undertakers streak was to be broken it should be a passing of the torch moment to a young Superstar.

Another way to view this match would be that if HBK wanted to retire this would be the best way to do it. He would be leaving the wrestling industry on a high note by making yet again another Mania moment. The truth remains thought that HBK is not ready to retire. He has given no indication that he is ready to leave just yet even though he probably will eventually take a break from the road.

I view the Undertaker as the superstar whom is more likely to retire. He has been very hurt lately and many have speculated that this would be his last Mania performance since the beginning of last year. I do not personally think that Taker would want his streak to end especially against a wrestler whom will not benefit from it. Either way this is a bookers nightmare and a wrestling fans dream

- Now, what Bleacher Report has done is taken my thoughts outta my brain and put it into a blog because I agree entirely with this
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Yep, we already know that The Undertaker is gonna win,
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taker is gonna win and i believe if they put on the same performance like they put o flast year it wont be anything new and incredible.
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Ya we already know that The Undertaker is gonna win,Last year WM25.........
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I agree, too.

Career vs. career would've made more sense, even though that would've been a nonsensical booking, too. It's absolutely correct that HBK's career won't gain anything by being the guy who breaks the streak. They should either let 'Taker retire with his streak intact, or let him lose to an up-and-comer who looks like he'll be around for a while like John Morrison or The Miz-- a true passing of the torch moment. As it is booked right now, I can't see any way for 'Taker to keep his streak because we've not heard any rumblings about Shawn wanting to retire. And it would make no sense for the WWE to push him to retire when he's one of the most-popular superstars in the company today.

If they wanted another HBK/Taker match, why not just promote it on its own strength? The storyline build-up for HBK has been great, with the whole angle that he's been on a downward spiral and feels like he has to challenge himself to face the Undertaker again to regain his confidence in himself. If they had just stuck with a regular re-match (no stipulations), even if HBK had lost again at WM XXVI, it would be easy to write up an angle where he regains confidence in himself because he gave it 110 percent and put on what will probably easily be seen as the best match of the night.

I don't understand the bookers' fascination with luchas de apuestas at this year's WM, anyway. You're going to have HBK/Undertaker II (career vs. undefeated streak), plus CM Punk/Mysterio (hair vs. mask), plus (and I'm speculating on this one) a likely Cena vs. Batista where if Batista loses, McMahon has to go back on his word and induct Stu Hart into the hall of fame, and if Cena loses, Hart will probably be banished from ever working with the WWE again. I'm waiting for a fourth luchas de apuestas match to pop up before it's all said and done, in the spirit of WWE's theme-izing their PPVs lately. Not that I'll like the idea of adding yet another of those matches to a Wrestlemania that seems too-crowded with them already.
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I think they should turn this in the coming weeks to either Brothers of Destruction vs DX or either the match 2 should be a Last Man Standing!
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This is one of the dumbest storylines ever
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Yeah, no one wants to see another HBK vs. Taker part II, I really don't think its gonna be as geat as their last Mania match at last years Wrestlemania!
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I agree if the streak ends it should be from a young up and commer who would bennefit from it, but the WWE does not feel any of the young guys is worth it to get the rub of all rubs, they say the nod was suppose to go to Ted Dibiase but his elevation will be a slow and steady process. Shawn Michaels hass stated he is ready to retire so this would be a perfect send off (he ended flairs carreer now someone ended his). But this should really be an Iron Man match, if this wrestlemania was in april at the end of april i would say go for the iron man match.
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This is probably gonna be the most looked forward to match in my perspective at Wrestlemania, for the second year in a row. Undertaker's 17-0 historic wrestlemania streak, against Shawn Micheals historic career. Usually this is a no brainer a.k.a obviously Taker will become 18-0 and the career of the Heartbreak Kid is done, but could this be the only way for WWE to end the streak? maybe it's like what Vince considers Survivor Series and Bret Hart.. old and used up, .. this is where i get abit mad about these Wrestling sites, all reporting shawn will take another 5-6 months off again.. In my mind reading that would mean it's impossible for Shawn to lose this one, but yeah, I really don't know about this one. my pick would be Shawn, because If anyone can beat the Undertaker on the grandest stage of them all, even though he didn't do it last year, it's still him, and the way it looks, there's no possible way for him to lose, since he is gonna be wrestling at summerslam again this year. but anything can happen. also.. this Double Countout thing equals a draw right, would'nt that make Taker 17-0-1 at Wrestlemania, making his streak not perfect? that's my only reason for thinking it would for sure involve a clean pinfall in this match, HBK getting DQ'ed would end his career also because it counts as a loss, so yeah, someone is gonna lose, and someone will win

For an action, there's an equal reaction. I love it. It's a match worth caring about, worth buying. There's really something on the line here. This is a match with two legacies on the line. The vignette with Placebo was one of the very best I've seen on wrestling in a very long time. And there is a little bit of unpredictability. Most of all, it will be an amazing match, because knowing both wrestlers, they will give everything they have, even if it means being crippled for 6 months afterwards, to top the match they had last year...which was an instant classic.

Even more, it works both ways. Both of these guys are the most respected guys in the locker room today. Taker has been for over 10 years now. Both have the upmost respect for each other, even if they don't really like each other too much, for their abilities and for doing business. Both have had so many classic bouts with each other over the years that their careers will be intertwined forever. If Taker were to have his streak snapped, he should do so by the one guy who can actually put on the best match with him, and that's Shawn. If Shawn retires, he should be beat by the one guy in the company that has the stature to honorably retire him, and that's Taker. Just like Shawn did to Ric Flair (nevermind Ric is now in TNA).

The office got this one right.

Now, who wins? Predicting this one makes me very, very sad. Shawn Michaels is maybe my second favorite wrestler of all time right after Undertaker, definitely among the top. I do not, in any way, want to see him retire. I would rather watch him do the DX thing for 5 more years than never see him again. Shawn in some form is better than no Shawn at all. And I'd lie to think that if Shawn was retiring, that'd he have more than a 5 week sendoff, ala Ric Flair and the multi-month buildup for his. And personally, Taker's streak doesn't mean that much to me. I like Taker, but I could care less about his streak. Six of those matches can be considered as the worst forms of wrestling, while Shawn's matches are almost all classics. Not to mention Undertaker's legacy isn't just The Streak, although The Streak is indeed his claim to fame. I could argue Shawn was more worthy of having an undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. But I know I'm in the minority. I know it's very important to a lot of people. I know it's important to the legacy of Taker's character. And my gut feeling is that I just can't see the office, no matter how much influence HHH and HBK have, asking Taker to end his streak to anybody. I don't think it will ever end, even if Taker's last match ever was at Wrestlemania. It's a streak that doesn't ever have to end, something that will last forever. But Shawn, who can't wrestle at the level he once did on WWE's schedule, who's in terrible shape with two fucked up knees and a fucked up back, who can't ask HHH to give up another year of wrestling on top to support him doing the DX thing so he can work, now with his kids growing up and perhaps wanting to devote more of his time to his faith...those things I can totally buy.

I predict Shawn Michaels will lose and retire. And I might actually pay $60 to watch.
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I don't think there's a problem with how they're doing this match. The fact that Michaels is putting his career on the line takes away some of the predictability as far as the outcome goes. If Michaels wins, it's just another feather in his cap that he can add to his hall of fame resume. There's no shame in Taker losing to HBK at Wrestlemania, and if Michaels ends the streak, no one will question his worthiness of ending it. However, if someone like Sheamus or Drew McIntyre ends the streak and then washes out a couple years later, it will be considered a huge mistake. There's just too much uncertainty involved to allow a younger, less-established wrestler end the streak, considering how revered it is.

As far as HBK's career being on the line is concerned, it's not like he actually has to retire if he loses. How many times has Shawn's career been ended since he returned in 2002 already? And he's come back every time. Hell, after last year's match, Shawn became a cook in a cafeteria in an office building in Texas. And remember, at Wrestlemania 7, Randy Savage lost a career ending match to the Ultimate Warrior and a year later, Savage was winning the WWF Championship from Ric Flair. If Shawn loses, he'll take his regular vacation and come back in 4 to 6 months ready to get back into the ring again.
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