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how would you feel if the undertakers streak ends?do you think it would be a good thing?
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Default how would you feel if the undertakers streak ends?do you think it would be a good thing?

how would you feel if the undertakers streak ends?do you think it would be a good thing?
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That would be garbage. And a really bad thing.
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Nope, Taker deserves to keep The Streak.

First off, let me say this. Every now and again, you see someone in the crowd holding a sign that reads, ?IF (insert wrestler) WINS/LOSES, WE RIOT! We see it, and have a giggle at the concept, and think back to ONS when it happened the first time etc. Well, if John Cena does in fact beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, while half the audience finishes their collectice orgasms, the other (and i?m going to assume) LARGER half of the audience will rush the ring, and there?ll be sudden technical difficulties right at the end of ?Mania, and we?ll all be online wondering what the **** just happened.

I?m not saying that Cena shouldn?t do it, because it?s Cena (although i?d probably be clearing up a lot glass and blood shortly afterward, should it happen), i?m just saying that?s what would probably happen.

I agree with the conflicted posters on this site that think that uber-pushes are a good idea, but is is there anyway to do it without ruining the mid-carders career almost immediately due to white heat (because ya know, they don?t get that it?s not up to him), plus tarnishing Taker?s only real shining achievement in his 20 year legacy.

Those who?ve actually read my posts and know I?m a Taker mark, won;t be surprised to hear me say, that it shouldn?t end. I too, can?t really believe that any of the current ME?ers could ACTUALLY defeat the Undertaker, unless it was some stupid swerve, run-in bullshit that would probably have worse consequences than Cena winning. It?s more laughable than Friday?s title match. Like i think Rey Mysterio is going to beat the Undertaker for the World title, on SD no less! It?s an iffy call, because while Mysterio should get flattened in about 30 seconds, it?s Christmas, and Cena lost last week so they might pull a stupid swerve, just for the kids will go happy after a trip to Vince McMahon?s squeaky clean, PG, bubble wrapped, wrestling promotion.

-Hogan founded Wrestlemania, and even if he shot Vince in the face, they?d STILL have him in the WM video packages slamming Andre.

-Ric Flair is a 16x World Heavyweight champion(once with them), a feat that?ll (hopefully) never be duplicated.

-HBK defeated Bret Hart in the 60 minute Iron Man Match at WM, founded DX, retired Ric Flair, became Mr. Wrestlemania, won MOTY so many damn times and innovated shed loads of everything throughout the ?90?s

-Austin delivered his KOTR speech, won a **** load of titles, defined Attitude Era, had the fued of the Attitude Era, and won 3 Royal Rumbles (a streak they won?t forget)

-Foley flew off the Cell, plus many other great memories. People will forget this TNA stuff and remember that moment.

-Big Show is the only man to hold the WCW, WWE and ECW title

-HHH is the closest to surpassing Flair and is married to the boss? daughter.

-Kurt Angle won everything but the tag titles in 1 year.

-Until Mickie James surpasses it, Trish Stratus holds the record for Women?s Title reigns, and probably the hottest Diva they?ve ever had.

-Jericho is the first Undisputed Champion

-Orton?s the youngest Champion ever (although that could always change)

So why can?t Taker go undefeated at Wrestlemania? 5 years from now ?Buried Alive? and Casket matches will be a fading memory in WWE. All Taker?s title reigns have just about been long enough for him to keep the belt warm for the next guy.

A lot of people think it?d be selfish on his part and a wasted opportunity for someone else. I think that it?d take a damn miracle to pull it off without whoever it is having to get used to deafening boo?s for the next however many years, with maybe a ?You Suck? chant to go with his theme music (God, i miss that). I simply don?t have faith in WWE not to try it it and **** it up completely. The Invasion angle was crap, the brand split forced us all to accept a new way of doing things we didn?t really like, ECW became a joke once they fired all the old talent, although they?ve recovered it nicely, and now they?re they?ve turned PG. I really don?t expect them to end Taker?s streak in a manner that ANYBODY would think was appropriate, other then fans who accept what they see on TV and ask nothing more.

The man deservers something for all he?s done. Sure he got six nobodies on it thanks to Vince's love for giants (Gonzales, Bundy, Boss Man, Show, Train, and Henry) but the 11 other names are noteworthy. Let him go out on a high. Right now he?s watching guys who he first met as rookies, surpass him in title reigns and TV time on a monthly basis, so let him have his streak.

Twenty years from now, when the future fans looks into WWE Record, they will say, ?Hey, do you know there?s a man who has never been defeated at The Grandest Stage of Them All??

And you know who that man is.
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Well; I hope NOT ! The STREAK should be Taker's LEGACY to the Wrestling Fans and pro Wrestling ...

I don't think it would be a GOOD thing ....
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to be honest, i would be sad and hurt if the undertakers streak ended. i think i would cry if his streak ended. thats how bad it would upset me. i personally dont want the undertaker's streak to be broken. as for your other question. you said before that you think his streak should be broken. well, i kinda agree and disagree. the undertaker has been loyal to this business for a long time. all these years he has been a great asset to the company. he is the most respected man for a reason. he set the bar for other wrestlers and showed that big men are not just powerhouses.he showed that they can wrestle and do some highflying moves. he showed that they can move like much smaller men. he had some of the greatest matches with stone cold steve austin,mankind, bret hart, triple h, shawn micheals,kane,edge and many more. the undertaker invented some of the greatest matches gimmick matches like the inferno match, the buried alive match, and the casket match and put on a great performance. not to mention the undertaker could have jumped ship to wcw when wwf was downhill, but no he stayed and kept the company together.the point im trying to make is,he had a great career anyway and it wouldnt take away from his career. it would only show that he is willing to put over others. i dont get why ppl say he dont put over others, he put over brock lesnar, mr kennedy,stone cold, heidenrich, jbl, kurt angle,khali,batista,and more. he may not lose them all, but thats part of his gimmick.the undertaker has done so much for the company and it would be a shame if he lost. i didnt agree that his streak should end at first, but now im having second thoughts. i think it depends on who ends his streak. if it was someone like ted debiase, i say HELL NO!. if its someone as formiddable as shawn micheals than yes. shawn micheals is one of the most legendary icons to step in the ring and he is mr wrestlemania. i think it would be better if he ended the streak than the undertaker to end shawn micheals career. shawn micheals imo deserves to end the is the undertakers legacy to keep the streak, but the wrestlemania matches will be too predictable.
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if taker's streak ends i wouldn't really be so happy. taker is mostly known for his streak and his passion for the business. after all these years of being undefeated at wrestlemania, i wouldn't understand why wwe would make his streak end. taker is in top 5 wrestlers of all time in my book. nobody should end his streak. taker is top notch and he deserves everything he gets because he is hard worker. undertaker SHOULD retire undefeated at wrestlemania.
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I wouldnt mind it. Its a lot better than HBK leaving.
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