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Cody Rhodes or Ted Dibiase? + YWSE SuperShow! Impact and Smackdown?
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Paul Heyman YWSE GM is on a distinguished road
Default Cody Rhodes or Ted Dibiase? + YWSE SuperShow! Impact and Smackdown?


Segment: Paul Heyman appars in the ring and ahs this to say: ? Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the final YWSE show before Wrestlemania! We have an action packed supershow set for you all tonight so sit back and enjoy!?

Match 1: Fallen Diablo vs Davis Champion

Match 2: #1 Contenders Match for a FUTURE Knockouts Championship Match -

Amie vs Lady Jane

Match 3: Psycho Dude vs Da Deadman- United States Championship Match

Match 4: Worlds Biggest Hardy Fan/Ms. Lol vs The Raven Effect/Maria



We see CKO sitting in Vickie G?s office.

-?What can I do for you ladies?? Vickie asks

- ?The thing is, Clarice is feeling a little under the weather tonight. So we were thinking, maybe Clarice can choose a replacement opponent? I mean, we need Clarice to be able to rest up to be back in top form for Wrestlemania? Kristen replied. Vickie took a second to think about it and responded with: ? You are absolutely right, we can?t have one half of the Knockout?s tag team champions going into Wrestlemania at anything less than top form. You may select a replacement? With huge grins on their faces, CKO exits Vickie?s office?

Match 1

Serena vs. (Opponent of Clarice?s choosing)

Match 2

Fatal Fourway match

#1 Contenders match for the Intercontinental Championship

HSM vs. The Edgeucator vs. Shelton B vs. Davis Champion

Match 3

X-Division Championship match

Graduation Bear vs. Charlie Scene

Main event

Tag Team match

D4L and DX_Lover vs. RRJ and Aries


Wrestlemania contract signing

TLC and The King Of Kings

*Be sure to check out the results tomorrow night! What will happen in the final show before Wrestlemania 3? Find out tomorrow night!*

Seeing as Davis has a match on Impact, he will not participate in the Intercontinental Contenders match leaving it a Triple threat match; HSM vs. The Edgeucator vs. Shelton B.

Sorry about the confusion
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Miss Paparazzi Lets Go Team USA! is on a distinguished road

Promo: *emily runs away from ywse*


Match 1: FD.


Match 3: Deaddy

Match 4: WBHF


Match 1: ?

Match 2: HSM

Match 3: ---- NO CONTEST

Main Event: RRJ Aries
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THE RAV3N YWSE WORLD CHAMPION is on a distinguished road

Promoing Tomorrow.
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lady jane - He_s Baaack xxx is on a distinguished road

PROMO: I am going to keep this short and to the point. Amie, our match tonight is for shot at the knockouts title in the future, and seeing as though i am the future of this company, tonights results should, and will be a no-brainer. I am going to go out and do what we Aussies do best, Pommie bashing
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Charlie Scene (The Colony) is on a distinguished road

Promo: The time is here and now. This is the YWSE Supershow. Wether you love me or you hate me, I am going to represent Smackdown well, and become the brand new X-Division champion. You see GB has been a terrible champion, no denything that, and thats why I am going to beat him and take that championship, and earn my 2nd YWSE title. Many would consider the X-Division championship as the ultimate prize, but to me, its a stepping stone. A stepping stone to become the world champion. WM is only a short time away, and no doubt I will be making one of the biggest Impacts YWSE has ever seen. And you cant have a world champion that doesnt make an Impact. WBHF, he doesnt make an Impact, TRE, doesnt make an Impact, KOK, hes an old fart, his past has an Impact, but now, hes nothing. And TLC, haha. Anyways. None of them are going to make the Impact that Charlie Scene does. None of them are going to become champion tonight, but I am. Ladies and gentleman, I am the next X-Division champion, I am a future World champion, I am every womans infatuation, across the whole entire nation, they like the pulsation, but they love the penetration. And I can sense your frustration, since all you get it masturbation. You can use your imagination, or I can give you a demonstration! I am! Charlieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeee!!!!!!!

Sceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeneeeeeee eeee!!!!!!!!








Graduation Bear

RRJ and Aries
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BeeRad (Cena = Rap and WWE Icon) is on a distinguished road

Match 1: * Davis Champion

Match 2: * Amie

Match 3: * Da Deadman

Match 4: * The Raven Effect/Maria

Match 1

* (Opponent of Clarice?s choosing)

Match 2

; )

Match 3

* Graduation Bear

Main event

* D4L and DX_Lover


I know everyone is a little down right now because they won't get to see my 5 star wrestling skills in action tonight, but alas you still get to here my wanted opinion on a very important match tonight. HSM, The Edgeucator, Shelton B, and Davis Champion I want to wish all four of you good luck. May the best man win.... C'mon you know I didn't mean anything by that. 3 out of 4 superstars in this match have been on my radar for the past few weeks and I look forward to getting payback on at least one of you...that is unless the new guy known as Edgeucator somehow wins this match. Edgeucator, don't worry I'm not leaving you out since my agression will be taken out on someone and that's a threat to all 4 of you. Again give it your best out there because I will be waiting and watching.
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Buffalo Made Bear(Nas Edition) is on a distinguished road

Promo: Well I'm pretty pissed.. last smackdown I learned RRJ would be getting the title shot vs. D4L at WM. Well I'd like to call out Vickie Gurrero right now.. you dumb whore wtf are you thinking?!?!?! He allready lost to D4L at RR.. and now he gets another shot? Wtf is this, you got guys in the lockeroom who are 100% more deserving then RRJ.. and you know it. What'd you make this match for then, publicity? RRJ aint shit, I could beat him if I was freaking human. I beat the Royal Rumble winner, and he didn't even win a qualifying match to get to WM! He was just handed it! Fuck that and fuck you vickie.. I guess It'll be a little harder now, but I'm going to be the YWSE Champion soon enough.

But tonight I have to focus on charlie and defending my X Division title.. I may not be YWSE Champion but I do still have a belt, and I take much pride in this. Charlie I respect you a lot, and you sure as hell deserve a world title shot more then RRJ.. but thats not going to stop me from kicking your ass tonight.. good luck.

Kristen is short.

Say Hello, to the bear.
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WBHF (Fed Account) is on a distinguished road

FINALLY, WBHF Has Come BACK to YWSE iMPACT! That?s right, I have returned to Monday Nights. It has been a while?but nowhere near long enough! If I remember correctly the last time I was here on iMPACT was the week after the first Royal Rumble and you Mindless Imps booed my ass out of the arena! I took a lot of time off following that then I returned to Smackdown and those fans were not any better than you jokers. Those nymphs will turn on you so fast, you beat up one of their heroes and they automatically hate you. I won the Royal Rumble and I earned a World Title opportunity at any World Champion I want at Wrestlemania 3, the One of the Grandest Stages in the history of YWSE. My heart has always been on iMPACT and so I have returned to challenge The Raven Effect for the World Heavyweight Championship! That brings us to last week, I handled my business against DaDeadman and then the upset crybaby The Raven Effect came out in pure jealousy to try a sneak attack. I won my match, you couldn?t handle Fallen Diablo and then you got so damn lucky when security came out and stopped me from tearing into you right then and there. I can?t wait until Wrestlemania, I have beaten you countless time TRE and Honestly I can?t wait to do it again and take the thing to treasure the most, the YWSE World Heavyweight Championship! When I do that, I will join a very prestigious list.


2.The Legacy Countinues

3.Deadman 4 Life

Those 3 men have 1 thing in common; they are the only 3 men that have held both the YWSE Championship AND the World Heavyweight Championship. I was the first man to ever win the YWSE Championship and at Wrestlemania 3, The Name World Biiggest Hardy Fan will be added to that list and nobody will ever be able to deny me my place in history. I will join the elite and there is nothing you can do to stop me. The Raven Effect, you can bring your A game; You can bring your A+ game for all I care, but I am still going to kick your ass and take the belt. I did not fight to my absolute limit through blood and sweat to win the Royal Rumble to go to Wrestlemania to lose. I knew there was only one road that guaranteed me a ticket to Wrestlemania. It was not the easiest route, not route to Wrestlemania is easy, but it was a direct route and it was the only one that would get me there.

Like I referenced a minute ago, I can?t wait to get my hands on The Raven Effect; luckily, I don?t have to. Tonight it?s not 1 on 1 but it is good enough for me. I align myself with one of the most dominant women in the history of YWSE. I am not going to lie, I only met her yesterday but I have seen her in the ring and I have been quite impressed. She is the Knockouts Champion for a reason. When the Knockouts Champion and the First YWSE Champion/Future World Heavyweight Champion team up its going to be unstoppable. I hope The Raven Effect is ready, I am tonight I am going to give you a sample, a little bit of a taste of what Wrestlemania 3 has in store for you. When WBHF Speaks, You Had Better Listen

1: Diablo

2: Amie

3: PD


1: No Contest

2: HSM

3: Mr. Bear

ME: D4L and DXL
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DX_Lover? *JM Edition* is on a distinguished road



Match One-Davis Champion

Match Two-Lady Jane

Match Three-Da Deadman

Match Four-WBHF and Ms.Lol


Match One-Serena

Match Two-Shelton B

Match Three-G Bear

Main Event------------


Todd-Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Welcome My Guest At This Time, DXL. Welcome.

DXL-Thanks! *Adjusts My Belt*

Todd-So How Are You Feeling About Your Match Tonight? Your Going To Tag With The YWSE Champion D4L To Take On RRJ and Aries. What A Match!

DXL-Okay, Let's Lay Down The Foundation. Let's Start With Aries. She Has Never Been A Champion. And She Will NEVER Be One. Never. You See, Aries Has Always ?Tried Her Best? and Ends Up Failing. *Looks Into The Camera* Don?t You Think That?s A Sign To Stop? *laughs* She Tries And Tries So Hard, But In The End She Can Never Get It. Boo Hoo. Aries. I Know Your Every Move. Let?s Not All Forget I Was Your Partner For A Few Weeks/Months. So Don?t Think You Can Trick Me. Tonight Will Definitely Be A Warm Up For Me Before I Head Into Wrestlemania III.And Her Partner, RRJ. His So Called Quest To Become The YWSE Champ, Or A Champion At All Will Become An Epic Fail, Just Like Him. RRJ, This Isn?t My First Time Being In The Ring With Guys. I Will Put Up A Fight Tonight. D4L Will Beat You Like There Is No Tomorrow! Mark My Words!D4L And I Have Multiple Things in Common. We Both Are Champs. And We Both Represent Our Division Proudly. D4L Is One Of The Originals Here, So Am I. So Don?t You Think We Would Know Our Way Around The Ring By Now? This Match Will Be No Sweat To Me Or D4L.

Todd-Hmm? Interesting. Last Minute Thoughts?

DXL-Nope. *My Music Starts Playing* Well, I Should Start Making My Way Out, Watch And Learn Todd, Watch And Learn. *Starts Walking, But Then I Turn Back*

Todd-What Happened?

DXL-Forgot Something Very Important. *Takes The Mic* RRJ. Aries. D4L and DXL Will Prevail Tonight. Cuz If Your Not Down With That, My Buddy Todd Here Has Two? Words? For Ya!

*Hands Him The Mic And Leaves*

::::::::::::END PROMOO:::::::::::::::
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Human Psycho Machine is on a distinguished road


I dont care what any of you guys have to say , i dont give a damn what your going do Shelton B and Shawn Davis i guess i can say i have history with you guys we i faced the both ya at the last PPV i stood alone and done well esp after already having a match and you guys took the tag title from around my waist good for you as far as im concerned you can take the belts and shove em where the sun dont shine cuz i could carless about those belts you done me a huge favor taking it way from me all those titles do is lead up jealous and stabbing in the back so mark my words idiots you may think your top of the world since you have those belts but in the end one of you will turn on each other that is what title is all about so congrats and theres no doubt in my mind the disagrees between you to will get in away of winning the shot at the ic championship title so dont even bother trying cuz neither one of you 2 are going anywhere cuz your own foolish prides wont allow it your great wrestlers no doubt but when it comes brains your bunch of morons without clue you will take yourselfs and i wont even need to lay a finger on you which leaves to the rookie or shall i say the talent virgin i faced you in the ring weeks ago you were nothing kid and you couldnt stand toe toe with me hell it was all me i crushed your ass you couldnt even lay a finger on me like i said you are the talent virgin why do i say that the answer really simple cuz you and virgin are alot alike a virgin doesnt know what hes doing and the same goes for your wrestling skills your inring abilities are no different then that virgin getting himself a of azz first time he absolutly sucks hes breathing heavy trying to please the more expreinced woman and failed to make her scream unless your a female virgin that screams louder then she ever had before that you can do well because when i got my hands on you beat you down you screamin like a freakin whore it was pathetic and make sick yeah you pulled off victory i denying that but how due to outside interences you got lucky and picked up the peices congrats you won but you didnt prove nothing you didnt prove that you deserve titles you didnt prove you deserve to be here all you proved is that your worthless and not going anymore here so take your punk azz screamin whore self back to where ever the hell you came from or im gonna send you there myself you think the beating i gave you weeks back was bad i was just taking it easy on you but tonight with IC championship shot on the line im gonna break your neck if i have to so come out with your cocky self and act like your great but i know the other two guys in the match tonight and all the bosses in the back the camera crew the guys that put the ring together and alll the fans no your words mean jack so shut the hell up i dont sweat you Shelton B. i dont even sweat you davis champion and beerad you already know i dont sweat you so shine that belt up real nice put some diamond sparkle on it because it is coming home to the human suplex machine and not only that im starting my legendary winning streak at grandest stage of them all wrestle freakin mania first the championship second the streak 3rd ywse champion 4th a legend in the makings SURVIVEEEEEEEEEEE IF I LET YOU!!!!!!!

(sorry for no periods i just rushed through this with a splitting headache lol)

Fallen Diablo


Psycho Dude

Worlds Biggest Hardy Fan/Ms. Lol



Charlie Scene

D4L and DX_Lover

Contract signing: tlc will cheap shot the king of kings leaving him bloody
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Serena is on a distinguished road

my votes are for Davis,Amie, Da Deadman, The Raven Effect/Maria, The Edgeucator, Graduation Bear, D4L and DX_Lover

***Serena is pulling into the parking lot and Josh Matthews comes running at her car. Serena rolls down the window.****

Josh - Serena can I get your thoughts on what Vickie just announced?

Serena- um can I park my car first? wait, what announcement?

Josh - general manager Vickie annoucned that because Clarice is sick she gets to choose a replacement for you to face tonight

Serena - wow I wonder how much butt kissing they did to get that. Im almost sad I missed it. So this is how they think they are going to get me eh? you see again cko is proving that they are scared of me. Clarice knew that if she faced me here tonight I would have owned her and made our already big chances of become knockouts tag champs at wrestlemania even bigger.

Josh - So you think this move was out of fear?

Serena - obivously. Josh are you stupid or something? have you not been paying attention to what goes on around here? you interview me every week I think you should have clued in by now. From cheap attacks to cheap insults, cko is always showing they they are very afraid and they should be.

Josh - do you have any idea who they are going to pick for your opponent?

Serena - Josh I have no idea who they will choose but whoever it is better be ready for a world of pain because hurricane Serena is coming and it's not going to be pretty!

Josh - okay thank you Serena and good luck in your match tonight

Serena - It has nothing to do with luck Josh, its about skill and I have a lot of it. can I go park my car now?

Josh - yes and good I some but out there!

***Serena speeds off leaving a cloud of smoke to cover Josh Matthews who starts to cough***
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The Legacy Continues is on a distinguished road

WQ: Cody Rhodes

YWSE Mania is gonna rock! WWE Mania, eh, not so much...

Match 1: Fallen Diablo FTW!

Match 2: Amie FTW!

Match 3: Psycho Dude FTW!

Match 4: WBHF and Ms. Lol FTW!

Match 1: ???

Match 2: HSM FTW!

Match 3: Graduation Bear FTW!

Match 4: D4L and DXL FTW!


Well, King of Kings, it looks like six is your unlucky number. In just six days, you will find yourself face down in a pool of your own blood. Fe! Fi! Fo! Fum b!tch!! I have been waiting for so long to get my hands on you, KOK. This Sunday, at YWSE Wrestlemania 3, all the hatred and bitter resentment will culminate in an all out bloody war! I will stop at nothing to prove, once and for all, that I am better than this bafoon King of Kings.

KOK, you like to go out, spouting crap from your mouth, and pretending that your still as tough as you were at Wrestlemania 1? Wake up and smell the coffee you wanker. You were never better than TLC, you will never be better than TLC...just face it KOK, you will never be TLC! Well KOK, like most, I think talk is cheap. So this is where I stop talking. If you have anything to say to me, you can tell me to my face, tonight, when we sign our Mania contract.

And remember KOK, in six're through.
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Amie? {WC2010 - Lets Go England} is on a distinguished road


*Amie's entrance music fills the arena as the crowd errupts with cheers, she makes her way to the ring, shovel in hand*

Right, listen up everyone. Tonight I have an important and familiar match. I have had many #1 contender matches before, whereas Lady Jane has had zero. I am at the obvious advantage, but I won't count Lady Jane out, as anything can happen.

But, Lady Jane, you fail to see the greatness that I am and all that I have achieved. Whilst you battled to earn a spot on the YWSE roster, I have been here winning championships. As ever, let me remind you. I am a former Knockout's champion and future champion. My title was lost last year against the great Dana. She is a female legend of this business, who better to lose the title to? I have also achieved what no other has. I was the first Knockout to hold the YWSE Extreme title. Isn't that right, Raven? *Amie winks at the camera*.

So Lady Jane you need to realize that tonight you will be lucky enough to step in the ring toe to toe with me, a former champion of this company. After I defeat you and take my rightful place as the new #1 contender to the Knockout's title, I will face Ms Lol. And I will become a 2 time Knockout's champion.

Ms Lol, I see you're still running your mouth and talking trash. You won't be talking so much smack when I whoop your a$$ and take back MY Knockout's title.

YWSE biggest event of the year, Wrestlemania is ever so soon. And look, the greatest KO of ALL time, AMIE, does not have a match. This is absurd, so Heyman expect a visit from me later.

The point is Wrestlemania will be nothing without me. Hell, I could beat Ms Lol and Clarice combined.

Bt enough of that. Tonight Lady Jane you will feel my pressence in the ring, you will be surrounded by greatness. And you will be lucky to escape with your career in tact. Luckily, you have no match at Mania so far, because after I'm done with you, you won't make it to Mania!

This message has been bought to you by the next YWSE Knockout's champion, Amie!




WBHF and Kristen




D4L and DX_Lover


WQ: Ted DiBiase - IMO, he has a better future. He has more talent than Codt Rhodes and just better fan connection.
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EC Connection? Edge- RR2010 is on a distinguished road

I will make my announcement about whether I am staying in YWSE as soon as the YWSA Backlash results are posted.
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Never Goin Down is on a distinguished road

Promo:*Onto The Next One plays and fills the arena as the crowd is ready to see FD come to the ring*(after 2 minutes noone is coming to the ring)

Announcer:Ladies and gentlemen,due to forfeit the winner of this match is Davi--

*interrupted by FD*

FD:Not so fast Mrs.Garcia.Look you fans really thought the match could start without me coming and saying some words to the YWSE Universe?Well I am afraid to tell you that you were all wrong.Look tonight I face the man they know as Davis Champion aka GSAE in the last show before YWSE WM 3 and more important the YWSE HOF.Look Davis I know you consider yourself some good wrestler but the fact is that I have beaten the best and I deserve more than an opening match against some relatively has-been.Davis I have just defeated the world champion and you think that I am afraid of you*the screen shows FD roling-up TRE for the 3 count*.But that's not the point,I'm sure that Paul Heyman will realise what kind of talent he has in his roster before giving others the spotlight.Speaking of spotlight,I know that spotlight is your little obsession of winning matches even though you are nothing more than some guy who won the tag titles.You think that defeating HSM and C1P after a brutal showdown is something to be proud of?I defeated both of them when they were 100% capable of wrestling and you didn't see me whining about it or busting or even bragging.Look Davis I know that the fans came here to see wrestling not talking and that's exaclty what they will get!Play my music and get ready to have some fun!
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