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What do you think the company will be like under Stephanie's control? What so non wrestling
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Default What do you think the company will be like under Stephanie's control? What so non wrestling

fans think of WWE? What do you think it will be like once Stephanie takes over WWE? I know Vince is out if his mind right now, but no one can compare to Vince as the owner of WWE for decades now. Not Steph or Triple H. The IWC think they no who will be a better boss but we don't know behind the scenes. I do have to give probs to HHH for NXT but NXT is a smaller company with no sponsors so how can he and Stephanie control a bigger company with lots of sponsors?
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I think it'll be shit. What do non wrestling fans think of wwe? They think it's gay.
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Stephanie's always connected herself with talented little guys it feels like. With guys like Bryan, Jericho, and Kendrick being notably linked to Stephanie in storyline, I think it's safe to say that she knows talent and doesn't really have a hang up, like her father, when it comes to having a superstar look.

During her tenure of heading Smackdown's creative department, she pushed for a very no-nonsense, wrestling-packed show, with almost an ROH vibe to it at times in retrospect with guys like Londrick making up the tag division, along with The Pitbulls (Jamie Noble and Kid Kash), along with a pretty strong cruiserweight division with guys like Chavo, Super Crazy, Psychosis, Jimmy Yang, Ultimo Dragon, and Juvi in the mix of things. She also seems to like young talent, considering, again, during her tenure on top, a lot of up start guys got a chance.

I don't cringe at the thought of Stephanie being in charge, or Triple H for that matter, as long as they keep the clique out, and stick to their fundamental ideas of what wrestling appear to be.
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Stephanie and Triple H seem to be way less senile than Vince. He has this like gay love thing going on with big muscular guys like Cena, Batista, Orton. He has an idea of what a star should look like and he refuses to let anyone who looks different have a shot. Dolph, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Masters, and a ton of other smaller guys could have been top stars but Vince wouldn't see it because he has his mind set in the old ways. Triple H is in charge of NXT and that show is amazing. Everyone gets the respect and time they deserve and they all have different gimmicks and such. Raw and Smackdown barely have anyone with different gimmicks. All the faces want to be some kind of hero and save everyone while the heels all think they're so good looking and better than everyone else. The divas get treated with real respect on NXT and I think with Steph and HHH in charge the tag team, cruiser weight, mid card, and diva divisions will all get back on track. Vince seems to not like small guys and thinks he can turn every model into the next Trish Stratus. They need to take women like Paige and AJ, let them duke it out, cut good promos, and have great feuds and they won't have to worry about making the next Trish because they'll be successful all on their own.
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I personally think Stephanie will do a good job. Vince was a great owner of the WWE. I know people are gonna probably complain saying that he is the problem of talent not being pushed and PG rating. But the thing is that yes Vince has made some decisions that were not great but he made some great ones to. I think Stephanie will do a good job. Maybe not have the same legacy as Vince did but she will do okay. She has plenty of new young talent to work with like Ambrose, Wyatt Family, Reigns, Rollins, Cesaro, Swagger, Barrett, Sheamus, and others.
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