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Professional Wrestling: What problem do people have with Cesaro being with Paul Heyman?
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Default Professional Wrestling: What problem do people have with Cesaro being with Paul Heyman?

'I think Cesaro is the only one not ready. I'm not really keen on his partnership with Heyman thus far. The terrible theme, terrible entrance clothing and the fact that Heyman is pushing Lesnar beating the streak more than Cesaro is all a problem. Cesaro would've benefitted more from staying with Zeb Colter (and cutting Jack Swagger from the team).'

People do realize the whole 'Brock Lesnar Broke The Streak' is to gain both Paul Heyman and Cesaro heat right, I don't understand what is so horrible bad with Cesaro's theme I've said this before; it's recognizable and makes sense....Now people are complaining about his attire?
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Dead?anri??ng- ?Savior Of The WS? is on a distinguished road

Some things I'd like to clear up.

-I absolutely hate the fact that the streak broke, but as pro-wrestling works, it's smart of Heyman to use that to get heat. Had I been in the arena, I'd have boo'd my lungs out for that itself. The streak breaking was one of the biggest, shattering achievements ever; it's logical to boast.

-Cesaro's Theme Song is good. Nothing awesome; but good. Credits to you for explaining his theme, the Sirens representing his Uppercuts and the Swing. Wonder why it didn't strike me earlier.

-Cesaro's attire is perfectly fine. Goddamn.

-Cesaro is excellent in the ring.. but on the mic, he's pathetic. It's logical to give him a manager in such a case, and they've given one of their best talents, their best manager. I don't get what people have against this- It's perfect. Cesaro needs Heyman. And Heyman's doing an excellent job.

-Cesaro would NOT have benefited much from Colter, because:

*It was getting old.

*The whole theme of Colter is Real Americans. Cesaro no longer needed to be a Team Player, and quite frankly, isn't even Amercian. He needed to go on his own, with a new manager, perhaps.

*Heyman's the better manager.

Seriously, if people are complaining about his attire, I've seen it all. People complain about everything and anything. It's sickening, and I hate the people that ruin the product for me with constant b*tching.
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I just think Cesaro should have been given a chance to get over on his own.

So i get a thumb down.explain why Cesaro don't deserve to get over on his own.
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Heat? The only person benefitting from "my client Brock Lesnar conquered the Undertaker's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania" is Brock Lesnar. Cesaro, in essence, gets no reaction and it's because of Paul Heyman. He either needs to speak for himself or get a new manager because Heyman isn't helping.

His theme is terrible. The horn at the beginning gives it a pop music sound. The rest is generic banter. His entrance attire is glittery and contradicts his stiff, technical wrestling style. He also walks to the ring like he has a stick up his you know what.
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Bcz everyone thought it was retarded how he jumped ship from one heel manager to another. The biggest moment of his career led everyone to believe that hell b your no 2 or 3 babyface within the next ten days however people need to realize that before u become undisputed champ u have to go through losing in 7 man world title matches and then work your way up to losing triple freats or fatal four way and then that 1 on 1 world title match cesaro needs to go through all of that which I know he will to get that world title reign. If there were two titles still cesaro would be perfect for the heavyweight title since that whc was a filler title with last minute silly storyline and wwe was for the guys that the fans really love or really hate and cesaro is an excellent talent but he's one of those people that as champ could be like what mark henry was as world champ just filler storylines
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