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Professional Wrestling: WHY Are/Was these African American Professional Wrestlers
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Default Professional Wrestling: WHY Are/Was these African American Professional Wrestlers

worthy of Major Gold? Alicia Fox

Bobby Lashley

Elijah Burke


Kofi Kingston



Shelton Benjamin

Titus O'Neil

'Michael Hayes is a racist'

I: WHY Are/Was these African American Professional Wrestlers Worthy of Major Gold?

II: WHY When a non-Caucasian Professional Wrestler doesn't get pushed it's about Race, yet when a Caucasian Professional Wrestler doesn't get pushed it's because they suck.
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What does race have to do with anything, couldn't you of just asked why those guys deserve gold instead of bringing their race into the question
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Alicia Fox seen better seen worse but I definately don't think of her as carrying the divas division.

Bobby Lashley good powerhouse wrestler but lacks charisma.

Elijah Burke is a jerk (probably Patrisha M's favourite she likes to promote hate too)

JTG need I even have to answer that one?

Kofi Kingston I really like Kofi, talented guy that works well with most, always enjoy his matches with Ziggler, he just needs a character tweak to be noticed more.

R Truth again seen better seen worse but has not got major champion written on him imo.

Shad limited in the ring, great look but needed to massively improve his in ring skills.

Shelton Benjamin yes very talented guy and if he was booked with more character I think could have been a top player.

Titus O Neil I like him but again in the ring I don't think he is amazing, better sticking to tag team wrestling,PTP was better as a team than in singles.
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Alicia Fox - The Divas Championship is a minor title, not a major title, so for her to win

major gold she would have to win the WWE Championship or World, and that's not happening.

Also, she sucks.

Bobby Lashley - He is a very talented athlete, though not as good as Ezekiel Jackson, who I

often compare him to, he is very agile and strong, and has a lot of durability, that is why he

was worthy of being ECW Champion, also he was okay at the mic, better than bad at the mic though.

Elijah Burke - He is way over-rated, and I never saw him as top talent at all, he never deserves

to be a major champion in WWE, maybe he can pull it off over there in TNA.

Kofi Kingston - He is the most talented athlete of this generation or any other, he

is pretty good at promo's, he is pretty funny, he has the full package and is the future of WWE.

He will be WWE World Heavyweight Champion one day, he deserves it. I hope he wins

the 2nd Money In The Bank and goes on to cash in for the title.

R-Truth - Truth is a great wrestler, and can play both the heel and the face perfectly showing

that he's not just good at this one gimmick, He is awesome at promos, and funny, he

put on awesome main-event matches back when he was up there a little while back, he

deserves another run at the main-event, and this time winning the championship.

Shad - Shad was great, awesome promos, pretty good ring work, and he may not be at

the top of the line of those who deserved main championship runs, but he is in there, he

deserved to be the World Champion, not only that but his gimmick was no lie, he got arrested

in 2011 for jaywalking and refusing commands of a police officer, he was made for the gimmick

he had in WWE.

Shelton Benjamin - The 3rd most talented man in WWE history (Shawn Michaels is 2nd, Kofi is 1st),

Shelton Benjamin was a natural in the ring, he was really funny, and was great at promos,

Shelton Benjamin definitely should have been ECW Champion.

Titus O'Neil - Absolutely not.

BQ: I never said WWE is racist, I believe it's pure coincidence.
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I know you'll disagree with me here, but I think Shelton Benjamin COULD have been a good World Champion. Sure he didn't have much charisma, but if you go look back when he defeated Triple H on RAW he instantly became a fan favourite. He was the very definition of a babyface. He was so over with the crowd it wasn't even funny. If the WWE just booked him right he could of had a decent run with the World Title. He was very talented in the ring and put on good matches. He would have made a pretty decent World Champion.

That's just my opinion.
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Alicia Fox: She sucks. Her crazy gimmick was okay, actually it sucked, but looked better than the other gimmick-less Divas.

Bobby Lashley: I actually do like him, although he joins Ryback and Goldberg in their prestigious category of 'Pushed to the moon because of a shooter like image'.

Elijah Burke: Don't know enough to comment.

JTG: I'm going to put JTG and Shad together. Crime Tyme was amazing. Now was it racist? No, it was stereotypical. And seriously, I don't think they took offense to that. Do people not understand racism?

Making an Indian wear a turban, making a black guy rap, is the SAME as making Spanish people (Los Matadores) bull fight. It's cultural/stereotypical.

Racist, is when you're calling the N word, or something similar. THAT is racism.

JTG and Shad were one of my favourite teams, because they had marketability and they were a lot of fun to watch. They were gimmicked as best friends, who were hilarious and fun, they had team chemistry to the moon and back. I think Shad had to leave or something, I don't know. Breaking them up was dumb.

Kofi Kingston: I've said this before. Go on your questions and locate the link.

-Spot Monkey

-No marketability

-Zero mic skills

-Already former US, IC and Tag Champion

-Only 32 years old, will achieve more, but never a world title. Not believable. Sorry.

R-Truth: Do you see anyone wanting an R-Truth T-shirt? He's mediocre. That's about all. Just mediocre, although he's above average in the ring, he still lacks mic skills, charisma, marketability, personality and chemistry with some superstars. Not to mention, he's 42.

Shad: Read JTG's (scroll up)

Shelton Benjamin: I actually did like Benjamin. He's the kind of guy that you enjoy, but never want in the main event. Achieving a mid card, maybe upper mid card championship like the IC title is where he belongs. I.. I don't know how to frame this answer.

Titus O'Neil: Good god, what the f*ck? He's just big and muscle, that's all he's got. Sorry.

I have one question-

Do people not get what World Title is?

The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Bret Hart, Stone Cold- These are world championship materials. Now, I know they don't "make em like they used to", but come on, show some respect to the world titles.

The Rock, being black is one of the greatest of all time.

When I say this, people come at me saying "But oh, he's part black".

Yeah, like Vince sips coffee remarking "HM, he's fully black? Mid Card. Oh, he's half black? Main event".

Mark Henry was amazing, he had marketability, charisma, brute power and size as the World's Strongest Man. I admit he probably should have won a world title earlier, but there were probably more deserving champions at the time.

Henry is a former World Heavyweight Champion, and he was about to get another main event push when he suffered an injury.

As for my opinions on racism by the WWE, fumble through your questions and post the link.
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Because they got a push
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Elijah Burke,Shelton Benjamin,and Bobby Lashley are good talent.
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