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Professional Wrestling: HOW many times can Total Nonstop Action directly slap the fans in the face?
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Default Professional Wrestling: HOW many times can Total Nonstop Action directly slap the fans in the face?

I. Heel Authority Figure Vs Heel Authority Figure DOESN'T WORK! Dixie Carter Vs MVP, Why should anybody care. This isn't going to work, surprisingly enough TNA Apparently knows that but doesn't care they had the chance and they dropped the ball.

II. Dixie Carter doesn't need anymore Heat, Jesus Christ personally or Professional Wrestling wise nobody likes Dixie Carter. She doesn't need more Heat, so why does Impact! Wrestling feel the need to slap the fans in the face with the truth and yet still feel the need to attempt to give Carter more Heat?

III. Bill Goldberg as your champion, good luck with that Total Nonstop Action. How long before Lashley take the ball and goes home, just like he did in Every Single Professional Wrestling Promotion he's ever been apart of WWE, Hell JCW; What makes TNA any different. Shove the guy to the moon, now watch him crash.

IV: Random Title Defenses doesn't make us care, slapping the title on somebody doesn't make us care; spotfests don't make us care (THE WOLVES!).

There is little to absolutely nothing to actually get invested in, TNA Dropped the ball with Bully Ray Vs Dixie Carter; there is no way Carter will ever eat wood so the whole rivalry is pointless. ReNWO Vs TNA is destined to fail; Re2007 (The Beautiful People Vs Gail Kim, Ect) is destined to fail; Willow Failed, so, there is absolutely nothing to actually give a damn about.
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When did Bill Goldberg become TNA champion, they wouldn't pay him enough for him to join

I could TNA what to do to fix their company, but they would do the exact opposite because they don't like criticism
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Before anyone barks, comments or snaps, note that I talk from mediocre TNA watching experience, certainly not as upto par as most of you. Recent WWE occurings/predictions are more my area of expertise.

I) Heel Authority vs Heel Authority for control of company shares can definitely work, if done right. Vince McMahon vs Paul Heyman for the WWE would work, because they'd do it better. TNA is just sh*tting all over with it.

Some things I noticed:

-I don't think they get the meaning of an alter ego, you're kind of supposed to give Chris Benoit treatment to the other half of the person while the Alter ego is on. Mentioning it makes it sound like just a costume change.

-I don't know about Lashley, but he's not coming to the WWE, unless he signs with Double J's promotion or something, or decides to rest, I don't see him going. For some reason I kind of like him, but certainly not as much as they push him.

-MVP. Bah gawd, this annoying mid carder. He sounds like a priest next to the confession box; good lord, I actually was interested in the 'Savior of TNA' storyline, but MVP's sh*tty, sh*tty mic skills made me fast forward. This. Guy. Cannot. Talk.

Everything he does screams mid carder.

-Carter needs to take it easy, it seemed more like TNA "Starring Dixie Carter". And no, it's not the same as what Triple H does, because he's actually not that annoying, more deserving, and puts together storylines well. Better than TNA, no doubt.

-TNA rings need to be larger. Are they 20 by 20 feet or not? They seem small and it annoys me.

-The six sided ring was utter crap, and I hated it. I don't see how any true pro wrestling fan can appreciate anything but a four sided, 20 by 20 ring, but hey, I'm not judging.

I haven't watched TNA in a long time; but Austin Aries, Bobby Rhoode and Bully Ray are three wrestlers that I absolutely love. I hope all of them are still there. They make me want to go back and give TNA a chance. Please tell me, they're not fired?
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Erick Bichoff was heel in WCW, at the same time Vince McMahon was heel in WWF.

That was the highest rated time in WWF/WCW history!

So how can heel authority VS heel authority not work?

You can never not have enough heat, it's best for business.

Bobby Lashley is awesome, who cares if he leaves promotions for other promotions, and leaves

that promotion for other promotion, just goes to show how many people want Bobby Lashley,

because he's what's best for business.

I agree about the nothing to be invested in though, it's never worth your time or money

to do anything with TNA, because TNA sucks.
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Quit abusing yourself, Dave. And quit paying to abuse yourself, too. I didn't even order Slammiversary (although I heard it wasn't a terrible show).

I'm in the same boat as you right now with TNA. Nothing they're doing makes any cohesive sense from a storyline standpoint.

Lashley's even bailed on TNA before for MMA. He's flighty, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's some sort of title overturn since Dixie's taddletailing to management. In this lesser of two evil's scenario, they could potentially strip both Lashley and EY of the strap and hold a tournament for the gold and give it to someone whose in the back curtain jerking instead of headlining, like Roode, Storm, or even Aries.

I hope Kurt's not a pay-per-appearance talent. I have no idea why they even brought him in this week. He essentially showed up, got told to leave, and left. Great storytelling.

I don't get the point of Dreamer essentially coming in for what I'm assuming was one appearance to pretty much point out the faults in Dixie's current TNA role and product. I doubt there will be any followup, and I doubt Tommy will want to work with TNA anyway after they pulled promised talent from House of Hardcore at the last minute.

Maybe it's time to give TNA a break for awhile, and in doing so, give ourselves a break.
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