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Should Trish Stratus return to WWE? Or No?
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Kathlyn is on a distinguished road
Default Should Trish Stratus return to WWE? Or No?

What do you think?

BQ- Should Brock vs The Rock happen at WM 31?

BQ2- Was Triple H ever the man in the WWF/E?

BQ3- Who's prettier and better; Stephanie or Trish?
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Xtremenator1 is on a distinguished road

For a spot against Aj Lee perhaps (Paige isn't at that level yet). But it should be about putting the women over and not holding them down. I'd prefer if they didn't bring her back at all (despite being one of my favorite wrestlers of all-time), because building towards the future should be the #1 option. Who knows how well she would perform if she returned? She could be like the Rock and be really bad (in comparison to when he was in his prime). Might harm her legacy. Best to go off on a good note sometimes.

BQ: The Rock vs Heyman could be interesting, but once again I wouldn't care too much about it. There should be more focus on rising stars, not old flames (unless it's exceptional circumstances like Undertaker and HBK).

BQ2: I started watching in 2002, and around that time was when Evolution was getting into the fold. He was pretty over, and one of the top heels of his generation (all-time to some). He "used" to get a lot of hate because he was married to Steph and everyone thought he was handed his success, which couldn't be further from the truth. He was never "the guy" though, but he was in his prime the guy who, "the guy", would feud with. If that makes sense. Probably doesn't; Me gots bad grammar.

BQ3: Well Trish Stratus for me was the hottest women of all-time, in life. Like no joke. But they're both pretty in their own right. Trish was the better wrestler and performer, but just recently Stephanie has emerged as a pretty good promo cutter. As a wrestler Trish was way better, but Stephanie's can hold her own.
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Dave Hytmen is on a distinguished road

What is your ....... obsession with Trish Stratus? No, seriously. Every single question you've ever asked here has Trish Stratus involved; it's a repeating cycle of ....! Should Trish Stratus Return? NO!

Bonus Question I: Should Brock Lesnar Vs Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson happen at Wrestlemania 31? Did you watch Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Vs John Cena II at Wrestlemania 29? Will Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Vs Brock Lesnar happen at Wrestlemania 31, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson said that was the original plan for Wrestlemania xXx but he couldn't make it; but he said he would be involved with Wrestlemania 31 so...

Bonus Question II: No, Triple H has always been The Man next to The Man in World Wrestling Entertainment. He was never 'The Face'.

Bonus Question III: Stephanie McMahon.
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Trish Stratus is retired.
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I don't think she have any plans in doing so.
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Jose is on a distinguished road

Trish Stratus imo was never one of the best wrestlers but she was interesting to watch. I wouldnt mind if she came back to put over talent

But only good talent

BQ-I think if Brock and Rock should wrestle at WM31it would be one of those matches that without the crowd it will suck

BQ2-I think during 2002-04 was when Triple H was on top but other than that hes mostly the guy thats going against the guy you want to see

BQ3-Trish is still beautiful imo and was back then

But Stephanie Mcmahon during 2002-03 was very hot also but ill go with Trish
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CHRONIC T.C.W is on a distinguished road

Just for one feud although i generally do not like Hall of Famers returning for one more match

Rock vs Brock will be interesting but slow and will take WWE absolutely nowhere, if you think about this what happens if Rock defeats Brock it makes Undertaker streak seem so weak, the only way i can see WWE actually get something out of it is if cena screws rock and finally turns heel

i like trish she had an amazing @ss but steph had those legs and that b1tchy attitude that made you want to slap her and fvck her
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Mr. Milwaukee, Wisconsin is on a distinguished road

BQ- yes that'll be awesome

BQ2- someday he will, the best for business gimmick has conquer things in the WWE so unless he remove that from this era he'll completely be a "Boss" and not a "Chump."

BQ3- Trish is sexy, Stephanie is beautiful
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Stephen is on a distinguished road

I like Trish and respected what she did but I'm going to say No.

The reason being we are in a new era of women that hopefully will raise their game in the near future.

Trish and the ladies of their division had one of if not the most successful periods in the women's/divas division history, so I think a good thing should be kept as just that.

Let the ladies of today have their time, let's see Paige, AJ, Natalya, the up and comers etc build a division that hopefully we can all look back on fondly also.

Trish also has not wrestled full time in several years so I don't want to see her legacy look weak by a mediocre return.

I have nothing against Trish and former divas making special appearances and one off special matches.

BQ. I hope not I want to see younger fresher talent get more love at wrestlemania 31.

BQ2. No I would say he was the top heel on several occasions but never THE top star, that honour belongs to Austin, Rock and Cena.

BQ3. Trish was a better overall talent.
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