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On an ascending scale of 1-10, how would you rate the current quality of WWE?
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Default On an ascending scale of 1-10, how would you rate the current quality of WWE?

If WWE is suppose to be entertaining, then rate it by how entertained you are. Think of all the current storylines, characters, personas, rivalries, and matches, then rate how entertained you really are.

Personally, I think the quality has diminished horribly in the last few years. I can't say I'm happy with much of anything with what they're doing anymore at all. I think they've written themselves into a corner and have absolutely no idea which direction to go anymore.
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Let's see:

Storylines: 3 - WWE seems to have good storylines in the beginning, but they're often ruined by poor decisions, such as by breaking up money drawing stables with little reason or in boring ways. Compare Attitude Era stories such The Rock and Austin feuds to what they have now and see what I mean.

Booking: 3 - The same wrestlers usually win it all like John Cena. If not that, these people lose due to cheating or matches end thanks to interference. Also, wrestlers without skill or toughness seem to win easily just to please the young crowd, with good examples being Daniel Bryan easily beating wrestlers like Kane with no strategy. Also, midgets (I don't mean any offense with that term) beating big wrestlers isn't good booking either. The only time good booking exists is during the PPVs, so that merits a 3.

Gimmicks: 2 - Wrestling used to have good gimmicks that were good in many unique ways. Hulk Hogan, a positive role model that was a great entertainer and put wrestling on the map. Stone Cold, a tough redneck that drank beer and hated his boss. The Rock, a good-looking comedian that clowned everybody. Undertaker, a deadman that scared everybody. Kane, a demon that did the same thing. Godfather, a pimp with hos. I could go on and on. Nowadays, it seems that WWE is obsessed with feminine men, midgets (no offense), and rednecks with long beards as if they're competing with Duck Dyansty. If not that, then gimmicks are rare.

Championships: 2 - The basic titles are fine, but to truly be entertaining, a big promotion like WWE needs more titles like in the past. This could keep unbelievable world champs like Rey Mysterio and Daniel Bryan from winning the big one and get over in a division they belong in.

Talent: 5 - One half is good. WWE has many talented wrestlers on their roster. The other half is bad. Much of that talent is wasted on the jobber's list. Plenty of wrestlers that have been over have been made jobbers like Kofi Kingston or placed in the wrong division like Ryback. Plenty of wrestlers with the look and potential like Titus O'Neil aren't even being coached and many talented superstars in the past like Shelton Benjamin had been let go. If WWE coached their wrestlers with potential and then booked them properly based on what the fans wanted, I would have given talent a full ten.

Final: 3+3+2+2+5=15. To find the mean, let's divide that by 5. That should equal 3. Thus, overall, I would rate WWE's product a 3/10, mighty lackluster in nearly all the areas. The PG Era is disappointing and bad not for being PG, but for having weak storylines, terrible booking except during the best PPVs, bad to barely existent gimmicks, few and disorganized titles, and a ton of talented wrestlers, a positive, but not coached and used properly, the negative.
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I agree with you King,but i say 3 out of 10.WWE has gotten somewhat better still kinda sucks.from dancing idiots,Hornswoggle etc.
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