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I'm so pissed off! I can't believe this is happening! Why?!?
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Default I'm so pissed off! I can't believe this is happening! Why?!?

I'm seriously crying right now (have been crying the whole night, can't sleep). Why did they do this? Why Lesnar? Why now? Why break the streak? Aaaarrrgghh!! This is so disrespectful to Taker's fans. I feel disrespected, I feel betrayed... I mean, The Undertaker goes through hell with HBK, HHH, Edge, Batista and then losers in a sh*tty match with a sh*tty F5? It's a joke! It's unreal! Ugh, I'm beyond heartbroken. I love The Undertaker, he's the reason I started watching WWE and he's just one of the people I most loved, respected and admired and to have him lose at Wrestlemania like this, it's just beyond shocking and sad.

I hope the Undertaker explains himself next Raw. We, the fans, deserve an explanation to all this madness.
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Lisa, Undertaker is pushing 50, so its doubtful that he would continue keeping this streak alive every year. Undertaker, for a while, wanted to end his streak, but he needed somebody with clout to do it. During this era, Brock Lesnar was the best man to do it considering his win against Taker during another PPV years back in the Hell in A Cell match. Newer talent likely wouldn't have went over with the fans for ending the streak and many seasoned vets on the roster weren't comfortable with ending the streak. Personally, I do believe that Lesnar shouldn't have been the person to end this streak though. If anything, I strongly believed that Kane should have ended Undertaker's streak because they're supposed to be brothers, know each others weaknesses pretty good, and have their family issues. The problem is that Kane has been booked incorrectly for years ever since he's been unmasked and the feud between them just wouldn't be the same again. Therefore, I'm not surprised that Taker lost this one. It was bound to happen sooner or later.
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its fake!!!! we needed a wake up dont u get it?
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check this out. the undertaker's streak might be broken, but its not beaten! no one will ever beat taker's 21 consecutive victories at wrestlemania. streak is over, record lives on.

brock lesnar is former ufc heavyweight champion and incredible pro wrestler. if someone deserved to break the streak, its him... the bad guy.

(i just hope lesnar comes back now full time)
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Undertaker had to get the streak alive.As it is,he defeated HHH,HBK,Edge,Flair,gets up after fainiting and taking a drug that is used to get guys to faint and he gets defeated by Lesnar.Lesnar can leave it if he gets a higher paycheck.

Undertaker had his last match,and he liked to beak the streak.And he lets Lesnar.He deserved to have the streak.I started gtting sad.Heyman is going to say that he said Lesnar is going to defeat him,and I am going to get angry at him.Still going to see as I think Undertaker is going to give his last speech this day.

Fuck Vince and Lesnar.
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the undertaker did not HAVE to lose because he was old. older men have won titles, ric flair wrestled into his 60's, and face it Hogan wrestled just over a year ago. I would like to let you know something that is widely known in the industry. Wrestlers, do not have ANY say in won/loss decisions. Those are bookers/ writers. that's why Goldberg lost his streak, and cm punk lost the longest title run in the 21st century etc. they don't decide who wins or looses or if they'll let so and so win or not. They control how much work they put into a match and whether or not they sell or put over someone in a match but that's it.
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