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How many of these people who criticize Raw are former WCW fans?
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Default How many of these people who criticize Raw are former WCW fans?

Yeah, the company that had Jay Leno main event a PPV, the company that used Dennis Rodham and promoted him as this great wrestler, the company that had David Arquette as it's champion, people can bitch about WWE all they want!

Even worst yet, TNA fans bitching about WWE's use of celebrities, talk about hypocritical, at least everyone in the freaking world knows who Arnold Swa, soarch, swachneggar is, they might not know how to spell his damn name, but they know who he is, how many know who the skinny guy from survivor is, who in their right mind would spend more money on someone from a reality show than spend that money on actual wrestling talent, I will tell you the answer, TNA, TNA, TNA!

Hello, Fox Man

Candle Botch Internet, did you just call me sweetie, WTF man
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WCW went out of business because of said waste of moneys on celebrities that did not draw at live events.

TNA hired some Survivor reality tv stars and thought that DANNY BONADOUCHE of all people should have wrestling matches. seriously WTF.

I hate celebrities. ROBO fn COP!
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As I've said. WWE isn't give them major Gold, they are their for promotion portions only; the segments end in a blink.

Fair And Balanced: BUT ROBO COP SAVED STING!.... Yeah
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I disagree with people that complain about celebrities in wrestling, but I'm not sure if these people are automatically WCW fans though. If done correctly, celebrities could have a place in wrestling, be used for promotion purposes, and attract different fan bases and viewing demographics to wrestling. PPVs that features celebrities also have the highest buy rates. However, I don't recommend them stepping in the ring or winning any titles without thorough training. The problem with WCW was that they just didn't use celebrities correctly. The celebrities such as David Arquette and Dennis Rodman were pushed too highly over talent that could actually wrestle and worked hard for spotlight despite the fact Arquette and Rodman couldn't wrestle. This hurt WCW big time. TNA, on the other hand, isn't really a big enough promotion to easily hire big name celebrities to put them on the map except for old wrestling legends. This explains why TNA tends to put emphasis on older wrestling talent. Instead, TNA, celebrity-wise, can only rely on hiring reality stars and D-list "celebrities" like Danny Bonaduce, who they thought would be logical to use because he at least had some wrestling training.
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Oh sweetie, WCW fans aren't even watching wrestling anymore. That's why the WWE's ratings went from 6 to 3 when the wars ended. That whole WCW demographic disappeared.
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As a huge fan of Arnie I gotta say it broke my heart to see the man in a WWE ring. How can he go from Commando, True Lies, The Terminator, Last Action Hero, The Eraser, to World Wrestling Entertainment? Hogan is just there to promote the fuck out of the network and all he ever did was The Nanny and Thunder In Paradise lol.

Daaaaaamn bro those clowns over at E are trolling their audience. How much money was wasted paying Arnold to show up? I know Vince has said before "we make movies" but they could never touch on Arnold's career.

How many people talk about The Marine or See No Evil? Those clowns over at E be trolling.
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