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Do You agree Undertaker's Wrestlemania Opponents Future to make it 30-0?
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Default Do You agree Undertaker's Wrestlemania Opponents Future to make it 30-0?

look i have a Silver List and i think he is trying to make it 30-0 then retire! look i have a list

1. Wrestlemania 30 - Brock Lesnar - 22-0

2. Wrestlemania 31 - Sting - 23-0

3. Wrestlemania 32 - Goldberg - 24-0

4. Wrestlemania 33 - The Rock - 25-0

5. Wrestlemania 34 - Kurt Angle - 26-0

6. Wrestlemania 35 - Chris Jericho - 27-0

7. Wrestlemania 36 - Sheamus - 28-0

8. Wrestlemania 37 - Daniel Bryan - 29-0

9. Wrestlemania 38 - John Cena - would be the Last - 30-0

If You Imagine Taker's health is still healty and Bill Goldberg and WWE Could agree to face Undertaker because he wanted to wrestle Undertaker long time ago and WWE Can have Goldberg similar Negotiations to Sting wants only taker for a match!
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DeadManRising: TCW Owner is on a distinguished road

It sounds great and dreamy..

But there is no way in Hell that this can happen.

The Undertaker is already old and grey. No offense! He's a legend and arguably the best superstar to ever step foot in the ring. But when I look at him; I no longer feel fear; I feel just respect. That's not good enough for The Undertaker.

The Undertaker will barely, barely make it to 25-0 if he wants to retire with a round figure number. I think 25 years (a quarter century!) would be best for him to retire. His engine is rusted; it will pull through for two or three more years until he finally retires and without a single doubt; enters the Hall Of Fame Class.

The Undertaker is my favorite wrestler. My name (DeadManRising) is in his honor. I would love to see him wrestle forever... but I don't want him to hurt himself. He has sacrificed his whole life for the company. Did you know? The WWE did not want him to have a big wedding because it would ruin "the dark image" that he has. So he had a small wedding. He never went too public. Being the "Dead Man" he had to remain silent.

I respect the sh*t out of him but he can't make it that long. He'll retire by 25-0.

I hate to disappoint you; but it's the truth.
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Dave Hytmen is on a distinguished road

I don't see how people would think Bill Goldberg Vs The Undertaker would be a good match, might as well have Ryback face The Undertaker it'd be the same thing. After watching Total Nonstop Action, I still don't understand how anyone would think Sting would put on a worthy match against The Deadman; Taker would have to carry the entire match. After watching Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson face John Cena, I don't understand why people would think him and The Undertaker would be a good match; looking at Kurt Angle in TNA I can't really see him still having a good match against The Undertaker. Chris Jericho Vs The Undertaker, Sheamus Vs The Undertaker and Daniel Bryan Vs The Undertaker would be a five star classic; John Cena has clearly stated he doesn't want to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania and Will Not Face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

Who'd I'd like to see Fight for The Streak at Wrestlemania that would put on a worth while match.

1. Bray Wyatt

2. Chris Jericho

3. Daniel Bryan

4. Dean Ambrose

5. Drew McIntyre

6. Sheamus

7. Wade Barrett
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steve is on a distinguished road

No I do not agree. I might not even be there next year, let alone 9 years from now.
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Did I Do Dat is on a distinguished road

not gonna happen
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Lol Undertaker would be 57 by WM38.
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Morgan is on a distinguished road

He will go 25-0 and have to stop he`s just getn to old had lots of injuries from walking the ropes
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Mark is on a distinguished road

No, I'd say it should only go up to probably would say 25-0. Here are the last 4 opponents that I want The Undertaker to increase to:

1. WrestleMania 30 - The Undertaker (face) vs. Brock Lesnar (heel) - 22-0

2. WrestleMania 31 - The Undertaker (face) vs. Sting (heel) - 23-0

3. WrestleMania 32 - The Undertaker (face) vs. John Cena (heel) - 24-0

4. WrestleMania 33 - The Undertaker (face) vs. Kane (heel) - 25-0

....... and then retire in 2017 after WrestleMania 33.
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