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If you were in charge of WWE...?
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Default If you were in charge of WWE...?

1. What story lines would you give these wrestlers?

A. Cesaro

B. Jack Swagger

C. The Wyatt Family

D. The Shield


F. Randy Orton

G. Batista

H. Curt Hawkins

I. Zack Ryder

J. John Cena

2. Who would you fire?

3. Who would you hire?

4. Pick 7 tag teams for the tag division.

5. Who would you call up from NXT?

6. Which Legends would you bring back?
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i would hire machine gun kelly to perform dark side of the moon before undertaker's entrance at wrestlemania
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I would make John Cena a heel by attacking undertaker at WM 30 which will eventually cause him to lose to Lesner and ended up with his streak. Fans will never forgive Cena.
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i would hire myself as a wwe superstar
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I`d change a lot bring in ODB for diva division diva is a stupid term call it womens and stop the pg-11 format. Orton would be changed more as face Cena would be heel somewhat and not change heel to face every other pay-per view. Have more matches of stronger opponents vs weaker opponents like a Undertaker or a Lesner taking on a 200 pound nobody every now and than have a fat slob lookin guy in once in awhile so people feel sorry for them getn destroyed build up as the night goes on. More and better promos. Matches are to predictable.
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Some people here don't understand one thing.

Storylines need to be creative for YEARS.

They say "Oh, I'd love it" because they would enjoy it for a week before they got fed up and bored. People need active storylines for years and years, and years... which is why sometimes the "push" gets delayed. People just want all their Dream Matches in one year.

What about the rest of the years? Nothing?


Here are the stories I would do (relating to Wrestlemania 30, which is coming up).


Cesaro and Jack Swagger would turn on each other. At Wrestlemania they would face off with Colter being the Referee. In the middle of the match, Colter attacks Cesaro and starts screaming "You're not a Real American!"

But Cesaro conquers the odds; he gets his push and wins.


The Wyatts and The Shield should not have been done at the Chamber because that was a Wrestlemania match. I would make them fight (Yes, AGAIN) but in an Elimination Chamber Tornado match.

Yeah, can I please ask, why didn't they fight in an Elimination Chamber? A six man Tornado would have been amazing.

So if a Chamber cannot be arranged, then perhaps a Cell. Or a Cage. Or anything brutal.


Randy and Batista would face off at Wrestlemania.

=> You didn't name Daniel Bryan but I'm including him as well.

Bryan beats Triple H. During the Triple Threat Match, Triple H still interferes. Maybe Randy RKO's him and turns face (that is needed) and anyways, Bryan wins and becomes the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.


Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder grow their hair long and become a Tag Team again. They will follow the steps of one big superstar (like they did for Edge). Maybe they follow a Heel Dolph Ziggler.

This is perfect.

Dolph turns heel, and Hawkins and Ryder follow him around.


John Cena would probably face Hulk Hogan in my opinion. I was against this at first but now I'm totally with it. But for god sake, this should NOT be the Main Event because if it's anything like Cena versus The Rock; then I'm just going to fast forward.


I would fire (hmm, this is really tough)... I cannot think of anyone right now. If I do; I'll edit this answer.


I would hire AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Bully Ray (if I could). And the best of all, I would without a doubt, hire Jeff Hardy. And not that pathetic mess Willow; the real Jeff Hardy, the Charismatic Enigma.


The Shield

The Wyatt Family

Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder and Dolph Ziggler (read my previous statement about this)

Brodus and Tensai (as dangerous monster heels; not that dance bullsh*t)

The Usos

The Brotherhood (Cody and Goldust)

The New Age Outlaws (They are in excellent shape; what's the problem here?)


Wow, so many names, I can't even begin. But since you asked for one; Sami Zayn (El Generico)


I would bring back "Rowdy" Roddy Piper to be a Talk Show Host. Imagine tuning in each Raw to see him to a freaking amazing Talk Show.

Rest In Peace; Miz TV.

I would bring back Sting for a match with The Undertaker.

I would bring back Kurt Angle if I could.

That's about it; yeah. I busted my @ss for this question and I'm tired. Whew. I was a good question though.
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