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Professional Wrestling: How is Professional Wrestling any different then any Television Series?
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Default Professional Wrestling: How is Professional Wrestling any different then any Television Series?

Professional Wrestling never stated 'This Is Real', people assumed it was; how is Pro Wrestling any different then any Television Show? Why does it matter, why do people have to tell their kids it's Scripted every time something happens; people don't see a movie or watch other Television shows and care. Blurring the lines between fiction and reality isn't new for TV; so that's no excuse. I personally think people are just to pathetic to 'GET IT'. Watch Pro Wrestling as a Show, that's what Pro Wrestling is just like anything else on Television. Even Sports, News, ect are made to be shows; if they weren't nobody would watch. Simple Reality.

Fair And Balanced: Yet you'll pander to comedy that fits your taste, you pander to ECW which was mainly Reality TV and Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico aren't on a national Televised stage. So.
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well that mind set is what is wrong with the business. Pro wrestling has its own set of rules, traditions, etc. if you do the "fake shoot" and tell fans "inside" rumors then it breaks the 4th wall and just makes it look more fake than it is. if you don't believe in the product then the fans won't believe in it and guess what nobody goes to the live events, nobody buys the merchandise, nobody cares.....

reality tv does not belong on a pro wrestling show......take that crap to MTV.

childrens programming does not belong on a pro wrestling cable tv show......go to Nickaldeon

comedy doesn't not belong on cable wrestling programs.....take that to a stand up show

if you not on the Bret Hart "it has to be real" belief then......go make movies somewhere else.

its real in Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico. only sports entertainment wants to claim its just a tv show.....
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It's not. Perhaps some people see pro wrestling in the same light as reality tv shows which claim to be 'real' but are scripted. I think most people just assume that pro wrestling is trying to convince fans that it actually is 'real' and thus they feel the need to point out that it's fake.

What does it mean for something to be real? Most people think that real = actual existence. However, some things FEEL more real to people than others, this doesn't change its existence. There aren't things that exist 'more' than others. There either is or isn't. Reality and what it means for something to be real comes in degrees though.

Besides pro wrestling is real in many aspects. It IS a profession. It IS a television show. It IS something. It exists. The fact that it's scripted has nothing to do whether or not it is real. People who dismiss pro wrestling as fake don't take into account the mode of existence they talk about it. It doesn't exist in the sense that it is completely independent of things. They compare things.

My brother has a scar on his leg from when he cut it as a child. He cut himself on accident. That's real. It exists. It wasn't planned. It wasn't scripted and then attempted to be treated as it wasn't scripted. These comparisons aren't fair because it doesn't adhere to the characteristics of what it means for something to be real. Real is how strong something is to you, how it is thought by you. The vividness, the sharpness of the details, the influence it has on you. Is John Cena more 'real' to you than say a random guy in the U.S. that you will never hear of or ever know? Quite possibly. Both exist, just in different sense.

You can't take off your perceptive faculty and try to distinguish actuality from reality. There are degrees of real. Different 'modes' of existence. I suppose
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