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Can someone tell me the point of Willow?
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Default Can someone tell me the point of Willow?

I understand gimmick changes but he's still just Jeff Hardy. The commentators call *Willow* Jeff Hardy. He does the same moves and wears the same clothes. So pretty much it's just Jeff Hardy in a mask. Husky Harris turning into Bray Wyatt now that's a gimmick change. Jeff Hardy being Willow isn't.
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There is no point. just a stupid gimmick
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You know. I've been a fan of Jeff Hardy since 1994. But. What's the point of Willow O'The Wisp if it's basically going to be Jeff hardy wearing a mask? I mean. A more twisted side of Jeff Hardy? You see Alter Egos work only if they are different from how you normally are, being slightly kinda more aggressive isn't much of a switch. Sorry. TNA's Willow O'The Wisp, Mick Foley's Mankind you are not.

Personally I think they should have kept them two separate entities, like Abyss and Joseph Park.

Alter Egos are suppose to be different from your original personality, that's the point of an Alter Ego; it's not suppose to be You do the same move-set, you do the same thing except slightly more aggressive. Look at Mick Foley as Dude Love, Cactus Jack and Mankind. Three completely different faces of Mick Foley; Sorry I don't see the major different between TNA's Willow O'The Wisp and Jeff Hardy.
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They are out of ideas for Jeff it looks like so they let him do what he wants
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Jeff hardy wants to be weird.....
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They kina messed it up to be honest, when he started willow the wisp, it was a gimmick, different from hardy

But tna have decided (maybe hardy) that even tho willow is hardy, it a more intense crazy hardy - that he has gone crazy from recent tna storylines - mainly how he was treated by Dixie. So its an ego rather than gimmick. He wears diff clothing tho - more a sweat pants thing than black trousers but still black

Anyway, I like the more I tense hardy - sorry willow- as hardy was getting a bit stale but would rather it been a seperate character than being hardy

And its just Jeff being Jeff - confused man
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because TNA fails to learn from History...

They are Trying to rework the trope 'Charlie Brown from Out of Town" which has been used before in almost every Company at least once

-- WCW did it with Brian Pillman as Yellow Dog

-- NWA before that had Dusty Rhodes as Midnight Rider

-- WWE has used it repeatedly with

* Edge/Christian & Hardys Both as Los Conquistidors

* Andre the Giant et al as 'The _____ Machines'

* Hogan as Mr. America

and I know I'm forgetting many... the common thread in all of these is that the announce Team is at odds over the 'true Identity" they need One announcer and one announcer only to Either 'plays dumb' or be 'the only sane man' with everyone else playing dumb...

TNA was too quick to turn Taz Face after the A&8s break down, and as such they have two face announcers discussing a Face who sticking it to the Heel Authority... because they rarely interact on screen with Dixie or one of her minions you lose that dichotomy which sells the gimmick
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