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Top 10 factions ever? 2 BQ's: Top 5 worst factions, mine?
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Default Top 10 factions ever? 2 BQ's: Top 5 worst factions, mine?

What in your opinion are the Top 10 factions of all time??

(I have done a Top 40, you can do more if you wish)

BQ1: What in your opinion are the top 5 worst factions of all time?

BQ2: What do you think of my lists?

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________

40.The Oddities


38.The Mexicools

37.The First Family

36.Main Event Mafia


34.Raven's Flock

33.The West Texas Rednecks

32.The Mean Street Posse

31.Right To Censor

30.The Union

29.The Authority

28.Kai En Tai

27.Triple Threat

26.The Un-Americans

25. Too Cool


24. The Dudleyz:

Bubba Ray Dudley

Devon Dudley

Spike Dudley

Stacy Keibler ''Dutches Of Dudleyville

Big DiK Dudley

Chubby Dudley

Dances With Dudley

Snot Dudley

Sign Guy Dudley

Schmuck Dudley

The Backseat Dudleyz

Psycho Sam Dudley

Soudin Steve Dudley

Butch Dudley

Luke Dudley



22.The Von Erichs

21.Money Inc. - Ted Dibiase, Virgil, IRS & Jimmy Hart

20.The Million Dollar Corporation

19.Dangerous Alliance

18.The Filthy Animals

17.The Wolf-Pac


15.The Alliance

14.The Wyatt Family

13.The Brood

12.The Fabulous Free-Birds

11.The Nexus

10.The Shield

09.The Corporate Ministry

08.The Nation Of Domination

07.The Ministry Of Darkness

06.The Corporation

05.Straight Edge Society

04.NWO (Great Idea, don't forget they were started & ran by greedy people & shut down a company)

03. The Hart Foundation

02. D-Generation-X

01. 4 Horseman

__________________________________________________ _________________________________

Top 5 Worst Factions:

5. The Spirit Squad

4. Dungeon Of Doom

3. J.O.B. Squad

2. No Limit Soilders

1. Misfits In Action




I forgot The Hart Dynasty

Don't know how!

The Hart Dynasty falls in at number 27! Move everyone else up a number.
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1. Four Horsemen

2. Hart Foundation (bret, owen, davey, neidhart, pillman) and by extention Hart Foundation 2.0 (teddy hart & jack evans) Hart Dynasty (harry smith, tj wilson, natty)

3. those damn dudley boys - buh buh ray, dvon, spike, big, joel gertner

4. Peros del Mal

5. Suzuki-gun

6. Jimmy Hart First Family from Memphis 80's

7. Sheik Akbar group in World Class in Dallas
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Ted M is on a distinguished road

Best The four horsemen (Tully, Flair, Arn & Lex)

Worst 3MB

I also liked the original Legion of Doom with the Road Warriors Jake the Snake and the Spoiler with Ellering
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10. Wyatts (Bray Wyatt,D-Bryan,Luke Harper,and Eric Rowan)

9. New Nexus (CM Punk,Husky Harris,Michael McGillucuthy,Mason Ryan, andDavid Otunga)

8. Dudleyz (Bubba Ray,Devon,and Spike)

7. Nexus (John Cena,D-Bryan,Michael Tarver,Wade Barrett,David Otunga,Justin Gabriel,Heath Slater,Skip Shieffield,and Darren Young)

6. Harts (Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart, Owen Hart, and Stu Hart)

5. 4 Horseman (Arn Anderson,Ric Flair,Tully Blanchard,and Ole Anderson w/ James Dillion)

4. Shield (Roman Reigns,Seth Rollins,and Dean Ambrose)

3. NWO (Kevin Nash,HBK, Hollywood Hogan, Razor Ramon,Booker T, and Giant w/ Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase)

2. SES (CM Punk,Luke Gallows,Joey Mercury,and Serina)

1. DX (HBK,HHH,Rick Rude, X-Pac, Road Dogg,Billy Gunn,Mike Tyson, and Chyna)


5. BWO (Big Stevie Cool,7-11,Da Blue Guy,Hollywood Nova,Nacho Man,and Inchworm)

4. JOB Squad (Blue Meanie,Gillberg,Al Snow,Scorpio, and Bob Holly)

3.Spirit Squad (Nicky,Kenny,Johnny,Mikey, and Mitch)

2.(ctd in Source)
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1. Four Horsemen

2. New World Order

3. D-Generation X

4. Fabulous Freebirds

5. Hart Foundation

6. Raven's Nest

7. The Shield

8. Evolution

9. The Heenan Family

10. Nation of Domination


1. Alliance to End Hulkamania

2. WCW/ECW Alliance

3. Corporate Ministry (including the Mean Street Posse)

4. Spirit Squad

5. Nexus and the Corre (too different factions but they were both bad)
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Why hasn't Bobby answered yet? He usually gets your Best Answer

Oh, well


4 Horsemen


The Shield

Hart Foundation
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