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Do you really think DBry will win at WM30?
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Default Do you really think DBry will win at WM30?

Before I start & get all the ''how do you know?!'' comments I want everybody to know that I definitely WANT Daniel Bryan to win his match at WrestleMania 30 against HHH & then go on to win the WWE World Title. That being said what I WANT & what I THINK are 2 different things entirely.

I don't think Daniel Bryan will go passed the first round. I think they only inserted him to keep his fans happy so that they wouldn't lose out on WrestleMania 30 buyers, especially with the new Network and all.

Just like all of HHH's heel feuds the underdog will get the upper hand for the entire build up until the actual match when HHH rises up & shows everyone that he is still The Game, That Dam/\/ good and still ''the top dog''& measuring stick with his fans behind him even as a heel, even though this time he doesn't have many & Bryan is the better wrestler. Then Batista will walk out WWE World Champion just like WWE has been planning since his return. Just like they did with both Rock/Cena matches even though not everyone wanted to see it, they always go through with the master plan. Then WWE will let him beat HHH in a rematch the next night on RAW because they think it fixes everything but it's stupid & they do it every time.

Either that or DBry advances one way or another to the WWE World Title match just to keep everything calm & Batista still walks out WWE World Champ, maybe because Bryan gets taken out by H or just couldn't do the 2 matches but put on a good fight & gets a standing ovation.

They never change long term plans for big stars like Batista (or atleast they think he's a big star)

Then have DBry beat Batista & Orton in a non-title rematch on RAW next night.

WrestleMania XXX will go through as planned by HHH & friends going off the air while trying to make it look like a good show but a huge let down, just like always.

Question is:

Do you really think Daniel Bryan will walk out of WM30 WWE World Champion??

I don't, but I hope I'm wrong.
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Seeing as the original plan was CM Punk Vs Triple H, Daniel Bryan Vs Sheamus and Randy Orton Vs Batista; nobody knows.
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I want batista to win is not like that I hate daniel bryan ...It is just that batista should win at wm xxx ...see he is 45 years old and every one knows he was second biggest star after super cena from 2005-2010 basically wwe. Wants to give him a last good run ...and to be honest batista deserves it also it is good for batista to win ..and when he will turn 48 or 50 he can not wrestle that good ..on the other hand db is just 32 years old he have like 13 or 14 more years to wrestle win championship and winning rumbles by batista winning the championship at wmxxx will definately help him to go to hall of fame proudly by having atleast 7 or 8 world championship reigns even though he is already a world champion 6 times ....
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It would make little sense for DB to drop the grudge match with HHH, though it could be a win through the ref getting "incapacitated" and Shawn Michaels leaping into the ring - wearing a ref's shirt - to fast count HHH -- a screw job on the corporate office. Batista won't be around for the long-term, Orton has had his run - so, DB snatching the title then leads to a number of solid feuds coming out of WM...while having the "Occupy Movement" returning for a bash on RAW and Smackdown.
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He has a shot but you know how wwe can be
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I think he will beat HHH and lose to Batista in The Triple Threat.

I think Batista & Orton will shake hands and double team Bryan. After the ref gets knocked out we see Ric Flair "wooing" down the ramp in a ref shirt and the announcers act like its a good thing and he's a babyface but he will turn on DBry after HHH interfears in the match.

Evolution 2.0
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