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Professional Wrestling: Isn't It Hypocritical to clearly state you don't watch the product, yet
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Default Professional Wrestling: Isn't It Hypocritical to clearly state you don't watch the product, yet

Still bash It? TNA James has stated that he doesn't watch World Wrestling Entertainment that he 'Gave Up' on it to watch Total Nonstop Action (God Of Professional Wrestling Don't Cha' Know), yet he still some how bashes the WWE Product mainly focusing on one John Cena; James also somehow thinks Ryback should be in the Main Event, BroMans was better then Bad Influence and The Spirit Squad was better then The Shield. Impressive.

TNA James: John Cena ruined Professional Wrestling. That's a bold statement, I mean somebody who was the right guy to keep World Wrestling Entertainment in the green light after June 24, 2007; somebody that Kurt Angle, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and The Undertaker all respects. Somebody who has shown that he can do as much Bare Basic Professional Wrestling holds as anybody else when necessary. Somebody not many disliked until it become the 'Cool' Thing, yeah; you honestly don't know a damn thing. Also. If TNA Threw anybody out, they'd be left with what barely an audience?

I'm not even a John Cena fan, but I'm not blind either.

TNA James: By the way. Did you know World Wrestling Entertainment checks everything before allowing a crowd to enter an arena, that means Shirts, Crowd Signs, Ect. So. These stories about people being thrown out, are B.S. I do like how many World Wrestling Entertainment T-Shirts I see in a Total Nonstop Action crowd though compared to TNA Merchandise, isn't that ironic.
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What do you mean? I watched Royal Rumble and I didn't like what I was seeing... I watched the Chicago RAW and I didn't like what I was seeing.

What is wrong with hating John Cena? The man ruined wrestling. Are you calling me a liar? Cena didn't ruin wrestling? I think Cena ruined it. Hogan could make this stuff work but Cena just doesn't the man is a phoney fruity ass fake marine that panders. "Please like me guys please like me".

WWE sucks and I like TNA. I don't need to sign up for twitter and have WWE use their power to ban my account for calling them out on being a bunch of babies. Those clowns over at E. Those same clowns were throwing out fans for holding up signs!
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nope...i don't need to smell all turds to say they stink
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It can be pretty ridiculous. If you don't like WWE or Cena, Bryan, TNA, etc. then it's fine. It's just preference. It's just a bit strange to me when people bash on things because they either agree with most people without any insight as to why they hold these beliefs and ideas or they just claim stuff without being able to provide any good reason for hating it. Many people will make bold claims such as Triple H buries people, Cena buries everyone, WWE is the worst ever, TNA is the best ever, etc. yet when I ask these people why, they come up with the absolute poorest reasons ever.

I don't know. It's just weird.
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Just shut up.
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I'll never understand bashing a product that you don't like. If you don't like, don't watch, then you'll have nothing to complain about. If you like a product and have a problem with how they're running things and you watch despite the handful of problems a promotion has, then it's fine to be vocal about parts of a show you don't like.

I don't like CZW and I've maybe watched 4 iPPV's of it, because what's redeemable about it (some of the talent) can be found elsewhere NOT killing themselves with unnecessarily violent matches.

I don't like TCW, and I've only seen 4 episodes sequentially and then I gave up on it. Again, it had some good to it, but I found it's mission statement of 'being pro wrestling, not sports entertainment' failing to deliver.

It's that simple, kids. If you don't like something, don't watch it. If you're not watching it, then you have zero complaints to make. If you're still complaining, odds are you're watching it.
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